WWE: What will be the SmackDown! Main-Event at Wrestlemania 27?

Ray SamuelsContributor IJanuary 12, 2011

Wrestlemania is approaching, my friends. We’re only a small amount of months away from the biggest, and perhaps the best, Pay-Per-View the WWE has to offer to their loyal and die-hard fans.

BleacherReport writers have already gone crazy with match predictions and all sorts of Wrestlemania bits and pieces in their articles and slide-shows.

And that got me thinking.

Monday Night RAW has enough talent and main-event superstars that they can have a pretty packed and well built up main-event on their part for the WWE Championship at this year’s Grandest stage of them all.

Creative can go many ways with booking the WWE Championship match. The possibilities are endless on RAW. Let me list some feasible matches to prove my point.

John Cena vs. CM Punk

John Cena vs. Randy Orton

John Cena vs. Randy Orton vs. CM Punk

John Cena vs. Miz vs. Randy Orton

John Cena vs. Miz vs. CM Punk

John Cena vs. Miz

I believe one of those matches I listed above will be for the prestigious WWE Championship at Wrestlemania. And to be quite honest, I have no problem with any of those.

The potential build-up to all those matches would be great, and the match itself has the latent to be great. I would pay to see any of them given the right build up. Obviously, I listed John Cena in them all because...well...he’s John Cena.

Look at the past six Wrestlemanias and then tell me that John Cena will not be competing for the WWE Title at Wrestlemania once again this year.

Nonetheless, my point is, RAW will have no problem building up and hyping whatever match they book out of dozen other possibilities at this year’s Wrestlemania.

SmackDown! however is a whole other story. Let’s take a look at some of the members that have a shot at main-eventing this year’s Wrestlemania.

Alberto Del Rio

The Big Show


Undertaker (Injured, hopeful to return at Wrestlemania)

Wade Barrett

Rey Mysterio

Edge (current World Heavyweight Champion)

Cross off Wade Barrett, and Undertaker. Why? Because then Creative doesn’t have to worry about setting up another match for Wrestlemania. If Undertaker wrestles in a Championship match at Wrestlemania, that takes away a potential match and feud at Wrestlemania.

And with the Nexus attacking Undertaker in his Buried Alive match, I’m certain it will be Barret vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania this year.

Also, Kane is out. Why? Kane’s not a major draw. He’s had a very good reign as World Heavyweight Championship defeating the Undertaker three times in a row.

However would someone really pay to see Kane challenging for the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania? I’ll be the first to admit that Kane’s matches are boring. Or at least I find them boring.

Same case for the Big Show. At this point in his career, he won’t main-event Wrestlemania. Besides, Big Show going against any of the superstars I listed above for the World Heavyweight Title doesn’t look like an appealing match to me.

That leaves Del Rio, Mysterio and Edge. A triple threat match for the World Title between these three? Possible.

Mysterio will be a huge hit with the kids no doubt raising the buyrates. However he hasn’t main-evented Wrestlemania in five years even though he is extremely over with the crowd. That’s telling something, isn’t it? Mysterio is out.

Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio for the World Title? Possibly. Edge is having a decent reign thus far with the Title, and I believe he will go into Wrestlemania as World Champion.

Del Rio is where it becomes a tidal wave for me. Del Rio won’t main-event Wrestlemania in his first year. Even if it is a triple threat match.

I have a feeling Vince lost his faith in pushing new superstars quickly after what Brock Lesnar did. WWE doesn’t want to pull another Brock Lesnar.

True enough that Alberto Del Rio has officials and Vince very high on him. But that was the same for Sheamus.

Everybody thought Sheamus vs. Triple H would headline Wrestlemania 26 for the WWE Title last year. They did have a match, but it wasn’t for a title. Del Rio won’t be main-eventing just yet. So everybody but Edge is out? What a shame.

Here’s an idea! Extremely wishful thinking on my part, but WWE can have Christian vs. Edge!

Reports around the Internet are saying Vince is extremely determined to break the million buys mark for Wrestlemania this year. More determined then he has been in years in fact.

Edge vs. Christian would be a MASSIVE sell-out and must-buy for both old and young WWE fans. Wouldn’t it? Christian is already over with the crowd, same with Edge.

The match would be great in itself as well. The build-up would be so nostalgic with memories floating around in the atmosphere of SmackDown! before Wrestlemania. So much history has occurred between these two men.

We’ve witnessed the very evolution of Christian and Edge in front of our very eyes over the years. I’m getting the chills just writing about it.

Besides, Christian vs. Edge seems much more appealing and more attractive on a Wrestlemania 27 card then say Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio. No?

If WWE does indeed book Alberto Del Rio vs. Edge or Alberto Del Rio vs. Edge vs. Rey Mysterio, I will be extremely disappointed. It will solidify my thought that Vince McMahon does indeed hate Christian.

WWE has a golden opportunity here knocking its headquarters in Stamford, Conn. Both in terms of a possible Wrestlemania moment, and some big bucks for Vince McMahon.  


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