TLC: A Look at Tonight's Big Winners and Sad Losers

RiZESenior Writer IDecember 20, 2010

Surprised? I certainly am. WWE's 2nd annual TLC Event did disappoint at times but was a step up from the slew of horrible ppv's beginning with Hell in a Cell. While anyone with half a brain could've predicted the winners, tonight defined a lot of careers.

From successful title defenses to finally becoming a contender, tonight was great for the Youth Movement. With all that being said, let's take a look at tonight's winners and really sore losers.

Intercontinental Championship

Going into this match, I saw a strong showing by Swagger/Kingston but Ziggler retaining. I was once again correct. If you haven't noticed, the WWE starts their ppv's with Ziggler or Daniel Bryan.

All of their matches are worth watching so I wasn't exactly upset about Bryan getting the cold shoulder. After a good match by all three, Ziggler stole the title. Kingston looks to have renewed his push once again. Swagger as IC Champion doesn't really sit well with me.

Honestly, I don't know why. I enjoyed it up until the ending. I mean, Ziggler scoops the title up after Kingston and Swagger snatch it down. Not a logical ending at all. But I guess it was a great way of keeping Kingston and Swagger in the title picture.

2.5* from me.

Divas Tag Team Match

While I still think the Diva's Division is dead, this was actually a surprising match. Throughout I was worried about Beth's condition. The Glamazon took a nasty bump when threw out the ring. Really not a good way to look in your return match. Well LayCool stayed on the offensive throughout. At some points it seemed like they would edge them out. But the will power of Nattie Neidhart wouldn't allow it.

After an obviously botched table break, Nattie held it together and finished with a top rope splash. Great way to save things by the Champ. I enjoyed this match and hope to see more like it in the future.

4* the botch was hard to ignore.

King Sheamus vs John Morrison

Match of the night, anyone? Another easy prediction but Sheamus had me worried at times. Early on, Sheamus was the obvious aggressor. Even asking Morrison "is that all you got" during the early stages.

The ladder seemed to harm Morrison more than benefit. Though he landed some great offense, Sheamus was extremely resilient tonight. Seemed like every time Morrison climbed the ladder, Sheamus was there to knock him off.

Probably the most memorable spot besides the finish, Morrison used the latter to land some sort of corkscrew dive onto the King. Great offense but Morrison's eagerness to win the match would cost him. In an attempt to grab the contract, Sheamus once again thwarted Morrison only this time targeting the knee.

Morrison's knee would play a major factor in the match. Morrison continued to fight back valiantly finally reaching success. Morrison shoved Sheamus off a ladder, snapping another in two. As Morrison made the long climb up, Sheamus once again attempted to crush Morrison's hopes. After a devastating kick in the face, Morrison grabbed the contract. 

Even Miz's lacky, Michael Cole praised Morrison for his efforts. Claiming many doubters called Morrison was just a "fly by night" star but he finally made it. Sounds familiar.

They stole the show for god sakes. 5*

The Miz vs. Randy Orton

Easily the most predictable match of the night. Orton's pop almost burst my ear drums while Miz got a small amount of heat. No personal opinion there, just facts peeps. The Miz surprisingly dominated the majority of this match.

Interference by Alex Riley was obvious going into the match. Orton had the match won on a few occasions but never could capitalize. Climax comes when ref is knocked out.

After another attempt at interference, Alex Riley ate an RKO. Instead of focusing on Miz, Orton powerbombed Riley through a table. For his actions, he ate a Skull Crushing Finale. The clever WWE Champion then pulled Orton over the broken table and awoke the ref.

The Miz retains...wait a minute. The ref saw the replay and restarts the match. Right now I'm thinking Orton's actually going to do it. Orton quickly pounces Miz. Brutalizing him on the entrance ramp before foolishly throwing him in the ring. The Miz shoves a steering A RY into Orton who happens to be over a table.

A crash later, Miz retains the title.... again.

Well, I really didn't like the endings. I wouldn't have mind if Miz simply hit a SKF through the table while the ref was distracted. Problem is, they restarted the match for the same result. Russo anyone? It was an ok match before the ending.


Edge vs Kane vs Del Rio vs Rey Mysterio

Honestly, who didn't see this coming? Yeah I'll admit, the WWE threw me a curve ball when they added Mysterio and Del Rio. Ultimately, I stuck by my Edge prediction. Another match of the night candidate. A lot of brutal spots by all four competitors. The foes started out against each other at first. Kane's new found elevated dementia made him a target by the others. Del Rio's cocky attitude made him another target.

Kane was effective but limited through out the match. Probably why Del Rio and Rey were added. Speaking of the two, they seemed to thwart each other at every turn. The battle even spilled to the entrance ramp. Kane once again got the worst of the exchange. At times, Del Rio and Mysterio were finger tips away from claiming the World Title.

Even Del Rio's announcer got involved. Only to be destroyed by the Big Red Machine. Memorable spot came when Mysterio shoved Del Rio off the ladder through two tables. Mysterio then got a tombstone piledriver for his efforts. Leaving Edge and Kane to duke it out.

Edge got the better of Kane and after a spear through a table, Edge was all alone. Mr. TLC ascended atop the ladder and claimed his 10th World Title.

5* Not a question.

John Cena vs Wade Barrett

Main event? That's a surprise. Well it is a John Cena match. Finally it looked as if we wouldn't have to worry about Nexus interference. Cena took all of them out while Otunga was at home licking his wounds from RAW. Wade Barrett was all alone but he also held his own. Things started off kinda slow with both immediately intent on using the chair stipulation.

Barrett mounts some great offense and get's the better of Cena at first. The battle ensues to the entrance ramp. After a series of chairshots, Cena seems to be out of it. By the way, Cena is selling all the shots to perfection. Cena rallies back and incorporates an office chair to brutalize Barrett. Rolling Barrett down the entrance ramp into a set of steel steps.

Proves ineffective as Barrett retakes control of the match. At the same time, CM Punk is criticizing the every move of John Cena. Defending a guy that beat the crap out you and Cena? Yeah that's noble. Though Barrett used the chair multiple times, Cena's resiliency proves too much and Cena is back in the drivers seat.

Cena uses the chair to his advantage before setting up six in the ring. Much to the dismay of Punk, Cena drops Barrett on the chairs with an AA. Cena wins a finally get's his revenge. But he's not done yet. Cena continues beating Barrett with a chair before laying a prop table over him. Finishing it off by pulling a string that caused a series of chairs to fall on the table that covered Barrett's body.

Cena's back 4*.


Dolph Ziggler: Ziggler continues his title reign and knocked off two of Smackdown's brightest stars. While I may not like the finish, Ziggler is a heel. The main event scene may be in the near future for Ziggler. Kingston and Swagger won't be going away yet.

Natalya and Beth Phoenix: Great match by these two. Worried about the Glamazon after the major bumps she took. She gutted it out and helped her team gain the win. Nattie is really growing on me, she is still displaying her worth as champ. Unfortunately, LayCool will continue their boring and childish antics. Probably watching TNA for hint's now.

Santino and Vladimir: I skipped the whole match because it wasn't worth mentioning. It was just used to showcase the main event and to gain Nexus some heat.

John Morrison; Like Joey Styles said Morrison is a freak of nature. Some of the stuff he pulled off was amazing. Great bout between him and Sheamus and I expect Morrison to finally be on the main event level. Match wise he already is. Sheamus has nothing to be ashamed up. Could've went either way tonight. Sheamus is still one of the top stars in the WWE and will become Champion numerous times in the future. Next step, Triple H.

The Miz: Well Miz did a great job in his match tonight. They had a hard act to follow and still pulled off a pretty good match tonight. Because of his heel persona, I expected the interference but didn't think the ending was logical. Made Miz look week IMO. Well I'm looking towards the future and Miz has a familiar face on his back now. Randy Orton is still suffering from neck injuries so I don't expect to see him continuing the chase for Miz.

However, I do expect Orton to be in the RR.

Edge: Finally Edge has regained the World Title. It was Edge's first clean win and the paper champion label will start to fade. Let's hope the transitional Champion label fades too. Edge is a face now so I see him headlining mania with the belt. Against who is the question? In the darkness I will take you to the other side....

Kane obviously has a rematch clause. His reign became boring and there wasn't many challengers left for his title. Great showing tonight. Del Rio and Mysterio did a superb job tonight. Because Rey's injury, I expect an angle where someone takes him out. Maybe Del Rio will challenge Edge next?

Cena: John finally got his revenge tonight. Pretty good match that showcased that the WWE isn't all PG. Hopefully the Nexus falls apart and the feud ended tonight. Cena has the RR to worry about now. Maybe Punk was talking about him on RAW? Tonight would make you think so. Barrett still has a bright future ahead of em.

I expect him to feud with fellow Nexus members. Gabriel should be playing face in a short time.


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