WWE Smackdown Results and Analysis from March 11... UPDATED!

Rob Belote@GuysNationSenior Analyst IMarch 12, 2011

It's a Friday night on the Road to WrestleMania, and there's still plenty of time for things to develop heading into the biggest pay-per-view of the year.

Christian is supposed to be in attendance tonight. The Undertaker kicked off RAW, Cody Rhodes is doing his thing and the heat between Edge and Alberto Del Rio is elevated as we're only 23 days away from WrestleMania 27.

Let's get to it!

Apparently, Triple H is in attendance tonight, which is only fitting since Undertaker showed up on RAW. Will he meet face to face with The Dead Man, or will there be yet another segment where rivals don't actually stand in the same ring with one another?

Edge starts off the show, and we get a recap of what happened last week, when Christian showed up and helped even the odds and stopped ADR from destroying Edge's shoulder.

Michael Cole apparently doesn't understand why Christian would want to show up and stop ADR from hurting his best friend, though I guess Michael Cole doesn't understand how friendship bonds affect people.

Edge reinforces the fact that a little blood from his nose isn't going to stop him from heading into WrestleMania, and tonight he wants a fight with Alberto; actually, he's demanding the fight. Apparently Edge thinks they might be in Philadelphia as he mentions that he'd be willing to fight ADR in a bingo hall.

ADR doesn't appreciate being called out. Brodus Clay doesn't seem to have any opinion about being called King Hippo, which is unfortunately a reference that most viewers won't understand, but it's fairly spot-on.

Edge goes for the attack on Brody, which only works momentarily since he didn't drop him onto the mat, and then Edge gets over-taken by Alberto Del Rio. After waiting a moment, despite having probably seen this brawl happen a mile away, Christian's music hits, and then he rushes the ring.

Despite getting the King Hippo reference correct, both Edge and Christian make the mistake of not hitting him in the belly before hitting him in the jaw, and thus Brodus Clay and Alberto Del Rio get the advantage on Christian and Edge.

Cue Teddy Long, and though I first questioned how "historic" tonight was going to be, I will admit that the reunion of Edge & Christian after a 10 year hiatus from teaming is something I've been anticipating or a while.

Michael Cole is apparently going to have an interview with John Cena later tonight. We'll see how that goes... but I'm guessing it's not straight up.

Is it just me, or does Kane look put-off by having to compete? I didn't even know who his opponent was going to be during his entrance, but it looked like he may as well be setting up to take out the garbage.

Wade Barrett shows up, dressed to wrestle, but he's got a microphone in his hand, and he calls Kane ungrateful for the "help" The Corre has given him in the past.

Match - Kane vs. Wade Barrett

Not two minutes into the match, The Corre show up and get involved.

Outcome: Kane wins by disqualification

Showing that he's either smarter or faster (or both) than Christian, Big Show rushes the ring with a steel chair, clearing The Corre from their pain pursuit of Kane. Was anyone else thinking that Big Show should hit Kane with the chair to make them "even"?

We return from the commercial and find ourselves in the middle of a tag match.

Match - Big Show & Kane vs Heath Slater & Wade Barrett

The match features a lot of the big men taking the hurt to The Corre, but in the end its outcome is basically the same as the Kane / Barrett match from 8 minutes ago.

Outcome - Big Show & Kane get the win by disqualification when The Corre run in on things.

After the match, Big Show leaves the ring, gets a steel chair and then returns to cear the house.  Once Wade, Zeke, Slater and Gabriel are gone, Big Show drills Kane with a chair in a bit of comeuppance from last week.

Coming back from commercial, they recap how Michael Cole was trying to get JBL to be the special guest referee for his match with Jerry Lawler at Wrestlemania, but Stone Cold showed up, ruined that by signing the contract himself, and giving Cole a beer bath.  I won't recap it further than that.

Cody Rhodes time, which means it's going to be one of the highlights of the show for me.  Apparently he's wearing a pair of suit pants and a dress shirt for this match?  Shades of I.R.S. right here, but as luck would have it, his opponent isn't a high caliber, dangerous competitor.

Match - Cody Rhodes vs JTG

Just as expected, Cody Rhodes makes short work of JTG, using mostly kicks and punches, fighting very tenaciously, using that mask to hit some headbutts.

Outcome - Cody Rhodes gets the win with a pinfall using his swinging neckbreaker from an inverted DDT position

John Cena hits Smackdown for an in-ring interview with Michael Cole, and I was seriously expecting some sort of sham, being that Cole is an admitted fan of The Miz.

They remind us about how The Miz attacked Cena to end RAW four nights ago, and then Cena tells Michael Cole to leave the ring so he can be on the mic without Cole's meddling.

During his time on the mic, John Cena basically states that he's done focusing on The Rock, and he intends to set his efforts on breaking The Miz.  Then Cena tries to leave, but Michael Cole gets his opportunity to ask questions.

Michael Cole basically says that Cena's essentially afraid he'll lose to The Miz at Wrestlemania, which Cena basically laughs off.  Cole then reminds everyone how The Miz showed up Cena on RAW, which causes Cena to grab Cole by the jacket.  Enter Jack Swagger, who shows up and goes for the ankle lock on Cena.  John fights back, shoves Swagger out of the ring, nearly gets the Attitude Adjustment on Michael Cole until Swagger puts a stop to it, and the delay gives Cole the opportunity to escape while Swagger is the one who gets the Attitude Adjustment.

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I suppose it makes the most sense for Michael Cole not to get his comeuppance just yet.  Jerry Lawler should probably be the first one to really lay into Michael Cole, because at that point we'll all be salivating to see him destroyed.

Yet again we get the Sin Cara hype video.  Definitely cool to see some of his signature moves, though I'm curious how he'll translate to the WWE style.  I also wonder who the guy was in the video who Mistico was wrestling.

Sorry, I mean Sin Cara.  WWE can't sell Mistico merchandise with the same profitability as if he calls himself Sin Cara.

Match - Layla vs Kaitlyn

Very psyched for this match, though I'm guessing they only booked it because it's Kaitlyn's hometown of Houston, and they went to see how she has progressed as an in-ring performer.

She's certainly improved from what we saw before, using some good power moves.  The match doesn't last long enough for us to see what she's truly capable of, but at least we get a nice look at her in some tight, revealing leather clothes.

Outcome - Layla gets the pinfall victory after using her reverse falling neckbreaker, made possible by some outside interference from Michelle McCool with the distraction.

When seeing them next to one another, I'm still not sure how anyone would consider Michelle McCool to be hotter than Kaitlyn.

Up next, apparently Rey Mysterio is making his return.  Who wants to bet he's not wearing a black lucha mask?

As proof that I don't watch the shows before I write up these articles, Rey Mysterio is wearing a black lucha mask to the ring.

Match - Rey Mysterio vs Drew McIntyre

Any chances that Kelly Kelly somehow shows up during (or after) this match?  We could use a little continuation of that angle, because otherwise Drew McIntyre comes across being somewhat boring.

A decent and intense match unfolds, with McIntyre really giving a quality performance, making me think he might be one of the more underrated competitors on the roster.  Now WWE just needs to give him something to be involved in outside of the ring on a regular basis.

Outcome - Rey Mysterio wins by pinfall with a splash off the top rope.

Post match, Cody Rhodes shows up and says he's still waiting for his answer to his request for a match at Wrestlemania.

Does anyone else find it ironic that a year ago, Rey Mysterio was involved in a feud which brought family members to the ring (Rey brought his kids, which involved CM Punk in the ring with the Straight Edge Society, acting creepy towards Mysterio's daughter.  This year, the father of Cody Rhodes gets involved in the angle with Mysterio.

Rey Mysterio talks for a bit about what his mask means to him (basically "he wears it with pride") and then accepts Cody's challenge for the big event.

Triple H showing up on Smackdown?  This must be a historic night.  He usually avoids this show like a Wrestlemania match apart from the Main Event!

Having heard The Undertaker talk on Monday, The Game wants to show his Wrestlemania opponent what he can do... which apparently involves making hype videos of him destroying people.

Shouldn't the video involve backstage politics and dates with Stephanie McMahon?

Triple H's speech does talk to what Shawn Michaels attempted to do, and THIS lays the groundwork for HBK being the special guest referee.

Despite the rumors, The Undertaker doesn't show up for a face to face with Triple H.

Backstage, Christian talks about the past 10 years, and he looks like he's excited about teaming up with Edge again, and even mentions wreaking of awesomeness.

Match - Edge & Christian vs Alberto Del Rio & Brodus Clay

I had some DVR issues, so I didn't get to see if they started out with a three-second pose for those with the benefit of flash photography.

During the match, I will say it was a nice touch of heel-heat gathering for Alberto Del Rio to not only escape ringside to slow things down, but he went out into the crowd.  Not all that inventive, but it's not something I've seen often in all my years of watching wrestling.

Just like on RAW, Christian hits Brodus Clay with a Tornado DDT, but then it's Edge who follows it up with a elbow drop from the top rope a la Randy Savage.

Outcome - Edge gets the pinfall after the top rope elbow drop.

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