WWE Best of The Best: The Winners As Chosen By You

Chris FreemanCorrespondent IJanuary 17, 2011

WWE Best of The Best: The Winners As Chosen By You

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    Why are the Nexus happy? Perhaps they made the cut?
    Why are the Nexus happy? Perhaps they made the cut?

    Hello Bleachers!

    A few days ago, I posted an article, http://bleacherreport.com/articles/573959-wwe-best-of-the-best-vote-for-your-favorites-of-the-current-roster, allowing you to vote for your favorites of the current WWE roster. I was overwhelmed by the number of people who voted and I thank you guys for making this idea turn out so great (and, once again, I thank Jesus Rocha for inspiring this idea).

    Before we begin, I just wanna explain the rules one more time, so there is no confusion:

    • You voted for your top five favorite superstars.
    • A first place vote earned five points, second got four points, etc.
    • If a tie happened, the two winners would earn the next level of points below the place they tied (if they tied for first, they got four points, second got three, etc.).

    So if you're confused about how there were so many "votes" (because I might accidentally say "votes" instead of "points"), this will help shed some light.

    So without further ado, let's look at the top 10 most voted for superstars!

Honorable Mention: Chris Jericho

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    I had to give an honorable mention to "The Man of 1004 Holds." Chris Jericho received quite a few votes even though he is not eligible. I apologize to everyone that voted for him, but he isn't currently employed by the WWE.

    Had he been employed, I'm sure he would've received a lot more votes than he did and would've easily made it in the top three (most likely in the No. 1 spot).

10. The Undertaker

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    "The Deadman" kicks off this list at No. 10.

    It's no surprise to see the Undertaker on this list. He is definitely one of the best superstars of all time. Lately, he has slowed down a little and has been injured at almost every turn. But that doesn't take away from his legacy. He can still go when he needs to (cough, Wrestlemania, cough) and is still one of the most entertaining attractions of the WWE.

    The Undertaker comes in 10th place with 94 points.

9. Christian

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    "Captain Charisma" comes in at No. 9!

    Was anyone surprised to see him in the top 10? He is easily the most popular superstar who never won a World Title.

    Like me, many of you think that he deserves better than he is being treated. He has had quite a legacy and is one of the few superstars in WWE today who can perform great on the mic and in the ring.

    No matter how Vince McMahon feels about Christian, it won't take away how we feel about him.

    Christian comes in ninth place with 95 points.

8. Dolph Ziggler

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    Dolph Ziggler reaches the No. 8 spot on our countdown.

    I wasn't surprised to see Ziggler on the list. He is one of the most athletic superstars in the WWE today, with one of the best move sets.

    What surprised me is that he was ahead of Undertaker and Christian. Then again, they are both injured and probably would've received more votes if they were currently active.

    Ziggler is definitely a future World Champ. He won't win it at the Royal Rumble, but expect great things from him in 2011.

    Dolph Ziggler comes in eighth place with 114 points.

7. The Miz

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    Our current WWE Champion comes in at No. 7.

    The Miz has joined an exclusive club with John Cena. A club that consists of those who are either massively hated or massively loved by the IWC. The same arguments that people make about why they hate Cena are the same ones they use for the Miz. "He can't wrestle." "All he can do is yell." "Being shoved down our throats." etc. etc.

    Well, no matter how you feel about the Miz, the WWE thinks he's...wait for it...AWEEEEEEEEESOME!

    The Miz comes in seventh place with 130 votes.

6. John Morrison

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    The "Shaman of Sexy" gets the sixth place vote.

    He is widely considered the most athletic superstar of the WWE. With a great ground move set mixed in with some nice high flying maneuvers, John Morrison is definitely one of the best in ring performers today.

    His mic skills (as a face) leave a lot to be desired, but he still leaves us in awe week in and week out. Perhaps this will be the year that John Morrison breaks out.

    John Morrison comes in sixth place with 137 points.

5. Daniel Bryan

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    The "American Dragon" Daniel Bryan (Danielson) begins our top five countdown.

    Widely considered the "best wrestler in the world", Daniel Bryan has made quite an impact on RAW. After being fired for the "Tiegate Scandal", Daniel Bryan made his triumphant return at Summerslam. Since then, Bryan has been on quite a roll. He has won nearly every contest he has been in so far (I could count his losses on one hand) and is the reigning United States Champion.

    With an impressive technical background, big things should be in store for his future.

    Daniel Bryan comes in fifth place with 147 points.

4. Randy Orton

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    "The Viper" comes in at No. 4.

    Orton is one of the most popular WWE superstars of this generation. He consistently gets the biggest pops week in and week out. His mic skills aren't the best, but his move set gets the crowd excited. Often considered "cold and calculating", Randy Orton is unforgiving in the ring.

    He seems to be WWE's attempt at recreating Stone Cold Steve Austin (both were nicknamed different after different snakes, similar finishers that are used multiple times in short periods, rebel attitude, etc.). I'm not saying he's "the next Stone Cold" but WWE sure wants him to be.

    Randy Orton comes in fourth place with 151 points.

3. Alberto Del Rio

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    Albertooooooo Dellll Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiooooooooooooo comes in third place.

    I am quite surprised. He got a lot more votes than I thought he would.

    The former "Dos Caras Jr." has made quite an impact on WWE since his debut. After defeating Rey Mysterio cleanly, the crowd has really grown to despise him.

    He has a great technical move set, has a decent gimmick, and gets great heat from the crowd. When you mix these together, you get a recipe for a future World Champion.

    Alberto Del Rio comes in third place with 164 points.

2. Edge

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    The "Rated R SUPERSTAR" comes in second place.

    I instantly knew that Edge would make this list. He is pretty popular among the WWE Universe and the IWC. He's the current World Heavyweight Champion and he's put on some pretty spectacular performances in his day.

    He's great in the ring and great on the mic. He knows how to get the crowd behind him or against him, depending on what role he's playing.

    Edge comes in second place with 202 points.

    Now on to our No. 1 most voted for superstar (and if you pay any attention to the IWC, you probably know who this is...).

1. CM Punk

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    "The Straight Edge Savior" and current leader of Nexus (and my favorite wrestler) rounds off this list at No. 1.

    I was shocked by how many votes CM Punk got. I mean it was a landslide! But then I realized how much praise he gets from the IWC and this number actually seems pretty normal.

    He has a great gimmick, he's great in the ring, and he's great on the mic. He's the total package. Currently, he's the leader of the Nexus and is in a program with John Cena. After a less than stellar 2010, things are looking up for CM Punk.

    Of course, he probably would've came in second, had Chris Jericho been eligible.

    CM Punk comes in first place with a whopping 423 points.

Final Results

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    Triple H and Wade Barrett just barely missed being in the top 10
    Triple H and Wade Barrett just barely missed being in the top 10

    Here are the final scores:

    1. CM Punk= 423
    2. Edge=202
    3. Alberto Del Rio=164
    4. Randy Orton=151
    5. Daniel Bryan=147
    6. John Morrison=137
    7. The Miz=130
    8. Dolph Ziggler=114
    9. Christian=95
    10. Undertaker=94
    11. Wade Barrett=84
    12. Triple H=74
    13. John Cena=70
    14. Drew McIntyre=45
    15. Sheamus=44
    16. “Dashing” Cody Rhodes=42
    17. Kofi Kingston=42
    18. Jack Swagger=31
    19. Kane=28
    20. Rey Mysterio=20
    21. Evan Bourne=16
    22. Chris Masters=14
    23. Santino Marella=13
    24. Justin Gabriel=13
    25. Beth Phoenix=12
    26. Ezekiel Jackson=11
    27. Natalya=9
    28. Zack Ryder=8
    29. Goldust=8
    30. Big Show=6
    31. Michelle McCool=6
    32. Kelly Kelly=5
    33. Alex Riley=4
    34. Maryse=3
    35. Layla=3
    36. Trent Barreta=3
    37. Melina=3
    38. Gail Kim=3
    39. Tyson Kidd=2
    40. Ted DiBiase=2
    41. Michael McGuillicuty=2
    42. Tyler Black=2
    43. Michael Cole=1
    44. Skip Sheffield=1
    45. David Hart Smith=1
    46. Josh Mathews=1
    47. Kaitlyn=1

    What do you guys think? Did your favorite superstar do as well as you hoped? Do you agree with the top 10?

    Leave comments below and thank you guys once again for voting!