The Los Angeles Clippers Unlikely Attention

Jess Matthew Beltran@sportsalchemistCorrespondent IIJanuary 17, 2011

Singing Do-Re-Mi the Three Tenors.
Singing Do-Re-Mi the Three Tenors.Harry How/Getty Images

Los Angeles will always be the home of the Lakers. A place synonymous with the NBA’s most storied franchise. However, it isn’t all about the purple and gold. The Los Angeles Clippers share the same arena, the same court, the same home town, but it seems they are treated differently, in L.A. they seem distant. There’s no one to blame, even a diehard Clippers fan could certainly fall out with the struggling franchise.

Baron Davis, Blake Griffin and the crew of misfits rely mostly on themselves. Even Donald Sterling the team’s owner started heckling Baron on some games. It’s always a struggle if you belong to a stereotypical organization. The series of bad luck continues to haunt the Clippers starting with the No. 1 overall draft pick in 1998 Michael Olowokandi, who was nothing more than his nickname: the “Kandi Man."  Then Blake Griffin who had to forego his rookie year last season because of a broken knee cap. The series of unfortunate events seems to stack pile after pile on the Clips. However, amidst all the losing skids and embarrassing losses they still found a common ground to work on—they play harder against teams that took them for granted.

14 wins out of 25 seems to be not promising at all but those 14 wins come with a win against Miami, San Antonio and now the Los Angeles Lakers—the eastern and western conference leaders in the NBA. It’s all about respect. That seven letter word that seems to be very elusive in the Clippers’ vocabulary.

Everything seems to be a long term goal for them. It will take years before they actually see themselves competing in the playoffs, but they never lack of short ones (goals). Beating the Lakers was their ultimate satisfaction. A measurement of how their team will look like if given the right opportunity, with the right players on the team.

Blake Griffin and Lamar Odom shared some moments in the game, exchanging pleasantries with some ejections. Baron Davis understood his role as he bumped Odom in the chest. Davis is the team’s leader, and he wants Griffin to know that he has his back and no one bumps anyone without going through the team. We may never get anybody’s respect but that doesn’t mean you get ours…

It will probably take forever to see the Clippers winning an NBA championship. At least not with the Lakers in town…as for now it’s still a long term ordeal for them, but Baron Davis, Blake Griffin and the rest of the roster who were lurking beyond the Lakers glorified history shouted and made a noise.

It was not enough to get respect, but it was enough to get somebody’s attention.

Short term goals make short rewards just enough to keep the Los Angeles Clippers blood pumping.


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