Querétaro vs. U.A.N.L: Tigres Come from Behind, Equalize against Gallos Blancos

Roberto Alvarez-Galloso@AlvarezGallosoChief Writer IJanuary 9, 2011

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The Tigres started the year 2011 with a shocking equalizer against Queretaro in its home stadium of La Corregidora.

The game started with Carlos Bueno scoring two goals for Queretaro at 18 minutes and 55 minutes. Bueno scored the first goal after an assist by Julio Nava and some help from Juan Antonio Ocampo.

Ocampo made a personal play on the side and kicked the ball with his right foot towards Carlos Bueno.

Bueno used his left foot to propel the ball into the goal post and surprised Tigres goal keeper Cirilio Saucedo.

The response of the spectators of La Corregidora Stadium was one of enthusiasm and people asked for more.

Carlos Bueno did not let them down and scored a second goal within 55 minutes with a kick that surprised Saucedo.

Queretaro was close to a 3-0 victory but the ball went over the goal keeper and hit part of the goal post without entering.

The Gallos Blancos (another name for Queretaro) started to rest on their laurels, which is a mistake many teams make when the opposing team has not scored.

The Tigres then proceeded to regroup and claim the offense and defense for themselves. Danilo Veron produced the first surprise by using his head to score the first goal (for Tigres) within 71 minutes.

The way Veron scored was too fast for the goal keeper Jorge Diaz De Leon (Queretaro).

The response from the Gallos Blancos appeared to be attempting to avoid an equalizer but wanting to finish the game at the same time.

The Tigres wasted no time and Lucas Lobo scored the equalizer within 77 minutes. The reaction of La Corregidora was surprise and indignation as Queretaro tried to regain lost ground.

The supporters of Queretaro (who supported their team initially in the match) started to criticize and boo their team. The negative response did not help improve the situation.

The end result was that neither team won or lost. The lesson to be learned is that no team, when it is on the verge of victory, should rest on its laurels.

The most valued player of the team was Danilo Veron for surprising La Corregidora with the first goal for Tigres.

Queretaro 2-2 Tigres

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