WWE: Five Superstars Who Won't Be World Champions

Luis HerreraAnalyst IMarch 3, 2011

WWE: Five Superstars Who Won't Be World Champions

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    FORT WORTH, TX - NOVEMBER 07:  Kyle Busch, driver of the #18 Z-Line Designs/WWE Smackdown Toyota,  poses on victory lane with the trophy and a replica of the WWE world championship belt after winning the NASCAR Nationwide Series O'Reilly Challenge at Texa
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    Forced by the retirements and injuries of several big names, the WWE has been pushing new stars in the past couple of years—some with more success than others.

    The Miz is clearly the biggest example of success so far, with him enjoying a long first WWE Championship reign and preparing to headline Wrestlemania XXVII.

    Other pushes didn’t work so well, like Sheamus’ two paper reigns as WWE Champion and Jack Swagger’s horrible time as World Heavyweight Champion.

    The WWE will keep pushing new talent to the main event in the next years, but that doesn’t mean every young superstar will get his chance.

    There are several young (and not so young) wrestlers who the IWC would love to see as world champions, but only a few of them will be.

    Others will have to settle with Tag Team or mid card championships. They don’t have everything they need to become a top guy in the company.

    Just like Kyle Busch in the picture, they can dream about becoming world champions, but they won't be.

    The next five men are popular picks to be World Champions some day, but it won’t happen.

Daniel Bryan

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    Don’t get me wrong, I like Daniel Bryan’s in-ring work, but that won’t be enough to be a top dog in the WWE.

    He has outstanding ring skills, but very poor mic skills and, sadly, zero charisma. He amazes the crowd with his matches, but bores the fans when he talks.

    His relevance and the crowd reaction he gets are according to his rival, not his own character.

    Surprise seventh member of Team WWE to face the Nexus? Great pop. Beating The Miz to get the United States Championship? Even bigger pop.

    A championship match against Ted DiBiase? He ends in Superstars.

    He can be a solid upper mid-carder for many years and have several show-stealing matches (like last year against Dolph Ziggler) but he is not the guy who will generate PPV buys.

    The best thing that the WWE could do for him is to bring back the Cruiserweight Championship. That’s a division he could headline.

Kofi Kingston

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    The Ghanaian superstar is charismatic, brings intensity to his matches and gets big pops from the crowd.

    But he is no World Championship material.

    Kofi’s mic skills are very poor and, after five years in the WWE, it doesn’t seem he will get better with a microphone.

    He has already been one-time United States Champion and three-times Intercontinental Champion, but he hasn’t been able to translate it to a bigger push.

    The closest he has been to a WWE Championship match was when he helped John Cena in an Ironman Match against Randy Orton.

    Ok, that’s not entirely true. He qualified for two Elimination Chambers.

    The first time, Edge attacked him before the match.  The second time, he became the only man Sheamus has pinned cleanly in a championship bout.

    As proved in many PPVs last year, Kingston is a good show opener, but not much more than that.

Evan Bourne

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    Before his return to WWE TV, a few articles mentioned that Evan Bourne was going to get pushed in Wrestlemania by winning the Money in the Bank match.

    Well, it seems there won’t be a MitB match. And, according to a recent leak, Bourne didn't even participate in the show.

    Like Kofi Kingston, Bourne is a wrestler who gets good reactions from the crowd and makes some very good spots in all his matches.

    Unfortunately for Evan, he also lacks good mic skills. To make it worse, he lacks the size, too.

    Bourne is just not a credible contender to a heavyweight championship. We all know Vince McMahon prefers bigger wrestlers.

    Hey, but Rey Mysterio is smaller and he is a two-time World Heavyweight Champion! Yes, but kids love Mysterio. Bourne looks like a kid.

    Just look at his return match. He beat Sheamus in 30 seconds and everybody saw that as the burial of the Celtic Warrior, not a big win for Air Bourne.

    Like Daniel Bryan, Evan would be an excellent Cruiserweight Champion.

Santino Marella

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    Santino is very popular, has great mic skills and is actually a very good wrestler. That combination could propel him to the main event in the future. Right?

    Hey, he is a two-time Intercontinental Champion and one-time Tag Team Champion. He made it to the last two in the biggest Royal Rumble ever.

    Oh yeah, he was also Miss Wrestlemania. Twice.

    That’s a bigger resume than Sheamus’ when the Celtic Warrior got his first WWE Championship.

    If Hornswoggle was the last WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Santino can be a World Heavyweight Champion.

    Just kidding.

    Having Santino in the ending of Royal Rumble backfired so badly that I doubt the WWE will risk putting him in a title match.

    Don’t be mad at this mention. If the WWE can have comic relief performers, why wouldn’t I have a comic relief slide?


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    Captain Charisma has no weaknesses. He has the ring skills, the fanbase, the charisma, the mic skills and the career to deserve a World Championship.

    But let’s face it: it’s not going to happen.

    Maybe Vince is punishing him for his time in TNA. Maybe Creative has not found a way to put him in the main event.

    But at 37-years-old, and two years after his return to the WWE (in the middle of a youth movement) it’s clear Christian will not get his chance.

    He could have one last run as Tag Team Champion with Edge before the Rated-R Superstar retires. Better yet, they could just feud and culminate in a career-threatening match in Wrestlemania XXVIII.

    A singles title run? Don’t see it happening, sorry.

    Of course, Christian could remain loyal to the WWE for the next 25 years. Then he could finally get his title shot in Elimination Chamber 2036 against Edge Jr.

The Next Five Future World Champions

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    I guess you disagree with some of these predictions. I understand if you hate me for saying your beloved Captain Charisma or the American Dragon won’t be champions.

    Sorry, the only way I see them with the belt is if they buy it in a store.

    But hey, some of your favorite youngsters will actually get their push.

    Take a look to the counterpart for this slide show: The next five future World Champions in the WWE.