Nexus' Likeness to NWO Could Reinvent a Stable and Save Wrestlemania 27

Marc MattalianoCorrespondent IIIMarch 3, 2011

As a follow up to my article proposing that particular heel be turned face in order to reinvent him with the fans, after watching the most recent episode of Monday Night Raw, I realized another possibility that I didn't want to sit on.  Again, not my typical article fare, but if I'm attempting to be an author, it couldn't hurt to demonstrate my creativity when it comes to booking angles for WWE.

Ever since they first showed up, Nexus' manpower and style reminded many of the popular WCW stable, the New World Order.  However, their unified attire and numbers game were really the only things linking them to the legendary force of the past.

Nexus began as a band of renegade rookies bent on acquiring contracts to wrestle in WWE.  The New World Order, on the other hand, began as a trio of superstars that dedicated themselves to undermining WCW's history and management by using their star power and talent to win the World Heavyweight Championship and WCW Tag Team Titles, thus inspiring them to bolster their ranks.

Unfortunately for many fans, the initial appeal of Nexus, the charm it once had, along with the constantly changing lineups and differing MOs, has been on a downward slope.  The ousting of Wade Barrett by CM Punk definitely changed things for the group and gave it new life, and while the original intentions of the stable may not be on the current manifestation's radar, Nexus still controls a fair portion of Monday Night Raw's spotlight.

In other words, membership in Nexus can still grant people willing to support the cause some additional respect.

This past Monday, the anonymous Raw General Manager handed down a mandate that was huge.  CM Punk is to take on Randy Orton at Wrestlemania.  Between now and then, members of Nexus will take on Randy Orton in a series of singles matches on Raw.

If they defeat Randy, without any help from Nexus whatsoever, then that member will be allowed to accompany CM Punk to ringside during his match with Orton at the big dance.  If they lose, they will be "banned" from appearing at Wrestlemania.

If members of Nexus interfere, however, the group will be forced to disband.

For those of us who still believe in the power, influence and potential of this group, this comes as a major blow, but one way this could play out could prove beneficial for many parties, whether directly or indirectly involved.

As I said before, the New World Order began as a trio of Superstars.  Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash.  One massive powerhouse name, flanked by two younger proven talents.  At the time, Hogan could be seen as the leader only in the most technical sense.  He was a legend in the business long before teaming with Hall and Nash, so his experience made him the primary mouthpiece and guide.

Nexus being reborn as a trio, from the ashes of Wrestlemania 27, could provide them the new start they desperately need.

Already this Monday saw Michael McGillicutty take on Randy Orton.  The more experienced Orton not only made short work of McGillicutty, but finished the job by punting him in the head, once again to the begging and pleading of CM Punk, who's proven himself to be a vindictive liar when it comes to his rivalries and attempting to get one-up on an opponent.

He's said that Nexus have the night off before they appear to make the save.  During the "must be a winner" match against Cena, a mysterious hand popped out from under the ring to hand Punk a wrench, helping Punk score the win.  Punk's a heel in the truest sense of the word.  He's dishonest, charismatic, persuasive and evil.

So, let's look at how the next few weeks could go.  If McGillicutty's punt effectively writes him off TV (like it's done for Jericho, Husky Harris and likely many others that I'm forgetting at the moment), then Nexus is down to three members.  Punk, Otunga and Mason Ryan.

Otunga will be little trouble for Orton to put down, and although Mason Ryan is a huge powerhouse and pretty damn talented, Orton will likely take him out of the picture as well (hopefully not necessarily off TV, though if that's the case, they can always bring him back to TV in some other way).

This would leave Punk and Orton to settle their differences at Wrestlemania, "one-on-one."

The banned members of Nexus aren't necessarily getting removed from the group by losing to Orton, however with them not allowed to participate at Wrestlemania, it means they can't legally support their leader.  Then again, with Punk's leadership setting a new standard for them, if they can't defeat Orton, why bother being a member?

Even if he never does it, we all know Punk could beat Orton in a fair match.

Punk and Orton are going at it at Wrestlemania, and in a surprise turn, the previously banned members of Nexus come to ringside, pissed that Punk didn't help keep them from getting punted.  He may not have been legally allowed to help them win, but he still could have risked himself to protect their safety.

They take the opportunity to attack a weakened Punk, and who is there to make the save for Punk this time?

Randy Orton.  The Viper, the Apex Predator.  He's made a valiant attempt to be a face in recent weeks and months, but it really hasn't gone over nearly as well as many would have hoped.  By exiling Otunga, McGillicutty and Mason Ryan and having Randy Orton join his side?  CM Punk has a much stronger ally in one man than he ever had in three or four men.

But how does their attack on Randy shortly before Miz cashed in Money in the Bank factor in?  Simple.  Miz holding onto the belt this long has been a lucky strike for Nexus.  He's proving a stronger force than anticipated, though he still isn't strong enough to stand on his own yet.  At least, that's how he's seen.

Miz will be defending his WWE Title against Cena at Wrestlemania and Cena's anticipated to make short work of Miz to reacquire the WWE Championship.  Mind you, that's all by himself.

If Nexus were to interfere in some way, and Cena was to have been in on the plan all along?  His getting the title back would be an absolute lock and would be a further twist in watching CM Punk selflessly allow Cena to be WWE Champion instead of him.  No one would see that coming.

Thus, three powerhouses in WWE (Randy Orton, CM Punk and John Cena) now have in their control the highest prize in the company and with their talent, strength and smarts, they'd be unstoppable.  Furthermore, as a group, they'd all be on the same level.

Randy would get a little boost to where he needs to be as part of a stable that actually has the potential go somewhere (as opposed to Legacy, not as opposed to Evolution).  CM Punk would gain the credibility rub he needs from Cena and Orton, two established talents in WWE.  And Cena would get the ever so slight downgrade he needs by associating with CM Punk.

While this may sound like I'm taking a shot at Punk, it's not intended as a put down.  Punk is easily the next Triple H in WWE.  When Triple H goes backstage for good, we'll still have Punk and I'm plenty fine with that.  However, Cena associating with Punk as part of a heel group will effectively vacate the spot that we all refer to as "the face of the company."

Who's better to fill that spot than The Miz?

It's perfect.  He's a child of Tough Enough, rookie who rose to massive fame, people would love to root for him and aside from some corny parts of his start with WWE, really hasn't established himself as a particularly PG, "nice guy" like John Cena has.

Not only that, but by taking the belt off of Miz at Wrestlemania in this fashion, and establishing Nexus as the new powerhouse trio that protects John Cena's gold (and even potentially feuds with Corre for the tag team titles, Punk/Orton vs. Gabriel/Slater could really step up Corre's tag game), The Miz now becomes the little guy hero of the people, the young kid who needs to start at the bottom to reestablish his own solo dominance in WWE.

Think of that.  Wrestlemania 28, after a year's worth of hard-fought battles, warring back and forth, Miz/Cena Two for the WWE Championship.  After a year's worth of struggle, Miz wins his second WWE Title and earns it for himself.  Better yet, picture this option.

You know how WWE treats faces.  They tend to get along and be friends.  Edge and Christian were once brutal enemies, but the last few times we've seen them together, they were on the same page. With Cena, Punk and Orton conspiring against WWE, Cena with the Title and Miz being their biggest enemy?

Who's to say that Miz and John Morrison won't put their differences aside?  Morrison's had his problems with Punk in the past as well over the ECW Championship.  Morrison could take three or four big strides forward with this feud and if Miz should regain his title from the trio before Wrestlemania 28, why not have Miz and Morrison, best buds again, square off in a friendly rivalry over WWE's top gold?

I'll be honest, but I have a really hard time seeing any problems with this logic.  John's motive for going bad and rejoining Nexus could easily start with the catalyst of Rock's antagonizing.  CM Punk seems pretty eager to forgive and forget when it benefits him.  Randy Orton has proven slippery, sneaky and vicious in the past, willing to do anything to further his own success, even beat legends down brutally.

The top merchandise seller is replaced by a new, fresh face, possibly two.  Wrestlemania 27 goes down in history as having massive swerves, major storyline drama, huge reveals, just like it's been known to do in the past.

Only problem could be that people might not be happy with another Cena title run.  Like I've been saying, though, if he were to win as a heel?  That'd be a different story altogether.

I reiterate.  I really think it's perfect.


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