WWE SmackDown Has The CORRE But The CORRE Has No Heart

John KindelanAnalyst IIIJanuary 29, 2011

Wade Barrett, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel and Ezekiel Jackson, four men jumping from the Raw roster to SmackDown and becoming a new stable, but not really. Gabriel, Slater and Barrett all former members of team Nexus that plagued Monday Night Raw for what seems like most of 2010 are now on SmakDown and they've recruited Ezekiel Jackson to be with them; but the question that lingers is, why?

Why duplicate the Nexus and their tactics on SmackDown? Are we afraid that Barrett can't make it on his own? Do we know that Slater and Gabriel don't have the personalities to be a tag team and contenders for the titles? Ezekiel Jackson was last being used in a big way as a team with Regal and Koslov, is he yet another one so new that he just doesn't have the charisma to grasp the crowd?

The drive of the Nexus was that they were the NXT team that just wouldn't go away, Barrett had won the competition but he brought along everyone else to take on the Raw roster and take out WWE poster boy John Cena. What better way to make a mark on the industry than to beat the 'Superman' of ring to become the baddest group of villains in the game.ย 

The CORRE, (spelled wrong for what reason?) has no purpose for being together other than possibly, on their own they can't stand by themselves. They have chosen The Big Show as their starting target on Friday nights, possibly because he's the star face of SmackDown.

Sure Edge has the title and he would not be considered a Heel, but he's one of those guys like Orton who walks the line between Heel and Face very delicately. He taunted Kane by kidnapping his father, not exactly Face tactics, Big Show is the happy giant who shakes hands with the kids and tells the jokes, he's the Cena of SmackDown.

Now we may even have a clash of "The New Nexus" vs. "The CORRE" with Punk and Barrett at each other's throats, looking like this will lead us to a battle of two teams in a similar fashion of a Survivor Series, but we are far from that pay-per-view, although Wrestlemania is just around the corner. A battle between the old and the new cold be being set up for the biggest stage in the industry.

What the CORRE needs is not a big feud, or a victory over a top face, what they need is a purpose, a reason for being a group other than having no other place to go. Right now, the WWE has decided to start it with the basis that "there is no leader," but rather they are individuals out to conquer, though this can't last. If they're all individuals, they'll eventually have to go against one another.

What ever is up next for The CORRE and their involvement in the WWE universe, let's hope one of those things is an explanation beyond what they've given us now.ย 


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