The Vlades: The 11 Best-Worst Floppers in the NBA Today

Kelly Scaletta@@KellyScalettaFeatured ColumnistDecember 28, 2010

The Vlades: The 11 Best-Worst Floppers in the NBA Today

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    LOS ANGELES - MAY 26: Kobe Bryant #8 of the Los Angeles Lakers loses the ball under pressure from Vlade Divac #21 of the Sacramento Kings in Game four of the Western Conference Finals during the 2002 NBA Playoffs at Staples Center in Los Angeles, Californ
    Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

    Among the all-time greats of this game, Vlade Divac's name only gets brought up in one conversation: Who are the best (or worst) floppers ever?

    Few have mastered the flop with the inelegance and inartistic form demonstrated by Vlade. He could get knocked over by a breath, or if the AC kicked on if he thought it would draw a call. 

    The flop itself is hotly debated, is it good or bad? In some people's opinion, if it helps your team win, then go for it. In others it's unmanly and a sign and a cover up for bad defense.

    Whatever your feelings are, there's no question it's a part of the game today. The following are the top 10 worst floppers in the NBA today.

11: Dirk Nowitzki

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    If Nowitzki puts this much commitment into a preseason flop, imagine what he does in the regular season. The distance on that flop was truly extraordinary. 

10: Baron Davis

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    You know he's from Hollywood. That says it all. Baron Davis didn't even need the pretense of contact to cause this nasty spill. It's the one part of his game that isn't suffering now days. I can't help but wonder if Clippers owner Donald Sterling heckles when he flops. 

9: Raja Bell

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    Even Vlade never inspired an actual song about his flopping! Bell needs to hit the wight room! Maybe this is the reason the Lakers are such a "flop" so far this year. 

8: Andre Kirilenko

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    One of two things is true: Either Dirk is a heck of a lot stronger than anyone thinks he is or Andre Kirilenko needs a "Vlade."

    Here you go Andre, take it carefully. I wouldn't want to knock you down handing it to you. 

7: Paul Pierce

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    If you're going to sell a flop, the key is you have to really sell it. With Pierce, it's not just about the frequency, it's about the style. Few have ever delivered such a dramatic flair to their flop in the history of the game than Paul Pierce. 

6: Pau Gasol

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    The thing about Pau's flops that you have to appreciate is his commitment. He stays on the ground, in mortal peril, pending the call. It's as though by maintaining his recumbent position he reinforces that he was unfairly sent sprawling to the floor. 

5: Chris Paul

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    Chris Paul is an excellent defender, but he's also an excellent flopper. He really knows how make his whole body roll with the flop. No soft-selling here!

4: Ron Artest

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    Ron Artest is another great defensive player. He's also another great flopper. He even shared his flop with the fans. 

3: Anderson Varejao

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    I don't know what it is about all the South American and European floppers. Maybe they get it from soccer? Anderson Varejao is among the floppiest though.

2: Derek Fisher

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    I know it seems that I'm picking on the Lakers, but I'm not giving the reputations, I'm just reporting them. To be fair, Pau and Artest earned their reputations before they were Lakers. Fisher though has earned his reputation as a Laker. It's a well-earned reputation. 

1: Manu Ginobli

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    If there is anyone who can take the flop crown from Vlade, it's got to be Manu. I mean, his name has become synonymous with flop! What else needs to be said?