2011 WWE Royal Rumble: My Review of One of the Biggest Disappointments Ever

Poppa Big Nick@NickFino2293Correspondent IIIJanuary 31, 2011

WWE Royal Rumble 2011 Promotional Poster
WWE Royal Rumble 2011 Promotional Poster

Well as you can tell by the title, I felt that this Royal Rumble was one of the biggest disappointments in WWE history. Going into this night I thought that this Rumble had the potential to be incredibly exciting and even have a chance to be one of the greatest ever, boy was I wrong.

Let's get started as I tell you why the pay-per-view (and I feel your pain if you did pay to see it) sucked.

Match #1: Edge (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero in a Singles Match for the World Heavyweight Championship w/ the Stipulation That if Edge Uses the Spear, He Loses

Okay so this match wasn't that bad and was actually on the entertaining side. You saw a lot of good back and forth action between these two, but everybody was wondering what move Edge was going to use to put this one in the W column.

Well after Vickie Guerrero (or the heat machine as I like to call her) tried to get involved she was pushed to the floor and with the referee not being able to look, Edge speared Dolph Ziggler and acted knocked out. Now despite the fact that I was happy he hit the spear, I was also pissed because we all know how this one is going to go down on SmacDown, more about that later.

He uses Christian's finisher (foreshadowing I hope) to pick-up the victory in what was a decent match that I expected more out of. With Edge using the spear, I can likely see Vickie, who is still the acting general manager, strip Edge of the title like she did to Undertaker for using the Hell's Gate submission move.

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So the never ending reign of predictability will prevail again I think here. Overall, a good way to start off the pay-per-view as I enjoyed the match.

Match #2: The Miz (c) w/ Alex Riley vs. Randy Orton in a Singles Match for the WWE Championship

This match I enjoyed as well until I saw the ending that almost made me throw-up in my mouth.

First off, let me say that The Miz, who I like and have always liked, continues to be booked as a scared crappy paper champion who couldn't fight his way out of a glass box with a hammer, and if WWE is serious about having him champion, he needs to do some dominating stuff in the Elimination Chamber.

With that being said, this Match was very entertaining like I said until the ending.

Miz and Orton work very well together and obviously Alex Riley got involved as we knew he would. By the way, I think John Sterling should sue Michael "Toolbox" Cole for using his A-Bomb from A-Ri! spot, and I never considered murder until after I heard Michael Cole commentate a Miz match.

The ending came with The Nexus coming down to the ring and distracted the referee and Orton did not realize that Riley was behind him and as Riley ran towards Orton he threw Riley over the top rope perfectly on top of The Nexus.

I personally loved that spot as not only was Riley's air time sick, but he actually legitimately landed on all four members of Nexus unlike usually when someone get on top of three and his finger hits the other guy, but he falls down.

After he threw Riley, he turned around and the Miz went to capitalize, but Orton RKO'd him only to turn around and get GTS'd by CM Punk. He throws The Miz on top of Orton and Miz retains. So with that happening, it ruined the match for me and gave me the deep dark fear that John Cena was going to win the Rumble.

The match itself was good, I thought the ending was bad because it makes the Miz look like a crappy champion.

Match #3: Natalya (c) vs. Michelle McCool vs. Layla vs. Eve in a Fatal 4-Way Match for the WWE Divas Championship

This match was one of the biggest let-downs of the night for me, not because I expected a high-quality divas wrestling match, but because I was expecting the long-awaited debut of Amazing (Awesome) Kong.

That never happened. Before the match, it was a 2-on-1 Handicap match between Natalya and Lay-Cool, but the Raw GM CPU says that its a Fatal 4-Way against this woman, and I was so happy and I got.....................Eve Torres? Are you freaking kidding me, I like Eve don't get me wrong, but I wanted Amazing Kong.

The match itself was typical, which means it was crap in my mouth. The ending came with Evedoing a wonderful moonsault onto Layla and pinned her at the same time Michelle McCool did the schoolboy pin to Natalya. The referee called the 1 2 3 for Eve and she became the new Divas Champion in what was a huge let-down match.

Finally....the most disappointing Royal Rumble Match Ever, here were the entrants, what order they were eliminated and  who they were eliminated by.

  1. CM Punk - Eliminated 21st by John Cena
  2. Daniel Byan - Eliminated 8th by David Otunga
  3. Justin Gabriel - Eliminated 1st by Daniel Bryan
  4. Zack Ryder - Eliminated 2nd by Daniel Bryan
  5. William Regal - Eliminated 3rd by Ted DiBiase
  6. Ted DiBiase - Eliminated 7th by Husky Harris & Michael McGillicutty
  7. John Morrison - Eliminated 10th by The Nexus
  8. Yoshi Tatsu - Eliminated 5th by Mark Henry
  9. Husky Harris - Eliminated 15th by The Great Khali
  10. Chavo Guerrero - Eliminated 4th by Mark Henry
  11. Mark Henry - Eliminated 11th by The Nexus
  12. JTG - Eliminated 6th by Michael McGillicutty
  13. Michael McGillicutty - Eliminated 20th by John Cena
  14. Chris Masters - Eliminated 9th by CM Punk
  15. David Otunga - Eliminated 19th by John Cena
  16. Tyler Reks - Eliminated 12th by CM Punk
  17. Vladimir Kozlov - Eliminated 13th by CM Punk
  18. R-Truth - Eliminated 14th by CM Punk
  19. The Great Khali - Eliminated 16th by Mason Ryan
  20. Mason Ryan - Eliminated 18th by John Cena
  21. Booker T - Eliminated 17th by Mason Ryan
  22. John Cena - Eliminated 36th by The Miz
  23. Hornswoggle - Eliminated 24th by "King" Sheamus
  24. Tyson Kidd - Eliminated 22nd by John Cena
  25. Heath Slater - Eliminated 23rd by John Cena
  26. Kofi Kingston - Eliminated 31st by Randy Orton
  27. Jack Swagger - Eliminated 25th by Rey Mysterio
  28. "King" Sheamus - Eliminated 32nd by Randy Orton
  29. Rey Mysterio - Eliminated 35th by Wade Barrett
  30. Wade Barrett - Eliminated 37th by Randy Orton
  31. Dolph Ziggler - Eliminated 27th by The Big Show
  32. Diesel - Eliminated 26th by Wade Barrett
  33. Drew McIntye - Eliminated 29th by The Big Show
  34. Alex Riley - Eliminated 28th by Kofi Kingston & John Cena
  35. The Big Show - Eliminated 30th by Ezekiel Jackson
  36. Ezekiel Jackson - Eliminated 33rd by Kane
  37. Santino Marella - Eliminated 39th by Alberto Del Rio
  38. Alberto Del Rio - WINNER
  39. Randy Orton - Eliminated 38th by Alberto Del Rio
  40. Kane - Eliminated 34th by Rey Mysterio

So to the review of the Rumble itself, I hated everything about it.

First of all, Triple H, Chris Jercho, Christian, Evan Bourne, The Undertaker and Batista did not return last night, which was a huge let down because it was highly expected that two out of those names I listed were to return.

Now we did get Diesel and Booker T, and I was thrilled to see them both, especially Diesel. There was just a problem about their return, they were eliminated too damn fast, I believe a combined three and a half minutes was what they were given and it was pathetic.

The match itself was good as The Nexus was dominating throughout as they were taking out people one by one, which was okay because the people they were taking out were jobbers who had no chance in hell of winning.

Finally it came to an end when SuperCena came in and eliminated everybody from The Nexus and formed your favorite PG Tag Team with Hornswoggle and they eliminated everybody one by one until apparently his close friend Kofi came into the ring (apparently Cena is friends with all the babyfaces).

In my opinion, Hornswoggle was in their too long. Also, we did not see the return of Triple H and instead we were given wasted picks all night. What do I mean by wasted picks? Randy Orton and Dolph Ziggler were already in matches that night and had no right to be in the Rumble as well as Hornswoggle and Alex Riley had no right to be in it either.

I did like The Miz eliminating John Cena which was clever to set up a potential WrestleMania match. As far as the winner, Alberto Del Rio. I like Del Rio, he has a good look, his gimmick fits him well, he has mic skills and he can wrestle, there's just one problem. He's been here for five months and having him win the Rumble already and main-eventing WrestleMania is just insane and ballsy by WWE. I like them pushing new talent and I like Del Rio, I just hope that he lives up to the hype because otherwise this WrestleMania could suck as much as this pay-per-view did.

Overall, the two championship matches that were good, besides the crappy ending that make their world champion a joke. The crappy Divas match with no Kong. The disappointing Rumble match with the two surprise entrants who had a combined three minutes of fame, but no Triple H, Christian, Undertaker, Jericho, Bourne, or Batista. Finally, the premature push of Alberto Del Rio.

I'd rate this pay-per-view a 4.5-5/10. Maybe I was harsh, but I was not impressed and legitimately disappointed, what about you guys, what did you think?

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