NBA Trade Rumors: 15 'Untouchable' Players Who Could Still Get Moved

Erik LandauCorrespondent IDecember 9, 2010

NBA Trade Rumors: 15 'Untouchable' Players Who Could Still Get Moved

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    Every year, there are continuous rumors about this guy or that guy making their way out of their current uniform. Many times it is only a rumor, but come trade deadline many of those rumors become realities. Still, there are also those trades that happen early on in the year that are more rare, but still happen. A disgruntled veteran, a young player under producing, a team looking to get some cap space are all reasons a trade can occur.

    Just look at the recent trade between the Raptors and Hornets involving Peja Stojakovic, Jerryd Bayless, Marcus Banks, Jarrett Jack and David Anderson. Each team had a determined path they were taking for the trade and they accomplished what they set out to do.

    Now, neither of those teams were acquiring 'Untouchables' as many on this list would be. A few might be up for discussion as to what their position should ultimately be. These guys might be dealt based solely on improving the team based on their trade and nothing else.

    While others will be playing the game of becoming a more veteran or youthful team. It just depends on the given team. Here are the fifteen I find to be in the best position to be traded even by those who believe they should not be moved.

15. Baron Davis

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    He's been in and out of the lineup for the Clippers physically over the last two seasons. That could also be said for him mentally as well. After looking like a top ten player in the league while playing for the Warriors, Davis came to the Clippers and found his way into great Clippers lore.

    What do I mean? He stunk the building up.

    I think the Davis at UCLA would have been a better player right now than the current Davis is. I attribute that to his lack of desire. I want to see Baron play hard no matter what the circumstance and that just does not happen too often. In the past, Baron Davis was one of my favorite players, now he just leaves me disappointed.

    The management for the Clippers might see this as well and understand that he and his large contract needs to exit the premises. Which teams are willing to take on that contract is a mystery, but he is still not that old and has some tread left on those tires.

14. Yao Ming

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    Ming, the former Shanghai Shark is still a pretty good player today. That is, when he can actually get in the game. The lock on his minutes has not only got to be frustrating to Ming, but to the organization as a whole. They won't allow themselves the enjoyment of Yao out of fear.

    Will this fear of injury cause them to unload the big man?

    There are plenty of teams that could use a big man as there truly are not enough of them. Thus making players such as Shaq still valuable today. I think Houston will probably not deal him considering the amount of time and effort they have put into him over the years. One has to believe though, that if they were given a sweet enough deal, the Rockets just might bite at the offer for Ming's services.

13. Andre Iguodala

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    Iggy keeps swirling around trade talks as if his name if "trade me." The amount of proposed trades that have surface including his name if mind boggling. Yet, he is still with the 76ers and continues with the theme of an A.I. in Philly. This guy is one freakish athlete and is an alright ball player as well.

    There should be plenty of teams that want to put him on their squad. The only question is whether or not those teams plan on making him the featured player like he was in Philadelphia, or as the sidekick. I personally think he is the Scottie Pippen of a team and that would make his value the highest. He could give a team like the Spurs a little more athletic ability, but I don't see him making his way there. I still think he'll be traded, but it's any ones guess where.

12. Gilbert Arenas

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    Agent Zero or Agent Nine or whatever name you want to call him is Gilbert Arenas. That name should also be former Warrior and Former Wizard by the years end. Arenas is still a thorn in the side of the Wizards and is still connected to the dark season of 2009-2010. They got rid of Caron Butler, Antawn Jamison, Brendan Haywood and Javaris Crittenton.

    When will Gilbert be leaving the capital? Sooner than later would have to be the guess.

    Arenas is not actually playing bad, considering that he was out for the majority of last season. He is playing consistent ball and showing slight signs of helping John Wall. But let's not get this confused; this is Wall's team and this is about the future, not the past. I couldn't tell you exactly what's eating at Gilbert; but it sure as hell is not grapes.

11. Joakim Noah

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    This should not be relevant. We should be talking about how Noah has been among the leaders in rebounds this year and has been playing inspired ball. How he signed a contract extension this off season to quiet those who thought he might be traded for Carmelo Anthony. That he was a prized big man with much value. All of these statements are true.

    Noah has turned himself into a great ball player and improved by putting on some muscle and learning the NBA game. There is still some chance that he could be traded at the deadline or earlier again if Carmelo Anthony just happens to find his way back into the trade talks. If the Bulls don't play great ball, what's to say Tom Thibodeau doesn't pull the plug on this team and make a new start with Derrick Rose, Carlos Boozer and Carmelo Anthony.

    It sounds like a pretty strong trio. As much as many like Noah, it could be hard to pass up on the opportunity to get Carmelo as he enters his prime even with the steady improvement Joakim has been making.

10. Ben Gordon

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    Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva signed huge off season contracts the year before last to come and play in Detroit. So far, the experiment with those two has been a complete and utter failure. At no fault of their own, Joe Dumars made the monumental mistake of trading away Chauncey Billups so that he could put a team together with a bunch of underachievers at the same positions that can't play a lick of ball together.

    His chance at trading Gordon would not only allow them to have a more balanced roster to use, but would give them some free space to pursue a player or make transactions that could help assemble a strong team. The Pistons were the team of the East the past decade despite only winning one title. With that in mind, if they can get rid of the UCONN product, I wouldn't be surprised if he went for very little not based on his play, but his contract.

9. Andrew Bogut

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    Why? Why would the Bucks want to get rid of their star player Andrew Bogut? Why would they want to part with the Australian centerpiece that gave them the five seed in the East last year and played All-Star level ball? It would have to circulate around his shoulder and the injuries involved.

    Bogut might recover fine and have the world on a string. That might be very reasonable, but anytime a big man starts having injuries (Here's looking at you Greg Oden), worries have to enter the mind. Is Bogut going to be able to hold up for the 82 games and the Playoffs? Can he be the star we need him to be?

    As stated before, it is hard to get a hold of a nice big man which should limit their desire to ship him off. The only real reason one would be interested is if it came down to a scenario where the Bucks were getting a great deal and wanted to go the conservative route and not gamble on Bogut's injuries. Draft Picks up the kazoo would be needed to compensated for this former #1 overall pick.

8. Devin Harris/ Brook Lopez

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    I don't know how much stock I can put into either one of these players getting moved. One of them would be moved if the Nets acquired Carmelo Anthony, so it would be an up in the air question. Most teams would covet Brook Lopez, so he would of course be the front runner. That does not mean necessarily that another club wouldn't settle for Harris.

    Each player brings attributes that can help solidify a team. Harris played on a winner in Dallas, so a move to a winner wouldn't be a stretch in Denver, but with Chauncey Billups there, he would probably be part of a three way trade. Lopez is an emerging big man who could be an All-Star sooner than later. He has a big body and has stayed healthy.

    Derrick Favors could even be slightly put into the mix if the Nets are willing to move part of their future. The Lopez for Anthony route seems the most reasonable between these two teams.

7.Tony Parker

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    I know that many Spurs fans are not living at ease knowing that Tony Parker has split from Eva Longoria and can now get back to basketball. If that will be in San Antonio is another question as well. The Spurs are playing as well as any team this year and Parker has been a strong part of the winning equation. He has helped reform the trio that includes him, Manu Ginobili and Tim Duncan.

    It is in Gregg Popavich's hands whether or not he is satisfied with Parker's play. He has butted heads with Parker and has really enjoyed the play of George Hill. Parker should be fine for the here and now. If the Spurs however, slide at all, there could be the writing on the wall for Parker's premature exit from Texas.

6. Lamar Odom

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    I wouldn't trade him if I was the Lakers management. The Lakers themselves will most likely not get rid of the services of Odom considering he is having a great year for them. It still is possible though that they could make a slight readjustment to the team if Odom gets back to his ways of off again- on again play.

    With the injury to Andrew Bynum, the Lakers don't know what they will have in terms of big men and if it comes down to getting rid of Ron Artest or Lamar Odom it just might be Lamar. Trading Odom away for one of the big men mentioned in this article might just be what the Lakers need. I think in the end, that would probably be disastrous and they just need to hope Bynum is fine. There still would be many teams that could use Odom's many different abilities to bolster their roster.

5. Steve Nash

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    Nash is a defensive liability if anyone has every watched his play. He also is great at making others around him better on the offensive end. What's not great is that Nash is getting up their in age. However, he can still play great even at the age of 36. Looking like a young 26-year-old at many times during the game.

    There had been slight rumors that he might be traded to the Knicks to reunite with coach Mike D'Antoni and Amar'e Stodemire. Those rumors have fallen through at the current time, but they could still reemerge. The Suns have to figure out how long they want to run the Nash express. To they ride him out until the end like John Stockton? Or do they let him go so they can begin their rebuilding quicker? The ball is in their court.

4. David West

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    David West and Chris Paul have been playing great this year as combined they lead the Hornets to the best start this season. Paul is looking like the Point Guard of old and helping make David West and All-Star caliber player once again. There is on the other hand, the issues of the past between them that still exists.

    They have clashed at times and if a team wants to keep Chris Paul, they are most likely going to do what is necessary to keep him happy. Paul wants great players around him and is probably going to take the high route and choose to have West stay on his team. If the Hornets can somehow get a better player in  exchange for West at the trade deadline, look for West to be packing his bags.

3. Brandon Roy

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    Injuries are not fun for you or I, and the same could be said for Brandon Roy. He endured a knee injury at the end of last year and instead of rehabilitating his knee, he decided to play in the first round of the Playoffs against the Suns. I applaud his desire to want to play through the pain and lead his team when it mattered. Unfortunately, his knee couldn't say the same.

    His knee has had troubles again this year and his value is just not the same as a guy who was considered the best Shooting Guard after Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. The Blazers are full of so many injury plagued players that a trade for a healthy player would be refreshing. That, Brandon Roy is entering his prime should be of extreme focus.

    Many top tier teams could be great choices for him and a tour of play for the Dallas Mavericks would sound feasible. The next couple of months of play could show whether or not Roy is still healthy enough to keep no matter what trade comes to the table.

2. Carmelo Anthony

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    This is the guy which so many trades are dependent upon. He is a top ten player in the league and can be a legitimate franchise player for your team. He wants out of Denver and his most likely destinations are New Jersey and New York. He still has other options that the team could choose to you in the future of moving him anywhere in the league.

    He still is an offensive powerhouse and that has to go in to any discussion he is involved in. Coming into his prime like Brandon Roy, he should be a hot pickup for any team on the market. I would be surprised if he went anywhere other than New York or New Jersey. Of course, LeBron went to Miami and that wasn't the expected thing. Carmelo could be dealt for the number one guy on my list, but that would just be mind numbing.

1. Chris Bosh

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    Am I crazy for having Chris Bosh on this list? Maybe. Maybe I am a little off, but if the Heat are going to win the title this year they need to pickup two great players for one in Chris Bosh. A recipe for a Point Guard and Center for him would not be a bad choice. Such as Darren Collison and Roy Hibbert for Chris Bosh. That is a trade I truly believe that could improve the Heat.

    That is assuming that the Pacers have an interest in taking in Bosh for those two players. The Heat need one more great player and subtracting one great one for two slightly less great players could be the winning recipe. Getting rid of Dwyane Wade or LeBron James is not the answer. That lies in the hands of management letting Bosh get the boot. He still is a great player and should command great trade value. In the end, it is unlikely, but an entertaining thought to ponder.