10 Things That Would Revitalize Cody Rhodes

Joel BrandContributor IIJanuary 5, 2011

10 Things That Would Revitalize Cody Rhodes

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    Hello again Bleacher Nation!

    It's Joel Brand here and I am excited to be writing about another up-and-coming Superstar on Smackdown's roster.  Cody Rhodes, who is most famous for being the son of wrestling legend Dusty Rhodes, has been in the WWE for awhile now.  He has held the World Tag Team Championship three times (once with Hardcore Holly and twice with Ted DiBiase.)  He has also held the WWE Tag Team Championship with Drew McIntrye on Smackdown.  

    Rhodes is currently working on his solo career and has ran into a bit of a stale patch.  He has been using the "Dashing" gimmick with success lately but it needs a little something extra to really push him into the next level.  Vince McMahon clearly sees a lot of potential in him and wants to seem him go far in the business so that is definitely a good sign for him.  

    Rhodes has the in-ring ability to compete at a high level, the right look to be "the face of the WWE" as he calls himself and tremendous mic skills to cut promos.  However, those promos have gotten him in trouble as of late because during a house show he had a promo that included derogatory comments to Hispanics.  This hasn't put him in the greatest light but this story is not getting too much publicity so his image hasn't been greatly damaged.

    So with all that being said, Cody Rhodes could be making a bigger impact with his career and I have come up with a plan to try and give him some new found pizzazz.  The idea for this article was given to me by Rachel Miller in my last article, "10 Reasons Why Kofi Kingston Should Get a Push in 2011."  So here is my slideshow on how you revitalize Cody Rhodes and I hope you all enjoy it!

10. No More Feuds Like the Chris Masters' One

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    Cody Rhode's last feud was with Chris Masters, who recently has been used mainly on "WWE Superstars."  This feud could have been used to transition Masters into an active part of the Smackdown roster.  However, it doesn't appear that this was accomplished because "WWE Superstars" main event last week was Tyler Reks VS Chris Masters and that appears to be where he will stay.  

    It is hard to see what this very short feud accomplished.  It lacked direction, purpose and any entertainment value for the fans.  It seemed like the writers were just hoping that something would spark between the two and then they would have an angle to work with.  That never happened.  Rhodes tried to make things interesting when he threw a tantrum when Masters tried to hit him in the face, but that was not enough to save this rivalry.  

    So this look into the past should show us that in order to improve Cody Rhodes they need to actually place him against quality competition with a plan for what they are going to do next.  Even if you disagree with my entire plan, I hope you can at least see that Cody Rhodes shouldn't be used to just fill time on the show.

9. Improve the Segment

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    Cody Rhodes has a segment called "Grooming Tips with Dashing Cody Rhodes."  Here he gives viewers actual tips and demonstrations about how they could improve their hygiene.  He offers good advice but I don't think that the audience that watches wrestling really cares about what he is saying.  It seems like the writers are trying to draw heel heat for him by having the fans actually be mad at him because he is wasting there time.

    I still like the idea for this segment and lets be honest, they haven't milked this for all its worth yet so they will still use it.  So what if Cody Rhodes used this segment to make the audience laugh.  He could use his comedic abilities to create punch-lines and references that would help get him over with the crowd while still make him look like an utter tool.  

    Imagine Rhodes making fun of other haircuts by saying lines such as "I know why Tyler Reks has dreads, because he dreads looking at himself in the mirror every morning."  He could also say, "I wouldn't call Darren Young's hairstyle an afro; I would call it an af-No!"  These are the types of cheesy jokes that I personally find humor in and it also makes Rhodes look like a self-absorbed pretty boy who isn't as charming as he thinks he is.  

    The first step to reenergizing Cody is to show his strengths more and being comfortable behind the camera is something that just comes naturally to him.  

8. Give Him a Promo Where He Is On the Street

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    Along with "Grooming Tips" Cody Rhodes could use more mic time to show the fans how great of a heel personality he has.  I was thinking he could have a one time promo where he goes on the streets of whatever city they were wrestling in that night.  His purpose for doing this would be to try and understand the ugly and unappealing regular people more because they are so foreign to him and his dashing good looks.  

    The promo could be called "Dashing in the Street" and could have the potential to eventually be a regular segment for him.  He would ask people rude and inconsiderate questions and the responses would surely be great comedy.  He could ask people, "How do you ask girls on dates with your current condition of terrible hair effecting you so much?" or "What is your opinion on males wearing mascara or having a nose piercing?"  This would give him heel heat because he can't relate to the fans.  This angle would basically write itself, which is great because that ensures the writers couldn't mess this one up.

    This would allow for Cody Rhodes to offer something fresh to the WWE Universe and it would allow for other people to deliver the jokes as well which is always nice because it takes some of the pressure off of his shoulders.  I would love to see this segment on Smackdown, but maybe that is because I came up with the idea. 

7. Have Him Win His Feud With the Big Show

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    Cody Rhodes is currently feuding with the Big Show.  This would appear to be a great opportunity to boost the status of Rhodes because Big Show has competed at the highest level in the company before.  If Rhodes could win a well fought feud with Show it would go a long way to helping him get over with the fans.  Besides Show seems to not be advancing anymore and is being used as a funny big-man who is a fan favorite and therefore the writers don't give him any direction for his character.  

    However, last week Show dominated Rhodes so much that Cody left the ring pouting because Show was being such a monster.  I am fine with how this match was booked as long as Rhodes losing doesn't continue.  If Rhodes doesn't come around and show his ability in this match-up it would kill all the momentum he has been building up for no good reason.

    I love the Big Show just as much as the next guy but this feud wouldn't help him and it would make no sense for him to beat up and make Rhodes look inferior.  At this point in his career, Show should be helping the young superstars out by helping them make a name in the industry more than having his own career pushed into the championship scene.  

6. Have Him Actually Interact With Women

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    Cody Rhodes gimmick revolves around his good looks but on the show right now he isn't even around girls.  The announcers try and make us believe that so many girls want to be with Cody, but we always see him by himself.  His gimmick would be more realistic if he started talking to the Divas more.  He could also garner some heat when he would awkwardly try and use pick-up lines on girls.  "O hey Beth Phoenix, I would like to fly away with you" would be a perfect line for the fans to boo at.  

    For a couple of weeks, I think it would be good if Rhodes looked like a player amongst the Divas as he fakes interest in all of them.  I think he could do a really good job of making comedy out of his pursuit of different women.  There could be a really classic scene where one Diva walks in on Cody charming another Diva right after he was just charming her.  There are many options that could be taken with this general idea.  

    This new found flirting will set up Rhodes gimmick perfectly.  As the Dashing Cody Rhodes, it kind of seems awkward that he is single on the roster as this would change that.  The WWE should be wary now that Rhodes is on the prowl. 

5. Who Wants To Be Cody Rhodes' Girlfriend?

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    No Regis will not be making an appearance on Smackdown so don't worry.  Cody Rhodes decides that he should stop all his flirting and settle down with one girlfriend.  So he comes out with an announcement of which Diva is lucky enough to have him as their boyfriend.  So Rhodes calls out all the Smackdown divas to the ring so he can make his decision.  This action of assuming everybody would love to win this contest is the perfect mindset for a heel.  

    Once Rhodes takes a look at all the Divas he makes his decision.  He chooses Rosa Mendes which would completely shock the WWE world.  She is the most logical choice of the Roster to be Rhodes' girlfriend and this would give her a needed push as a heel.  Kelly Kelly is starting a fling with Drew, Kaitlyn is too inexperienced and Beth Phoenix and LayCool are off-limits because they are legitimate wrestlers and trying to make the Divas division more competitive; so it would have to be Rosa. This pairing is not done solely to make amends for Rhodes racist comments whether they were a joke or not but the fact that she is Hispanic could only help Rhodes out.  

    Rhodes says she is the most "Dashing" diva so she deserves to be with him.  He gives her a kiss on the cheek and leaves the ring apparently happy with his decision.  This segment would be all-around unexpected and good entertainment which is what the WWE is all about.   

4. Have Him Steal Rosa Mendes Away From Hornswoggle

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    There have been several segments that have shown that Rosa and Hornswoggle have a weird fling.  But Cody Rhodes appears to not even realize that Hornswoggle could even have a shot with her.  All three would meet up backstage and Rhodes would start flirting with Rosa right in front of Hornswoggle.  Hornswoggle would try to stand up for himself but Rhodes would shoot him down.  Rhodes tells Rosa to follow him and she does while saying, "He chose me and you see how attractive he is.  We can still be friends little buddy."  Rosa leaving Hornswoggle in the friends zone would be a perfect way of ending their relationship that doesn't seem to have a real purpose.

    This continues to add depth to Rhodes gimmick by now having him steal people's girlfriends and having him not treat Hornswoggle with any respect.  This sets up Rosa as a heel because she betrayed her friend and I think that could be good for her career as she has clearly been losted in the shuffle of good girls.  

    The worst thing to do at this stage is to have Rhodes now feud with Hornswoggle.  This would bot be beneficial to either superstar and would stop all of Rhodes flow at this point.  So this whole angle is not pursued because Rosa and Rhodes have bigger fish to fry.

3. Have Rhodes and Rosa Feud With Santino and Tamina

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    Santino has recently made a few appearances on Smackdown and it is about time he received some company coming to him on Raw.  Cody Rhodes would come onto Raw and call him out as the least dashing wrestler.  Rhodes would get very angry at how unorthodox of a wrestler he is and how he is a disgrace to true wrestling.

    They would feud for a couple of weeks on each brand which would continue the some-what merger of the blue and red superstars that has been happening lately.  Rosa and Tamina would also feud about how Rosa is now dashing by association and Tamina is the least dashing diva.  There would be singles matches for each of them but also tag team matches.  I think at all four could put on quality matches and there would actually be direction and a good plot that would benefit all involved.

    Santino is getting pushed hard by the WWE and the fans love him, so it would be beneficial for Cody to be partnered up with him.  Having Rhodes' face be on Monday's Nights would also help him get over because he would be seen by a different audience as well.  More people need to see his beautiful face.

2. Cody Rhodes Becomes Tag Team Partners With Alberto Del Rio

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    Alberto Del Rio is the biggest up-and-coming superstar according to a recent list that was posted on WWE.com and I couldn't agree more.  However, he has yet to win any gold and that is unacceptable for a man that is as rich as he is.  So Del Rio approaches Cody Rhodes about how everybody else on the roster would not be deserving to partner with him and Rhodes says that he thinks the same thing of Del Rio.

    These two vain heels would make a perfect tag team duo and both compliment each other wonderfully.  Del Rio would bring the big name that Rhodes needs and Rhodes would bring the previous championship experience to the team.  

    I am so pumped about the possibility that these two teaming up.  They could put on great matches and also have great mic skills to challenge their rivals in entertaining ways.  Their styles match each other well and they would draw more heat than an artist sketching Dwayne Wade's  jersey. 

1. Have Rhodes and Del Rio Win Tag Team Gold

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    Cody Rhodes has already got beef with Santino and now he is prepared to challenge him for his championship.  Rhodes and Del Rio would challenge Santino and Vladimir at the Elimination Chamber Pay Per View.  It would be a great match with all four wrestlers looking strong but in the end there would be new champions.  They would bring the belts over to Smackdown which would even the gold out more equally between the two brands.

    Having Del Rio and Rhodes as Tag Team Champions would bring much needed credibility to the division.  Rhodes has had success in this division already and he goes for one more duo run before he is ready to take on his solo career.  Now Rhodes would be ready to hold his own weight as a wrestler and once the duo loses their titles, they would disband.  It would be an easy transition because both men were only in it for the gold in the first place and would be very mad once they lost it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The New and Improved Cody Rhodes

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    So this has been my plan to make Cody Rhodes a major factor in the WWE.  I think this would be a very logical way to get him a championship belt and get him in matches with high quality superstars.  If the writing team took these steps, it would highlight his strengths for the WWE Universe to see and they would have another budding superstar to help the company continue to have success.

    I am interested to here what you all have to say to my ideas.  Do you think this is believable?  Would you enjoy this progression for Rhodes?  Do you absolutely despise everything about Cody?  Please let me know because all of your feedback is greatly appreciated.

    So it has been my pleasure to write this for you guys and as always remember that Kelly Campbell said, "It is what it is" and that is the message that I hope I convey through my writing.