WWE's Latest Heel Stable: 10 Things To Expect From Wade Barrett's 'Corre'

The Jonathan CooneyyCorrespondent IJanuary 24, 2011

WWE's Latest Heel Stable: 10 Things To Expect From Wade Barrett's 'Corre'

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    WWE have had some awesome heel stables, Evolution naturally pops into mind as does the likes of Legacy, nWo, Million Dollar Coporation, The Ministry of Darkness and several other dominant villainous legendary groups.

    I believe that the notorious Wade Barrett will ensure that Ezekiel Jackson, Just Gabriel and Heath Slater get as much big matches and title opportunities that he did in his stint as being the leader of The Nexus.

    I think Gabriel wrestling and defeating Edge is a sure sign of great things to come in the Corre's brought future.

    I think if Mason Ryan never joined Punk's cult than The Corre would destroy them without it been even nearly a problem for the four dominant superstars.

    Mason Ryan is surely an animal but will Zek be able to control him? I am sure that in the future The Corre and Nexus will definitely square off in some way or another.

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Wade Will Bring In an Additional Athlete From NXT

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    I am a gigantic fan of Wade Barrett his in-ring skills, mic skills, in-ring psychology and his general method.

    Barrett brought Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty to Raw and The Nexus, it was a very smart move because of the look and skills both men possess.

    If Barrett was to return to his NXT roots in order to hire a new star for his group the chance are it would most likely be Brodus Clay because of his look.

    I think Jacob Novak could be a bright slection because of the segment that opened SmackDown that led to Alberto Del Rio disrupting The Corre.

    WWE could play on that a little and "teach him a little respect" it would be a bright way to bring Novak back into storyline.

Ezekiel Jackson Vs. The Big Show at The Chamber

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    How many people latley have bodyslammed The Big Show?

    WWE have made him into a force after he buried the Straight Edge Society and Jack Swagger in the summer.

    His push led to nothing, now that The Corre are around the stable can help Big Show and Big Show can help the stable.

    Ezekiel Jack vs. The Big Show could be a great anticiapated match if it is correctly hyped up because it will be a match based on severe size and weight.

    We all seen the matches between Big Show and Lesnar and the impact they had on the WWE, WWE could attempt to re-shoot them matches considering Zek and Lesnar are roughly the same build.

Wade Barrett and Edge Will Face One and Other Soon

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    I am not sure if that means Edge's title is in jeopardy but I think Barrett will part of the Chamber and that may spell trouble for Edge.

    On SmackDown, Justin Gabriel vs. Edge was a better match then Edge vs. Kane or Edge vs. Jack Swagger (two guys we have seen the rated-r superstar feud with lately).

    That says a lot about certain talent being pushed or strapped with a title in the past.

    Wade Barrett has put on very exciting matches against John Cena, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho and Christian.

    Cena, Orton, Jericho and Christian are some of WWE's most talented athlete at the moment and I think the fact that Wade has worked well with them says a lot about this man.

    Barrett and Edge spells chaos and a good, refreshing feud for the Englishmen-

Justin Gabriel Will Challenge Kofi Kingston For The Title

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    Justin Gabriel will have an outstanding career once The Corre disbands. People think that The Corre or The Nexus was/is holding him back but they could not be anymore incorrect.

    The Nexus has allowed him to grow more from the young guy we seen on NXT and now with The Corre I think it is just about watching him (and the others) go out and establish themselves.

    Gabriel has been great over the past couple of months and is very under-rated.

    He has been phenomenal in matches against Randy Orton, Edge, John Cena and he also impressed in the ring against Evan Bourne during his shirt stint as Tag Team Champion with Heath Slater.

    Gabriel will definitely be in this years Royal Rumble match. I think the WWE creative team should take advantage of this and allow him to go out and eliminate Kofi Kingston from the Rumble match.

    This sets up a storyline for both men involving the Intercontental Championship. However, it will be his first ever Royal Rumble match so it will be interesting to see WWE's utilization of all their stars and not just Justin Gabriel.

Skip Sheffield Will Join The Corre and Not The Nexus

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    Considering Skip Sheffield was never actually excommunicated from The Nexus this may be a little of a bold prediction.

    Skip Sheffield is like a Batista/Mason Ryan-animal type of wrestler. He has great strength, the perfect look, tremendous physique and a really powerful finisher.

    I cannot imagine WWE allowing Sheffield back to Nexus because of how similar Mason Ryan and Sheffield are so that is one reason why he will join The Corre.

    Another reason may also be, the fact that there is no bad blood between Barrett and Sheffield because, as I mentioned above, Sheffield was never actually excommunicated from the group Barrett used to lead.

    I expect Gabriel to challenge for Kofi Kingston's title, Barrett to case Edge and Ezekiel Jackson to chase after Big Show so does that leave Sheffield and Heath Slater to challenge for the Tag Titles.

    Seeing Vladimir Kozlov and Skip Sheffield in the same ring would be exciting.

    It would be absolute domination so see a tag team formed between power houses, Ezekiel Jackson and Skip Sheffield.

The Explanation To Teddy's Attack...

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    I know The Corre are naturally top suspects because of their dodgey past

    I believe Wade Barrett and his "equal members" will take a new approach to re-solving their problems and that means the beat downs we have seen in the past will be a thing of the past.

    I know we seen that attack and destroy The Big Show but I do think that, that was a first-time thing so they can establish themselves and show what they have to offer.

    I think the next WWE angle will be Vickie Guerrero wanting a promotion at the expense of experienced general manager Teddy Long.

    Vickie is notorious for cheating as we in during the days of La Famila and Dolph Ziggler's stint as Intercontental Champion.

    I would not be shocked if it was Dolph Ziggler who attack Teddy Long and perhaps he gave him a Zig-Zag leading to the head injuries Long is currently suffering.

    I think it would make for far better television if it was Vicke and Dolph's scheming that led too Long being attacked

Michael Tarver May Have Been On SmackDown But, Nothing to Do With The Corre

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    It would be so stupid if WWE pitted Tarver back with his former leader Wade Barrett considering the fact that it was Wade Barrett who done nothing when Cena viciously attacked a helpless Tarver.

    Wade Barrett state after Cena attack Tarver "Well done John, I'm proud of you, you done well, I was gonna kick that Loser, Tarver out anyway".

    Now if Tarver return to Wade Barretts feet after them harsh words, it would be very stupid.

    Tarver should remain on RAW and attempt to get back amongst The Nexus ranks and that way we may be treated to an entertaining, CM Punk "initiation".

Rey Mysterio Will Be Drafted Into This Angle Some Way Or Another

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    At one stage Rey Mysterio was the most exciting, under-rated star in SmackDown history but at the moment he is just "Boring".

    I am a big fan of Mysterio's in ring skills and we have seen him in unforgetable matches against pro wrestling legends Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle amongst many more.

    Rey Mysterio was in a long at boring feud with the talented Alberto Del Rio and has recently been inserted into a mini-feud with the "Dashing" Cody Rhodes.

    If Rey is included in the Angle then without he will defeat Ezekiel Jackson as his "underdog" gimmick continues to bore fans and bury superstars.

    One pro may well be a match between Gabriel and Mysterio but if that were too happen they're would be one severe problem... it is far too predictable.

    I cannot remember the last time Rey Mysterio was cleanly defeated in any sort of match but any superstar on either roster.

We Will Not Grow Bored Of The Corre Like We Did With The Nexus

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    To be honest out of the current crop of talent in The Corre the only person I find boring in anyway is definitely Heath Slater and his "skills".

    The original Nexus ran by Barrett became boring because they did not live up to their devasting debution but see this debut is different.

    The made a mark without giving themselves something to compete with at any particular level they came out and squashed The Big Show and to be honest the soul purpose of that was for Zek to be noticed.


    The Corre also has the advantage of Tarvers appearnece, question being asked is an obvious pro for the group as well as the fact that if they did not take Teddy out people will be asking questions; 

    "Why did they not?"

    "Are they really different?"

The Corre Vs. The Nexus at WrestleMania

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    If this match is promoted right and giving the right time then it has all the props to be an excellent match between the two fraction.

    However, both fractions are heel, The Corre has more of a chance of turning face, in my opinion but who knows maybe WWE will throw a spanner in the works and let the crowd decide who they fancy.

    If it is not Corre vs. Nexus it will be Wade Barett vs. CM Punk or even the interesting encounter Ezekiel Jackson vs. Mason Ryan.

    Either of the three matches has all the props to be an excellent show and would definitely help with The Buy Rates.

    Without Batista, Chris Jericho, Matt Hardy, Shawn Michaels, MVP and possibly Triple H and Undertaker the show will find it hard to sell because of how over each man was with the crowd.


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    The Corre have all the props to be the perfect group, but the again so did Nexus and their angle got boring in like three weeks.

    As I mentioned in the slide show, I think and want WWE to take a new road with this stable as they are, individually and as a unit, very talented.

    Note: If you are wondering why there is a picture of The Miz and Morrison, it is because it is a new concept I am starting to show some love to great tag teams from WWE's past because, we all know the WWE Tag Team division is dead.

    I though I would start with my favourite current superstar, The Miz and the talented John Morrison.

    So what are your thoughts on my opinions and hopes for the stable and will it be Nexus vs. Corre at Nexus and if not then, what will Barrett be doing at WrestleMania.

    Thanks for reading, Jonny Cooney


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