The 50 Funniest Photoshops in Sports

David Daniels@TheRealDDanielsSenior Writer IJanuary 28, 2011

The 50 Funniest Photoshops in Sports

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    The things we can do today with technology are amazing.  

    We can watch the game on an 82-inch television, communicate with another person from across the globe by cell phone and listen to an iPod that can hold our 2,000 favorite songs.

    The most hilarious technological advancement has to be Photoshop.  It was created for artists to edit photographs, but people around the globe have turned it into a way to make people cry laughing.

    Sports fanatics with a little editing skill can cut and paste their athlete of choice into any situation.

    Here are the 50 funniest Photoshops in sports:

50. Ray Lewis

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    What time is it?  Dance time!  What time is it?  Dance time!  DJ Ray.


49. New England Patriots-New York Jets

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    I'm no Star Wars buff, but since when does Han Solo have a gut that big?


48. Pau Gasol

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    Pau has been attempted to be pet by children in public who mistake him for a llama.

47. Chad Ochocinco

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    What you don't know is that Ochocinco is driving fast because he just broke a dozen of his teammates out of jail.


46. LeBron James

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    Generations for years to come will be bred to hate LeBron James.


45. Paul Pierce

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    Ten minutes go by, and Paul Pierce runs back onto the field and the crowd goes wild...


44. DeShawn Stevenson

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    First, LeBron James told Jay-Z to write a diss, then he hired someone to make this photo. Delonte, you're next.


43. Vince Young

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    The people on the bus helped Young make a cheat sheet for the Wonderlic test.


42. Black Belt Vs. Gymnast

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    It's just a random gymnast as far as I can tell, but who doesn't love a good kick-to-the-face shot?


41. Steve Nash

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    Caption: Bobby Knight wanted to know what a game face looked like.  Well, pretty sure Steve Nash nailed it.


40. Alex Rodriguez

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    I would say, "Now we know who wears the pants in this relationship," but that would be too corny...


39. Roy Halladay and Carlos Ruiz

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    It's not weird. They're from the City of Brotherly Love.


38. Pedro Martinez

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    This was a reaction to Pedro saying, "I just tip my hat and call the Yankees my daddy."


37. Shelden Williams

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    Is it sadder that your face can draw a comparison to that thing, or that your wife can beat you one-on-one?


36. LenDale White

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    Being the "Smash" in "Smash and Dash" may be LenDale White's most well-known nickname, but he's also been called Cheeseburger LenDale and LenWhale.


35. Jon Gruden

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    Jon Gruden needs to come back to the NFL so there's a head coach to rival Rex Ryan in sideline expletives.


34. Chris Pronger

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    If you're hated in hockey, a sport that prides itself on hitting, they stick a skirt on you.


33. Glen Davis-Nate Robinson

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    Shrek 4: Shrek and Donkey leave the kingdom to pursue a career in the NBA (Shaquille O'Neal starring as Fiona).


32. Gilbert Arenas-Javaris Crittenton

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    That's a movie I'd pay to see.  The climactic scene would be an old Western standoff on the boardwalk.


31. Bill Belichick

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    He doesn't need video cameras. How dare you doubt the Hoodie.


30. Kobe Bryant

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    I knew it! Kobe is a gangster.


29. Plaxico Burress

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    This is a Photoshop failure.  The guns should be pointing the other way.


28. Eli Manning

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    Irony: Baby Eli is the one drunk in this picture.


27. Andy Reid

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    Breaking news: Kool-Aid will submit a commercial for the Super Bowl this year starring Andy Reid...eating cheese steak subs.


26. Jeff Van Gundy

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    Most head coaches in the world of sports come a long way from where they started out.  Jeff Van Gundy began as a water boy.


25. Rasheed Wallace-Steve Nash

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    Two ways to know if the cop breaking into your house is crooked: 1) The cop has that smile. 2) It's Rasheed Wallace.


24. John McEnroe

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    John McEnroe holds the world record for most whining in a career.

23. Chris Bosh

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    When Chris Bosh left Toronto, the Raptors lost their best player and their mascot.


22. Ron Artest-Charles Barkley

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    Would it really surprise anyone if Ron Artest ever took a bite out of somebody's head?  Not at all.


21. Michael Phelps

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    Enjoy!  A Michael Phelps Photoshop without a bong.


20. Pacman Jones

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    Pacman Jones makes it rain...on Lil' Wayne.  I got rhymes for days.


19. Joakim Noah

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    After hearing Noah's talent on the mic, I'm curious to see his moves on the dance floor.


18. JaMarcus Russell

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    Tom Cable: How much food did you eat to get up to 300 @#$%&! pounds?  JaMarcus Russell: I only ate one burger.


17. Michael Vick

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    A mob of vegetarian, tree-hugging PETA members are on the chase just outside the picture frame.


16. Yao Ming

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    One million Sesame Street lovers' innocence was just lost.  Losing Big Bird > losing Santa Claus.


15. Tom Brady-Phil Mickelson

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    There's no City of Brotherly Love excuse here, so why is Tom Brady all over Phil Mickelson?


14. Manu Ginobli

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    It's scary how natural Manu Ginobili looks in snakeskin.


13. Mike Tyson

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    Mike Tyson said he wanted to eat Lennox Lewis' children, but all he really wanted were their ears.


12. O.J. Simpson

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    See, the only realistic way a gun fits in the hands of O.J. is if it's a bayonet.


11. Pau Gasol-Tim Duncan

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    P&T Music Presents: People's Choice Night, we'll play your favorite instrumentals (Yao Ming will be available for vocals).


10. LeBron James

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    If there's actually a girl that looked like LeBron James, I'm sure the King wouldn't hesitate to propose. LeBron thinks he's the best-looking thing on the planet.


9. JaMarcus Russell

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    Some athletes' careers are destroyed because of drugs, alcohol or gambling.  JaMarcus Russell just couldn't get off that purple drank.


8. Brett Favre

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    So that's the secret behind his 297 straight starts.  It's not steroids, it's not the fountain of youth—it's the meth.


7. Ben Roethlisberger

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    That isn't what Ben Roethlisberger's face looked like after she said no.


6. Tiger Woods

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    Elin can do some damage with a golf club.  She should try out for the LPGA.


5. Travis Henry

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    Travis Henry single-handedly made one pimp a millionaire.


4. Sam Cassell

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    Tips to Avoid Getting Photoshopped No. 673: Tuck your jersey in your pants in the locker room.


3. Terrell Owens-Tony Romo

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    Everything makes so much sense now.  Why else would T.O. shed a tear for a quarterback?


1. Delonte West

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    I don't know what the fried chicken has to do with anything, but ladies and gentlemen: the real reason LeBron "decided" to go to Miami.


    David Daniels is an NFL featured columnist at Bleacher Report and a syndicated writer. Follow him on Twitter.


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