Lmao: Some of the Funniest Segments and Owns in WWE History

RiZESenior Writer IJanuary 1, 2011

Lmao: Some of the Funniest Segments and Owns in WWE History

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    Over the past week, my articles have been emotional and anger-motivated. I believe we always must take time and enjoy some of the things the WWE presents us. While brushing up on some WWE history on YouTube, I came across an old segment by the Rock.

    Giving me the idea for this slideshow. The opportunity was just too good to pass up. Taking some of the attention off of Brock Lesnar and John Cena.

    Since the late 1990s, we've been blessed with the comedic genius of guys like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Santino Marella, The Rock, DX, and John Cena, and Latino Heat. Just to name a few. Some of these segments are meant to remind of us of the good times WWE brought us.

    I would like to apologize if this isn't up to my standards. This slideshow is for the enjoyment of my Creatures of the Night. Trying to keep this intro short and sweet, please read on and watch the videos.


The Rock and Sacramento

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    The Great One! The Rock Concert on March 24, 2003.

    It's hard to believe that he was a heel during this promo. Well The Rock was weeks away from his last encounter with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin could never get his hands on the Great One but karma finally caught up with him here.

    Insulting the Sacramento audience with knocks on their NBA Team and Citizens. Along with a host of jokes toward the Rattlesnake.

    Unlike their past encounters, Wrestlemania XIX was more of a comical ordeal. Though the match itself was a great, it didn't carry the same feeling as the last. 

    Just another great promo by The Rock!

The Rock and the Six Man Hell in a Cell Competitors

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    This promo speaks for itself. One of the Greatest promo's ever. The Rock was going against Kurt Angle,. Austin, Triple H, Rikishi, and The Undertaker in an Armageddon Hell in a Cell match. One week before the Armageddon PPV, The Rock decided to address his opponents.

    That he did.

    Roasting each one with a series of imitations.

    Watch the video!

Degeneration X and the McMahon Impersonation

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    Gotta love Triple H and HBK for this one. During the heated rivalry they still found time to give us one laugh. Dressed in Vince McMahon attire, Triple H made his way to the ring sporting a wig and donning McMahon's signature walk.

    Cutting a promo about how Vince loves...well, just watch the video to find out.

    Out came HBK dressed as Shane O'Mac. Cutting an absolutely hilarious promo and mocking Shane's signature walk and dance.

    Also introducing a video of McMahon dancing and singing from his past.

DX and The Nation Have It Out

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    I had a extremely hard time choosing between this one and the next slide. So I included both.

    Triple H and the Original DX decided to mock their rivals, The Nation of Domination. The Nation was absent from RAW during this segment so DX practically ran the show.

    The first slide featuring a segment from the Attitude Era.


They're Not Done Yet

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    Besides the Nation, The Corporation also had a heated rivalry with DX. Good ol HBK was at the wrong end of this one.

    This video is self explanatory so just watch.

John Cena Roasts Edge and Lita

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    CM Punk claimed Monday that John Cena isn't funny. This video can disprove that theory.

    This was weeks after Edge screwed Cena out of the WWE Title at Summerslam only for Cena to regain the title at Unforgiven. Cena asked if he wanted his rematch and Edge unsurprisingly refused.

    Edge attacked Candice Michelle when RAW was having technical problems, giving Lita a win over Michelle...only for Cena to make the save and cut this promo on Lita.

Triple H and Edge With a Little Cena

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    This may not be hilarious to you but I took a great liking to this video. Not to just what Triple H was saying but what Edge was responding with.

    Triple H tends to go off script and down the younger Superstars, and Edge was no exception.

    But Edge responded greatly.

    That's why it's so funny. 

Chris Jericho and Christian Get Owned By The Dudleyz

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    Well read the title. Anything featuring Y2J and Captain Charisma has to be funny.

    The World Tag Team Champions at the time were robbed of their clothing and luggage. Former Champions, The Dudleys would introduce the contents of Jericho's luggage to the crowd.

    Finding some not so flattering ointment in the process.

    The real embarrassment was yet to come.

Stone Cold Steve Austin, Flair, and The Undertaker

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    This was an amazing segment by all three men. It's refreshing to see The Undertaker speaking of something besides death, tombstones, and streaks.

    But the real gold came from Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Rattlesnake controlled the audience with this segment.

    It was extremely fun and revolutionized the trademark "What?"

Michael Cole and The Miz Get Rated R Roasting

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    This is the most recent segment from this list. And they say Edge is boring as a face? Yeah right.

    I'm positive everyone is getting sick of the Anonymous GM storyline and Michael Cole's constant bashing of guys not named Miz and Cena. Edge was the first to step up and speak his mind on the situation by destroying the laptop.

    Miz decided to stick his nose in the situation and got owned by Edge. It's so funny because everything Edge was saying was true. Now that's how you work a microphone.

    Watch it.

A Little Something From Y2J

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    While I'm positive Jericho has tons of hilarious moments in WWE, this one stood out.

    He read my mind and spoke the exact words I've wanted to say to Michael Cole every time he talks.

And an Awesome Ending

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    Something special from the guys who are truly Awesome. Edge and Christian.

    Not a part of this list; I just had to include it.