Year of Stables: Four Major Stables and How They Failed to Accomplish Anything

RiZESenior Writer IDecember 31, 2010

Year of Stables: Four Major Stables and How They Failed to Accomplish Anything

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    For Pro Wrestling, the year 2010 can be described in numerous ways. The Year of the Mid Carder. The resurrection of World Championship Wrestling. More suitable would be the Year of Absences. Despite this, 2010 can only be synonymous with one thing. 2010 is the Year of Stables.

    North America's Biggest Wrestling promotions introduced a number of stables this year. From The Nexus to Fourtune, stables were the centerpiece or played a major role in Pro wrestling. Despite their attempts none of these stables achieved ANYTHING.

    Don't get me wrong, some were entertaining for a short time. But the question is did they achieve their purpose? Absolutely not.

    Because of this I've composed the following slides. Highlighting every major stable from 2010. From their history to current status, and what they accomplished. A complete breakdown of all of this years stables and something special for you all at the ending.

    Thanks for the idea, A.M.

    Read on.


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    Let's start with the most disappointing, shall we? The second coming of the ECW Originals began at TNA HardCore Justice, basically TNA's version of ECW One Night Stand. Tommy Dreamer claimed he never got "closure" from ECW ending.

    Because Vince brought it back as a brand, he never got closure. But Dreamer was there the whole time. Instead of letting ECW die, they decided to beat the dead horse again.... After the ppv, Dreamer and his disciples were given on final goodbye.

    Before they finished, an attack orchestrated by another stable featured on this list would keep them around. TNA President Dixie Carter gave them exclusive contracts guaranteeing them revenge in the near future. Though things didn't go exactly as planned.

    The opposing stable utterly destroyed EV2 at every turn, from Impact to PPV events. One PPV featured EV2 losing all of their three matches against the stable. That's when things started falling apart. TNA began releasing members of the group.

    From Little Guido and Tony Luke to Sandman, who no-showed some events.

    Even though it didn't seem to matter. At this point, the angle had become simply boring.

    In a attempt to breathe life into this dying storyline, TNA Creative decided to resurrect their signature match. The Lethal Lockdown Steel Cage match, after Dreamer pleaded with the opposing stable for a truce only to receive a brutal beat down by it's most prominent member.

    At the Bound For Glory PPV it was obvious who had the advantage. A cage full of weapons plus men who live, breath, and eat for matches of this nature. Anyone could've predicted EV2 would win this match, and they indeed did.

    After this, TNA decided to take a more complex approach to killing off members of EV2. Developing "you're fired if you lose" matches on Impact.

    Before this Eric Bischoff decided to plant a seed in Rob Van Dam's head. Stating one member of EV2 was attempting to join Bischoff's new stable and that RVD should watch his back.

    Van Dam developed an advanced form of paranoia and was challenged by Tommy Dreamer to a match at Turning Point. As I predicted, Van Dam defeated Dreamer and made peace with him after the match.

    But EV2 still had a "lose and you're fired" match later in the evening. EV2 lost and the opposing stable fired Sabu.

    Okay, so now they're just wasting air time.

    Rhino left EV2 and joined the opposing stable because of contract issues and having to feed his family. Typical excuse.

    Costing RVD matches and assaulting Dreamer on multiple occasions. Then came another you lose and you're fired match. Raven vs. TNA Champ Jeff Hardy. Okay so Hardy's the champ and he's only lost one match since joining TNA.

    Okay can you be any more obvious with the result? Hardy easily defeated Raven and the disciple of darkness was handed his walking papers. Van Dam dominated Rhino in their feud and he too was handed his walking papers.

    Okay so who's left? Dreamer, RVD, Mick Foley, Brian Kendrick, and Stevie Richards??? A far cry from the original line up.

    So let's see what they accomplished. Establishing themselves as long time jobbers. Stealing a WWE gimmick and pay per view. Falling apart faster than the original ECW Originals. Wasting air time and money. Forming perhaps the worst stable in pro wrestling history.

    Simply nothing. EV2 lost my attention after they first attacked the TNA Locker room that fateful day.

Straight Edge Society

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    The SES is one of the most disappointing stables in pro wrestling history. After Jeff Hardy made CM Punk a Superstar with their feud, The Deadman set his sights on the Straight Edge Messiah. Punk was holding the holy grail and Taker wanted it.

    After a handful of matches, Undertaker rose out of the rummage as World Champion. Punk exhausted his rematch clause and was officially out of the World Title picture.

    That's when he introduced a newly shaven Festus. Now going as Luke Gallows, Festus explained that drugs was the reason for Festus' odd behavior.

    Claiming Punk showed him the way and helped him get clean. That's when the angle took an awkward turn. Punk began picking (planted) fans out of the audience and shaving their heads as they pledged their allegiance to Straight Edge.

    That's when Punk chose Serena Deeb from the crowd. Serena, sporting a clean-shaved head became a staple to the SES, accompanying Punk for his matches and interfering in most.

    Punk was chosen as the mentor to Darren Young. The South Beach Party Boy chose to live the life Punk despised the most.

    Despite this, Young almost joined the SES but refused to be shaved by Punk.

    Okay so shaving a few heads and getting a few members. Big deal. I didn't like the idea of Punk leading a stable because I knew it would hold him back. Around this time Punk's ring ethic began to deteriorate too. Though many can deny it, Punk just wasn't the same.

    I should know, I watched ALL of his matches since he debuted in WWE.

    That's when Punk stumbled upon a guy named Rey Mysterio. This feud began at the Elimination Chamber PPV. Punk was upset because Rey eliminated him in the course of the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match.

    Costing each other MITB qualifying matches was when things got intense. Rey was in the ring celebrating his daughter's birthday when Punk came out and sung happy birthday to Rey's daughter. Won the guy the Despicable Me Award.

    Punk challenged Rey to a match at WM which if Rey would've lost he would join the SES. Well, Rey destroyed Punk at the event.  Okay, so I'm officially uninterested at this point.

    Just end the angle before things get worse, I thought. But I guess WWE wanted to push it past it's expiration date.

    Punk challenged Rey to another match at Extreme Rules. Thanks to interference by Joey Mercury, Mysterio fell to the Straight Edge Messiah. The match featured a stipulation that if Punk lost he would be shaved bald.

    Another match between the two took place at Over the Limit. This time both stipulations were in effect. Mysterio embarrassed Punk again. Then shaving him bald in front of a live ppv audience. Utterly disappointing and it wouldn't get any better from there.

    Punk then donned a ridiculous mask but reentered himself in the World Title picture. Seconds from regaining the World Title, Punk was chased off by Kane. Being accused for the attack on Undertaker. Mysterio ended up winning the World Title title in a fatal four that featured Big Show, Punk, and then World Champion Jack Swagger.

    As the weeks passed, Punk was injured in a match with Kane. Kane ended his pursuit after Serena showed Kane a video of Punk confronting her in a bar at the same time Taker was attacked. Breaking the code of the SES, much to the anger of Luke Gallows.

    That's when Punk met the Big Show. Gloating about his past MITB wins, Punk was interrupted by The Big Show. Punk insulted the big man and instructed the SES to attack him. Big Show fought off the attack and unmasked CM Punk.

    On top of a custom made ladder. For the world to see.

    Does it get anymore embarrassing than that? Big Show unmasked Joey Mercury and defeated him and Luke Gallows on multiple occasions. Much to the frustration of CM Punk.

    SES finally got their revenge on Big Show. On an episode of Smackdown, all four members attacked Big Show and crushed his hand under the steel steps. In the process Punk revealed his injury had indeed healed.

    Big Show embarrassed and defeated every member of the SES at Summerslam. By this time the angle was stale and it was obvious that Big Show would come out on top. After more losses to Big Show and Serena's release from the WWE, The SES officially disbanded.

    Punk defeated Gallows in a match on Smackdown! and he was released earlier this year.

    So let's look at the positives. Wait... there were none.

    What did the SES accomplish? Besides shaving a few heads, pissing off Mysterio and Show, and establishing themselves as irrelevant, nothing. The angle was doomed from the start. Now Punk's ruling another stable...easy to predict the outcome of this one.


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    Mainly about Fourtune but since they're a part of Immortal I figured I should include them as well. The reincarnation of the Four Horseman certainly turned out disappointing.

    After Flair adopted Styles at his protege and christened him the Next Nature Boy, Styles turned heel and used nefarious tactics to retain his World Championship.

    Desmond Wolfe and Beer Money had a close affiliation with Flair after joining Team Flair for Lethal Lockdown. After they lost to Team Hogan, AJ lost his World Title to Rob Van Dam. Suffering a series of shortcomings, Flair became frustrated with AJ and adopted Kazarian as his new protege.

    Flair announced he would form a new stable. Originally consisting of Desmond Wolfe, Styles, Kaz, and Beer Money. Though all would have to earn their spots in the group. With help from Desmond Wolfe, AJ and Kazarian defeated Samoa Joe and Rob Terry for their spots in the group.

    Wolfe developed a horrible losing streak and was exiled from even talks of joining Fortune. Mr. Styles defeated Rob Terry for the Global Championship after it's transformation to the Television title, Flair added Fortunes last two members Beer Money. Flair also added Doug Williams and Matt Morgan to his stable.

    That's when they began their feud with EV2. Since I already informed of the feud I'm going to skip over that.

    After Immortal officially formed, Fortune teased a feud with them. Only to join Immortal much to the dismay of the live audience. So I'm asking myself why is this even a stable? Half of the roster is apart of either Fortune or Immortal. 

    Half of the utilized roster anyway.

    Why not have Fortune vs NW..... I mean Immortal. It would be like WCW and the Horseman vs. NWO from a decade ago. Hogan and Bischoff are trying to recreate WCW anyway. Might as well made it slightly interesting. But no.

    Fortune began to break down after Mr. Anderson's concussion. Flair and Bischoff attempted to force Anderson into a match with Jeff Jarrett only for Matt Morgan to take his place and turn on Fortune. The Blueprint became an immediate force and quickly became top challenger to Jeff Hardy's title.

    Problems with Doug Williams also arose. Probably the best wrestler in TNA, Doug didn't partake in Fortune extracurricular activities.

    Doug developed friction with Kaz and Flair placed them in a match where Kaz won because of James Storm. Settling their differences, Williams continued working with Fortune.

    That is until Beer Money deserted him in a handicap match against Matt Morgan. Williams attacked Fortune the next week cementing his face turn. Also defeating Styles for his TV title at Final Resolution.

    Onto Immortal. Besides twice, Immortal hasn't spent the better part of five minutes with eachother. Besides calling themselves Immortal, the stable doesn't seem to exist. Now that Hogan is out indefinitely, I don't think there's much of an Immortal.

    Their feuds with Joe, Morgan, and Pope were one-sided. A one-sided feud isn't entertaining at all. They're basically a pack of wrestlers management won't let lose a match. I can't remember the last time a member of Immortal lost a match.

    Ok now that we're done with the history lesson, what did Fortune actually do? Besides proving that Hogan and Bischoff are trying to relive their WCW days? Prove they can beat or get beaten by wrestlers past their prime. Hold back the face of TNA?

    Prove that Flair will never retire. I'm not against Flair and believe every wrestler should retire when they want. Not when we say.

    Besides that, nothing to much in the entertainment department. Most of these guys should be on their own in singles competition. This is why the main event scene is almost dead in TNA.

The Nexus

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    When it comes to beating that dead horse no angle comes closer than Nexus. They've been feuding with John Cena for the better part of 2010 and honestly it's stale.

    Seems like WWE is attempting to run this stable way past it's course. Too late. Now that they're under new management it's suppose to breath life into this angle?

    They replaced the one thing that made them the slightest bit entertaining. Wade Barrett.

    The Nexus made its debut in summer 2010. Consisting of the Rookies of NXT Season One, Nexus made it's debut attacking WWE Champion John Cena and CM Punk. Like a pack of wolves destroying it's prey, Nexus decimated any and every thing around the ring.

    Strange enough is that Michael Cole got away.

    Nexus demanded contracts but were shot down by GM Bret Hart. Hart later fired Wade Barrett and had Nexus removed from the building. Nexus returned later that night, assaulting Hart after throwing him in a limo crashing it into other vehicles.

    Nexus also made an appearance at the Fatal 4 PPV. Costing John Cena the WWE Championship and attacking Edge. The next night on RAW, Vince McMahon fired Bret Hart and appointed a GM who chose to remain anonymous. The GM granted Nexus contracts and reinstated Barret's title match.

    After a obviously fake apology to Cena and the Superstars they attacked, Nexus attacked Cena again during his match with Sheamus. McMahon attempted to take credit for the attacks only to receive one himself.

    This was a sign of things to come. I realized that the angle would not go beyond John Cena and he would be the one to eliminate them. However, I never expected the length of the angle. Nexus continued to cost John Cena WWE title matches.


    After the multiple beat downs, Cena listed the help of John Morrison, R-Truth, Edge, Y2J, and Great Khali, and Bret Hart. For a seven on seven elimination match at Summerslam. Unsurprisingly, Nexus fell to the WWE Pros. This is where the angle SHOULD have died.

    The next night on RAW, Darren Young was excommunicated from Nexus following a loss to John Cena. Later in the week, Skip Sheffield suffered a leg injury that would put him out indefinitely. Okay, Nexus is down to five and still feuding with John Cena.

    How is this possibly entertaining?

    Barrett than inserted himself in the WWE Title picture. Using his Championship opportunity to face Sheamus one on one, The GM informed him that his opportunity would come in a six man match. Featuring John Cena, Edge, Y2J, Randy Orton, Sheamus, and Wade Barrett.

    Barrett was pinned by Randy Orton after being distracted by an already eliminated John Cena.

    I would've begged the WWE to end the angle at this point. It was obvious that there feud with John Cena was far from over.

    Barrett and Cena faced of one on one at Hell in a Cell. If Barrett loses Nexus is over. If Cena losses he joins Nexus. My prayers had been answered! Cena was going to beat Barrett and finally end Nexus for good.


    Perhaps the most meaningless win ever, Barrett defeated Cena after interference by Michael McGillicutty and Husky Harris. Cena officially joined Nexus the next night and took out Michael Tarver. But there was a catch. If Cena didn't obey Barrett's order, Barrett had the right to fire Cena.

    Isn't this all familiar? While it might have been a different the results were the same. HBK was being payed by JBL to do his bidding and Michaels was Layfield's employee. If I'm recalling right, Michaels helped JBL become No. 1 contender though, wasting the opportunity for himself.

    At the event, HBK superkicked Cena (champ) and JBL but Cena ultimately won. HBK fought JBL in a match for his freedom and won. Small twist here and there but almost the same.

    Cena remained rebellious and helped Barrett win a number one contenders battle royal. Last eliminating himself so Barrett could win. Barrett gave Cena an ultimatum. If he didn't win his match at Bragging Rights, Cena was fired.

    Well the loopholes obvious right? Cena laid Barrett out with an AA to get a DQ for Barrett. Much to the dismay of WWE Champion Randy Orton who RKO'd Cena. Barrett was granted a rematch by the GM and this time made Cena the special guest ref for the match.

    This time if Barrett did not win the WWE Title Cena was fired.

    After weeks of getting hassled by Orton, Legends, and others Cena claimed he would call it down the middle. At Survivor Series, Cena called the match down the middle despite hassling by Wade Barrett. Cena shoved Orton into an RKO and counted the three.

    In the process firing himself.

    He wasn't going anywhere. Obvious.

    Barrett received another match on RAW. Seconds from winning the title, Cena attacked Barrett and gave him an AA. Orton would retain the title again after an RKO but lost the title moments later.

    Nexus was attacked by Cena each week with the only to avoid the attacks being Barrett. The attacks finally got to Nexus and gave Barrett an ultimatum. Rehire Cena or he's removed from the group. Barrett rehired Cena the next week and informed Cena of their chairs match at TLC.

    Cena easily defeated Barrett in the main event.

    Okay... So finally Nexus is dead. They were absent from RAW the next night. Cena was obviously going to feud with CM Punk so I figured Nexus was disbanding. But no.

    Nexus returned the next week and pleaded with Cena for a truce. Cena refused and was one again attacked by Nexus. RIDICULOUS.

    Out comes CM Punk who delivers a botched GTS to John Cena. Punk then slipped on a Nexus armband and acknowledged Nexus. SOOO obvious.

    Okay now that we're up to speed what has Nexus accomplished.

    Surely not the "Higher Purpose" they kept claiming after their debut. They beat down John Cena a half dozen times. Not really an accomplishment 7 on 1.

    Let's see here, they destroyed nine WWE Legends including the Boss. They made RAW absolutely boring. Exiled the one thing that made them entertaining.

    They won't disband, for God sakes. Besides holding the tag team titles and making RAW interesting ONE night they've done absolutely nothing. Now that they have CM Punk leading them the angle is suppose to somehow gain my interest.

    I've been awaiting that for six months.

    But when horrible stables arrive in a company it does bring about one positive on.

Appreciation For Stables of The Past

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    The Greatest stables of 2000s decade
    The Greatest stables of 2000s decade

    These horrible stables remind us of how truly great the stables of the past were. When the Outsider's debuted in WCW you could just feel the tension. Unlike stables of today, they gave you that feeling that things were about to get interesting. They actually made fans feel as if the WCW was really being invaded. There was no lame storylines about a high power or problems with management. 

    It actually caused conflict with the WWE to a point where they would half to actually state that they didn't work for the WWE. One thing lead to another which ended in the biggest heel turn of all time. That's what the NWO was about. Telling a story not with pointless attacks and predictable matches.

    Though it overan it's course, NWO was always interesting to me. If not always they were interesting at one point in time.

    The same with Degeneration X. We loved to see their jokes and on screen parodies and bloopers. It was entertaining television. We never witnessed unnecessary attacks on others and pointless preaching. It was for the sake of entertain. The guys made it seemed as if they were actually rebels. 

    Even Evolution can be defined as entertaining. Unlike Fortune, Evolution was entertaining. From the partying and women to the rise of Randy Orton and Batista.

    Evolution may have only been about Triple H, but it set the stage for Randy Orton and Batista. Each member had a chance to showcase themselves.

    Besides that, the rivalries the members took part in were amazing themselves. Mick Foley, Shawn Michaels, and Chris Benoit partook in some of the most memorable matches against Evolution. Great matches, Great rivalries, what more can fans ask for?

    Don't get me started on the Ministry and Corporation. Undertaker has the best gimmick ever and he spread it like a wildfire through the WWE. While the crosses, caskets, burials, and soul taking may've been creepy it was still entertaining. Fans couldn't resist watching the next week.

    Face, heel, these groups were capable of it all. Giving us tons of memories along the way.

    My appreciation goes out to them for keeping my interest in whatever they were doing. Sadly, all of these groups from 2010 have failed to give me the same feeling.