MMA: The Top 10 Submissions Off of the UFC Ultimate Submissions DVD

Bryan Levick@@BryanLevickMMAContributor IJanuary 28, 2011

MMA: The Top 10 Submissions Off of the UFC Ultimate Submissions DVD

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    Throughout the years there have been many slick submissions pulled off by some of the greatest fighters who have ever graced the octagon. Now that the sport of mixed martial arts and the UFC in particular has grown by leaps and bounds the fans can go back and revisit those great moments whenever they choose to do so. The UFC's library of DVD's is amazing and houses some of the greatest moments in the history of the organization.

    The UFC along with Anchor Bay Entertainment recently released Ultimate Submissions and I have been lucky enough to have been put on their mailing list. They have sent me about a half dozen DVD's and this one very well may be the best one yet. Featuring such superstars as Georges St. Pierre, Anderson Silva and B.J. Penn the content on this program will keep you entertained for hours.

    Rather than go through the entire match by match listing I have decided to review my top 10 submissions. This will give everyone a little bit of insight into the DVD without giving away all of the fantastic moments that are featured on this disc.

Number 10- Nate Diaz Vs. Kurt Pellegrino

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    Nate Diaz
    Nate Diaz

    Nate Diaz came into his UFC Fight Night 13 bout against accomplished grappler Kurt Pellegrino riding a three fight winning streak. He defeated Manny Gamburyan at The Ultimate Fighter Five Finale to take home the six figure contract and then went on to defeat Junior Assuncao and Alvin Robinson. Pellegrino was without a doubt his toughest test to date in the UFC.

    Pellegrino controlled the majority of the first round as he was able to take Diaz down at will all the while landing some point scoring ground and pound. In round two the two men clinched against the cage which allowed Diaz to trip Pellegrino, but "Batman" was able to remain on top. Seconds later Diaz had wrapped his legs around Pellegrino's head and trapped him in a deep triangle choke. If that wasn't enough Diaz gave a two finger salute and flexed his muscles while forcing Pellegrino to tap!

Number 9- Georges St. Pierre Vs. Matt Hughes III UFC 79

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    UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre
    UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. PierreJon Kopaloff/Getty Images

    Back in December of 2007 UFC fans were eagerly awaiting a matchup of UFC welterweight champion Matt Serra and former UFC welterweight kingpin Matt Hughes. The two men had been opposing coaches on season six of The Ultimate Fighter and had developed a sincere dislike for one another. Unfortunately Serra injured his back, but when one door closes another one opens.

    The man Serra beat for the welterweight title at UFC 69 Georges St. Pierre stepped up on short notice to take on Hughes in what would be a rubber match between the two. The UFC added further implications to the bout as the winner would be declared the interim welterweight champion and go on to face Serra once he was ready to go.

    St. Pierre completely dominated Hughes from the moment the bout started taking Hughes down at will and landing punches and elbows that softened Hughes up. In round two GSP took Hughes down once again culminating with a fight ending Kimura attempt that GSP turned into an armbar causing Hughes to verbally submit.

Number 7- Marcus Davis Vs.Paul Taylor UFC 75

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    Marcus Davis
    Marcus Davis

    Going into his UFC 75 contest against Paul Taylor, Marcus Davis was coming off a knockout of the night victory over Jason Tan. The former boxer had won nine straight bouts and was quietly climbing the ranks of the UFC welterweight division. Davis had become a well rounded fighter as he had added a vaunted submission game to his arsenal.

    In the early part of his bout against Taylor, Davis was kicked in the neck and seemed well on his way to an early night and a disappointing loss, but never one to be counted out Davis rebounded nicely and began to turn the tide. After taking Taylor down midway through round two Davis went from side control to mount and then eventually wound up on his back. Throughout the transition Davis grabbed hold of Taylor's arm forcing the Brit to tapout ot an armbar in front of his hometown fans. Davis was awarded both the fight of the night and submission of the night awards for his performance.

Number 6- Dustin Hazelett Vs. Josh Burkman The Ultimate Fighter 7 Finale

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    Dustin Hazelett
    Dustin Hazelett

    Here we have our second straight bout in which the fight of the night and submission of the night bonuses were awarded. Dustin Hazelett was coming off a loss to Josh Koscheck at UFC 82 in a bout that he certainly more than held his own. It seemed as though Hazelett was on his way to a long, bright career in the UFC. The UFC matched him up against Josh Burkman who had always been able to hold his own despite and up and down UFC career.

    Hazelett controlled the majority of round one, but Burkman was able to warm up and land some offense early on in the second round. After some back and forth striking the two men clinched against the fence with Hazelett eventually utilizing a whizzer to transition to a step-over armbar. The submission was also voted as Submission of the Year by It is something you have to see to truly have an understanding of.

Number 6- Frank Mir Vs. Cheick Kongo UFC 107

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    Frank Mir
    Frank MirJon Kopaloff/Getty Images

    After being soundly defeated by Brock Lesnar at UFC 100, Frank Mir decided it was time to add some bulk and to improve his boxing. By doing so Mir figured he could compete against the super heavyweights who were beginning to take control of the UFC's heavyweight division. Although Cheick Kongo wasn't as big as Lesnar or fellow behemoth Shane Carwin he was a fighter who possessed a superior stand-up game.

    This bout could be used as an example of using your boxing to set up a submission as Mir utilized his head movement to catch Kongo with a vicious left hook. Kongo was sent crashing to the canvas and Mir capitalized immediately by locking in a guillotine from half guard. A few short seconds later and Kongo was out cold and Mir was on his way to a interim title bout with Shane Carwin at UFC 111.

Number Five- Cole Miller Vs. Dan Lauzon UFC 108

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    Cole Miller
    Cole Miller

    UFC 108 was riddled with injuries and was sorely in need of some surprising performances or amazing finishes. Fortunately for the UFC and the fans in attendance Lightweights Cole Miller and Dan Lauzon were up to the task. Miller was looking to rebound from a knockout loss to Efrain Escudero and Lauzon was fighting in the octagon for the first time in over 3 years.

    Lauzon landed early and often, in fact he hurt Miller and looked to be close to finishing the American Top Team fighter off. Miller persevered and recovered nicely much to the delight of the crowd. After a lot of clinching Lauzon was able to take Miller's back, but Miller used that to catch Lauzon in a rarely seem inverted triangle choke/armbar combination. Miller was also awarded the submission of the night bonus for his creativity.

Number Four- Demian Maia Vs. Chael Sonned UFC 95

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    Demian Maia
    Demian Maia

    The UFC was bringing Chael Sonnen over from the WEC after handing Brazilian Jiu-Jitus blackbelt Paulo Filho his first career loss at WEC 36. He was going up against another BJJ standout in Demain Maia who in four career UFC bouts had won three submission of the night awards. If there was one weakness in Sonnen's game it was his inability to avoid submissions, not exactly the type of problem you want to have when facing someone of Maia's caliber.

    It didn't take long for Maia to impose his will as he forced Sonnen up against the cage early on in the first round. From there he tripped Sonnen causing the Team Quest fighter to fall right into Maia's guard. It was pretty much academic from there as Maia locked on a very tight triangle. Try as he might Sonnen fought Maia off as long as he could before tapping out and giving Maia the victory and another submission of the night bonus.

Number Three- Chris Lytle Vs. Brian Foster UFC 110

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    Chris Lytle
    Chris Lytle

    Although Chris Lytle has earned an amazing 19 submission victories in his 30 career mixed martial arts wins, he is mostly known for his striking and his tendency to wage war inside the octagon. Lytle has won a total of 7 bonus awards during his time in the UFC. He has won four fight of the night awards, one knockout of the night bonus and two submission of the night honors. This bout against Brian Foster was where he earned his second submission of the night bonus.

    In the early part of round one the two men were content to stand and trade. It was Foster who initiated the takedown, but unfortunately for him Lytle acted quickly and grabbed hold of Foster's leg. After having his leg cranked on for a few short seconds Foster was forced to tap and Lytle had earned a bonus in his fourth straight fight. This bout seems to have Lytle traveling upward on the UFC's welterweight ladder.

Number Two- BJ Penn Vs Joe Stevenson UFC 80

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    BJ Penn
    BJ PennMark Nolan/Getty Images

    UFC 80 marked BJ Penn's third opportunity at winning the UFC's lightweight championship. He had lost in his first attempt to Jens Pulver at UFC 35 and then fought to a draw against Caol Uno at UFC 41. This time he was facing the seemingly over-matched Joe Stevenson who was the welterweight winner of season two of The Ultimate Fighter. While Stevenson was an entertaining fighter not too many people gave him a chance against Penn.

    It took all of a few seconds for Penn to crumple Stevenson with a a right uppercut followed by a first round of severe ground and pound. Penn landed a well paced elbow to the forehead of Stevenson that opened up a cut that bled non-stop. Stevenson showed a tremendous amount of heart, but it was only a matter of time before Penn claimed a title that had eluded him for so long. With a little over a minute left in the second round Penn took Stevenson's back and forced him to tap to a rear naked choke giving Penn the lightweight championship.

Number One- Frank Mir Vs. Tim Sylvia UFC 46

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    Frank Mir
    Frank MirJon Kopaloff/Getty Images

    This is a submission that is in the record books as a technical submission. Tim Sylvia never tapped nor did he submit to the armbar Frank Mir locked on in the first round of their UFC heavyweight championship bout in June of 2004. This bout was chosen and placed at the top of my list for the sheer brutality of the way the bout ended and for the crazy amount of pain that Sylvia was able to endure without giving up.

    This bout lasted under a minute, but the action will be remembered for a very long time. Sylvia was looking to defend his heavyweight championship for the second time. Mir was riding a three fight winning streak and was known as one of the best pure grapplers in the heavyweight division. After Sylvia took Mir down he began to posture up, but before he could do so, Mir snatched his arm and locked on an armbar. As he cranked the arm more and more Sylvia refused to give up.

    When referee Herb Dean called a halt to the fight at just fifty seconds of round number one, Sylvia was clearly upset. It took awhile for the commotion to die down and it was at that time when Dean explained that he saw Sylvia's arm actually snap. Sylvia still wanted to fight, but luckily for him Dean didn't allow the bout to continue. After having X-ray's done on the arm it was determined that Sylvia's arm was broken in four places.