Burnt to The Corre: Is The Corre Better Than CM Punk's Nexus?

RiZESenior Writer IJanuary 30, 2011

2011 certainly began with a ton of questions.

Who was the leader of Nexus? What does Wade Barrett have to say about Punk taking his spot? What direction would Punk lead Nexus? Is the Wade Barrett going to turn face?

As the weeks passed, the WWE slowly rejuvenated Barrett and the Nexus angle. Creative transferred Barrett to Smackdown while Punk began his cult like initiations.

From the start I believed the idea of Punk leading Nexus was a mistake.

Wade Barrett’s future shines bright and replacing him with the biggest disappointment of 2010 was clearly a mistake in my book. But fortunately, the WWE rejuvenated CM Punk, Nexus, and Barrett’s role, not as a leader but rather an equal.

Barrett attacked Big Show on an episode of Smackdown and shook the brand to its core enlisting the help of former cohorts, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater, along with Ezekiel Jackson. On RAW, Punk continued his feud with John Cena and began reusing his preaching on Nexus members.


Punk enlisted the help of up and comer, Mason Ryan.

It was obvious that both stables would cross paths sooner or later. With the Royal Rumble looming, how could they avoid one another?

On RAW, Punk called The Corre a poor man’s version of the Nexus. Seemingly angering Wade Barrett who informed Punk that Corre and Nexus were none in the same.

As I sat at home watching the stare down between Ezekiel Jackson and Mason Ryan, I asked myself “which stable is the superior?”

On one hand we have the reincarnations of Dave Batista and Ahmed Johnson ready to take a bite out of one another. On the other, we’ve got Wade Barrett and CM Punk quick to criticize each other. Let’s take a look at each member of both stables shall we?

Justin Gabriel is indeed a talented individual. Though I firmly believe Gabriel is a natural face, his silent and nefarious demeanor tells an untold story of a guy ready to break out. Break away from the groups who are the reasons he’s labeled a one trick pony.

Heath Slater is a potentially talented kid. The "one man rock band" instantly reminds you of an E&C type of guy but the mic and in ring skills definitely need a tune up.

Ezekiel Jackson is indeed a powerhouse who needs work when it comes to holding the stick.

Wade Barrett needs no introduction. One of the fastest rising Superstars in the WWE, a year ago, we didn’t even know who Wade Barrett was. Now he’s a main eventer with a bright future ahead of him. Barrett is indeed the total package.

Michael McGillicutty is in the same boat as Heath Slater.

Husky Harris is decent but may need some work when it comes to holding the stick.

David Otunga is okay on the mic but when it comes to wrestling, he’s one of the worst.

Mason Ryan instantly reminds you of the Animal. Ryan has a ton of potential but like the other members of Nexus, needs a stage to showcase his abilities. Mason needs to show me improvement when it comes to holding the mic.

CM Punk is the total package.

In my opinion, The Corre is indeed superior to the Nexus.

The Corre is a fresh idea, unlike the New Nexus which is a watered down combination of the original Nexus and the Straight Edge Society. Luckily, none of those guys are forced to shave the heads.

If Creative strays in the proper direction with this “there’s no leaders in the Corre, we’re all equal” angle, it could very well turn out great for the Corre. All members have already had they chance to display the verbal skills. Each will continue to have individual matches why New Nexus will revolve around CM Punk and his faith.

Besides that, the Corre has most of Nexus’ original members and can create fresh feuds with Smackdown Superstars.

The original Nexus is engaged in feuds with pretty much everyone on the RAW roster. Once John Cena finishes the group off, some members will grow reluctant of Punk and his preaching’s.

Maybe Mason will take a Batista like exit from the group.

While Cena/Nexus continue their feud, The Undertaker will rise again to take on the Corre. If Barrett takes on Taker one on one at WM, it would be interesting to see Corre’s involvement. If I know Undertaker, he will torture and torment the Corre until he gets his hands on Barrett.

What role does Kane play in all of this?

Better angles, better members, and the better show fit for a stable, Corre definitely outshines Punk and his New Nexus.


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