Liverpool FC: Torres Will Be The First To Go If Hodgson If Replaced As Manager

True BlueCorrespondent IJanuary 6, 2011

Moving on?
Moving on?Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Liverpool FC are moving towards the re-birth that their fans hoped for when Hicks and Gillette were finally kicked out of the club by NESV.

The stuttering start to the new regime has been brought on by the new owner's desire not to be seen as cutthroat in their first few months.

The plain fact is, they should have brought in a new manager when they took control of the club.

There are echoes of ADUG's mistakes in keeping Mark Hughes in place at Manchester City when the world expected him to be replaced by a bigger name.

The summer transfer window has now been mostly wasted, and some of the limited cash available to any new manager has been spent on players simply not good enough for Liverpool (unless Liverpool are now aiming for mid table mediocrity, which surely cannot be true).

So, with the board at Liverpool sure to replace Hodgson and hand the reigns over to their "own man," it will surely be done whilst the chance to change the squad exists in January.

But with limited money in play, will they sanction the sale of Torres to create a war chest for the next manager?

Torres is perhaps the only really sellable player in the squad that could, in one move, generate more than a few million pounds.

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Selling Torres and offering £40-50 million to a new manager makes sense if the decision to sack Hodgson is taken, but are NESV brave enough?