Phil Jackson/Jeanie Buss vs. Mark Cuban: The NBA's Top 10 Front-Office Rivalries

Matt RudnitskyCorrespondent IJanuary 14, 2011

Phil Jackson/Jeanie Buss vs. Mark Cuban: The NBA's Top 10 Front-Office Rivalries

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    DALLAS - FEBRUARY 12:  Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban during the NBA All-Star celebrity game presented by Final Fantasy XIII held at the Dallas Convention Center on February 12, 2010 in Dallas, Texas.  (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)
    Jason Merritt/Getty Images

    Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban have a history of exchanging words.

    And in the latest news on their feud Cuban took a stab at Jackson, calling him the "boy toy" of Jeanie Buss (the daughter of Lakers owner Jerry Buss).

    Jackson didn't seem too upset, but it still was a nice jab from Cuban.

    That being said, here's a list of the NBA's top 10 front-office rivalries, and where the Jackson-Cuban feud stands.

10. Otis Smith vs. LeBron James

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    ORLANDO, FL - DECEMBER 18:  Orlando Magic General Manager Otis Smith speaks to the media regarding the aquisition of Gilbert Arenas from the Washington Wizards, Jason Richardson, Hedo Turkoglu, and Earl Clark from the Phoenix Suns at Amway Arena on Decemb
    Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

    Orlando Magic GM Otis Smith had some surprisingly harsh words for LeBron after the decision.

    When asked if James’ move to Miami will cause a power shift in the NBA, Smith responded, "Is Kobe retiring?"

9. Masai Ujiri vs. Carmelo Anthony

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    DENVER, CO - JANUARY 13:  Carmelo Anthony #15 of the Denver Nuggets takes a free throw against the Miami Heat at the Pepsi Center on January 13, 2011 in Denver, Colorado. The Nuggets defeated the Heat 130-102. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and
    Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

    Anthony is trying to hold Ujiri (the Denver Nuggets GM) hostage, but fortunately for Ujiri, he has some leverage in the situation.

8. Masai Ujiri vs. Billy King

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    The Nuggets' and Nets' GMs are having quite a battle over their potential Carmelo Anthony trade.

    Denver even reportedly threatened to trade Anthony to the Knicks, purely out of spite.


7. Donald Sterling vs. Jerry Buss

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    This is more of a one-way street.

    Sterling must hate Buss for his superiority. Buss may not know who Sterling is.

6. Dan Gilbert vs. Pat Riley

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    MIAMI GARDENS, FL - FEBRUARY 07:  Miami Heat Team President Pat Riley watches on the sideline prior to the start of Super Bowl XLIV between the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints on February 7, 2010 at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida
    Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

    Another one-way rivalry here.

    Oh, how Gilbert must hate Riley for stealing Zydrunas Ilgauskas!

5. Mikhail Prokhorov vs. James Dolan

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    The Nets will never match up to the Knicks' popularity in New York, but Mikhail Prokhorov won't go down without a fight.

    This billboard was put up right near Madison Square Garden and now with the battle between the Knicks and Nets to get Carmelo, it's clear this rivalry, though young, is growing to be quite heated.

4. Clay Bennett vs. The City Of Seattle

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    It must really hurt to see Kevin Durant tearing it up in Oklahoma City...

3. Paul Allen vs. Greg Oden

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    CHICAGO - NOVEMBER 01: Greg Oden #52 of the Portland Trail Blazers watches from the bench as his teammates take on the Chicago Bulls at the United Center on November 1, 2010 in Chicago, Illinois. The Bulls defeated the Trail Blazers 110-98. NOTE TO USER:
    Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

    Speaking of people who are angry about Kevin Durant's success...

2. Mark Cuban vs. Phil Jackson

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    OAKLAND, CA - JANUARY 12:  Head coach Phil Jackson of the Los Angeles Lakers sits on the bench during their game against the Golden State Warriors at Oracle Arena on January 12, 2011 in Oakland, California. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and ag
    Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

    Check out the whole feud here.

    Jackson never really offers much, but that doesn't stop Cuban from firing back repeatedly.

    My favorite quote from Cuban: "I own Phil Jackson. Not literally of course. That thrill belongs to the smartest businesswoman in professional sports, Jeannie Buss. Figuratively however, the coach formerly known as the Zen Master must now be considered my bucket boy."

    Well done.  Too bad Jackson doesn't care at all.

1. Dan Gilbert vs. LeBron James

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    CLEVELAND - OCTOBER 27:  Majority owner Dan Gilbert of the Cleveland Cavaliers talks to the media prior to playing the Boston Celtics in the Cavaliers 2010 home opner at Quicken Loans Arena on October 27, 2010 in Cleveland, Ohio.  NOTE TO USER: User expre
    Gregory Shamus/Getty Images


    Must I elaborate?

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