The Top 15 Soccer Goal Celebrations

R LSenior Analyst ISeptember 16, 2008

I don't think there's anything quite like scoring a goal during a big soccer match. The feeling has to be incredible and breathtaking whether it's at the World Cup or the Champions League. Either way, millions of eyes are watching you during your time of glory.

A player's reaction after scoring can go from tears to just a regular walk up the pitch. Some players are obviously more emotional than others. Soccer truly is the world's sport, and the world is certainly watching.

These are the 15 best soccer goal celebrations that I've ever seen.

15) Emmanuel Adebayor—Arsenal's deadly striker wears a wristband during his matches. It has the colors of the Togo flag and Adebayor usually kisses it after scoring a goal. Certainly, a great tribute to his country.

14) Steven Gerrard—Many times, I've seen Liverpool's great leader point to his name on the back of the jersey. Usually, he does it facing the opposing fans to get them fired up. Things that upset the crowd always entertain me.

13) Alessandro Del Piero—One of the few Italians that I actually enjoy watching in action. Like a fine wine, he seems to get better with age and continues to captain the Juventus team. He often celebrates by showing his tongue to the fans. Childish, yes—but memorable as well.

12) Frank Lampard—The heart of Chelsea has shown much class throughout his career. Even more is shown after scoring, when he kisses his ring finger as a salute to his wife.

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11) Roman Pavlyuchenko—After successfully hitting a penalty shot for Russia in a World Cup qualifier against Wales a few days ago, Pavlyuchenko rocked his arms from side to side. This was a dedication to his young daughter.

10) Nani—Cristiano Ronaldo is the Portuguese superstar of Manchester United obviously. This may be why Nani has to take in as much as he can after hitting the back of the net. He makes life great for photographers by doing a cartwheel, followed by a backwards somersault.

9) Daniel Guiza—He made the most of his chances at Euro 2008, playing only when Fernando Torres or David Villa did not. Twice, I seen him strike for Spain. Following each goal, he slid on his knees to the corner flag and gave an imitation of firing a gun towards the sky.

8) Robinho—Last weekend, the Brazilian struck in his first match with Manchester City. As usual, he graced us with the thumb in the mouth celebration. Unfortunately, the celebration didn't last long as Chelsea came out on top, 3-1.

7) Dawid Janczyk—The "L" sign normally stands for loser, but not in this case. Janczyk scored a goal against Korea at the 2007 Fifa Under-20 World Cup. Afterwards, he proceeded to make an "L" with his fingers towards the fans, expressing that he has love for them. Artur Boruc also does this constantly after winning matches.

6) Ruud Van Nistelrooy—I saw the Dutch striker celebrate many times by waving his hands toward himself in an attempt to pump up the crowd. Holland will miss his services now that he's internationally retired.

5) Fabio Grosso—At the 2006 World Cup, Grosso scored against Germany in the semi-final. He ran down the field with tears in his eyes shouting, "I don't believe it". Great emotion shown, and I was touched by how much it meant to him.

4) Kaka—The extremely talented, religious midfielder points his hands towards the sky after beating a goaltender. It's a way of saying thank you to God. After A.C Milan's Champions League triumph in 2007, he revealed a T-shirt which read, "I Belong to Jesus".

3) Peter Crouch—His days in Liverpool are done, but I don't think anyone will forget the infamous robot dance he made extremely popular. The tall striker has a good touch, but isn't the best dancer.

2) Andrei Arshavin—Euro 2008 was the breakout for this Russian midfielder. He fired in two goals, and after each he put his finger to his mouth as if to say, "Shhhhhh". I like this very much because it's done in such a calm manner, and it just angers the fans even more.

1) Fernando Torres—With plenty of goals, comes plenty of celebration. Torres normally runs down the pitch and slides on his knees in celebration. This is my favourite celebration because it just shows how much you enjoy firing the ball home.

If you have a celebration of your own during soccer matches, feel free to share it.

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