College Basketball 2010-11: The Nation's Top 20 Dunkers

Luke DykesCorrespondent IDecember 1, 2010

College Basketball 2010-11: The Nation's Top 20 Dunkers

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    Dunking is the most exciting part of college basketball. But who is the best dunker? What makes the best dunk?

    The combination of flair and height and difficulty getting to the basket makes it even more fun to watch the best athletes in the country try their hardest to finish with style.

    So watch out for these high-fliers this season—or get out of their way when they're coming straight at you.

Honorable Mention: Deuce Bello

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    Deuce isn't in the college game yet, but he's signed with Baylor to play for them next season. Expect huge things from this young athlete in the years to come. This guy is an absolute monster.

20. E'Twaun Moore, Purdue

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    E'Twaun Moore is one of the parts that has made Purdue a contender the last couple of seasons. He is mostly known for his shooting ability, but his dunking ability is superb as well. He has exceptional leaping ability and is very quick too.

    Check out his Free Throw Dunk as well.

19. Mason Plumlee, Duke

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    Mason Plumlee may not be the most athletic player in the country, but for a 6'11" big man, he can maneuver around the rim pretty well.

    Plumlee competed in the high school dunk contest two years ago at the McDonald's All-American Game and has shown some athletic ability in games with Duke so far in his career.

    Don't miss him dunking three balls at once in the clip.

18. Will Coleman, Memphis

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    Will Coleman is one of the only experienced leaders on the young Memphis Tigers squad. He may not be the best player on the team, but his knack for getting the crowd started brings a huge aspect to his game. His dunks at Memphis Madness before the season were pretty memorable.

17. Thomas Robinson, Kansas

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    Robinson is another player that doesn't get as much playing time as others, but can be a game changer when he comes in. His pure athleticism is absolutely outstanding, and he's always a threat to slam one down on someone if they get in his way.

16. Scotty Hopson, Tennessee

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    Scotty Hopson is a huge talent and always a threat to dunk all over someone. Sometimes it seems that all he wants to do is make the huge play instead of playing fundamental basketball. I guess the fact that he can put up some highlights is why people still have faith in him in Knoxville.

15. Rodney Williams, Minnesota

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    Another pure athlete, Williams only averages six points per game. When given the opportunity, Williams is perfectly capable of putting in a ridiculous dunk or two. His performances at the Gatorade Timberwolves Shootout in high school prove exactly what I'm talking about.

14. Shannon Sharpe, Colorado

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    Out of all the players on this list, Sharpe gets the least amount of playing time. He averages about 16 minutes per game on a Colorado team that is chock-full of guards. However, he proved his dunking ability in a dunk contest with some other unheard-of athletes on YouTube.

13. Quincy Acy, Baylor

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    Acy is one of the hardest-working players in college basketball, and his effort shows on the court. He can make something simple look incredibly amazing just by the intensity he plays with.

    His athletic ability is the reason he is so good at dunking. Acy dominated the game against Texas last year for this very reason.

12. David Lighty, Ohio State

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    David Lighty may have benefited the most from Evan Turner leaving this season. He can fly down the court, and now that he's running the backcourt, he has free reign to do whatever he can to get to the basket.

    Once he gets there, he has the attributes to show the nation a few things about athletic ability and dunking the basketball.

11. Gilbert Brown, Pittsburgh

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    Dunking during warm-ups and finishing in the game are two entirely different things. Gilbert Brown has shown consistently he has the capability to do both with ease.

    Brown has the size to finish against bigger opponents and the quickness to get to the rim around them. He is a monster that proved multiple times last season he can light up a gym.

10. Perry Jones III, Baylor

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    The second Baylor player on the list, Jones is a shoo-in for the top five in the draft this season.

    A freak athlete, Jones has the flexibility and the athleticism to do almost anything near the rim. He's 6'11", and he's been known to perform dunks that only little athletes can do.

9. Mustapha Farrakhan, Virgina

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    Yes, he is related to the famous Louis Farrakhan. The grandson of the Nation of Islam leader proved that he has plenty to offer on the basketball court last season.

    He can frequently be seen in practice putting up ridiculous dunks, but his dunk against NC State last season is really what made people open their eyes to the power of Mustapha.

8. Matthew Bryan-Amaning, Washington

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    Bryan-Amaning has been pegged as a breakout player for the Huskies this season, but he's been around for a while. He's been known to posterize at least a couple of people a year, and he's always running on the break, so his chances are all there

    Just be ready for a huge dunk whenever you see the Huskies playing.

7. Durrell Summers, Michigan State

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    Durrell Summers has been the most athletic player on the stacked Spartans roster the last couple of years. He is always the lead man on run-outs, and that's the reason he's known as a great dunker.

    He's thrown down so much over the past couple of years that it may be difficult for him to live up to his reputation.

6. Josh Selby, Kansas

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    Although Josh Selby hasn't set a foot on the court yet, that doesn't mean he has lost his talent. He showed just how athletic he was in last year's All-American dunk contest, winning the competition as well as showing his prowess in the actual game.

    I expect great things from Selby once he is cleared to play for the Jayhawks.

5. DeQuan Jones, Miami (FL)

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    While he may not be the most talented player on the team, Jones is easily the best athlete on Miami and maybe in the entire ACC. He can twist, contort and maneuver his body any way he wants to, and his dunks have been all over SportsCenter.

4. Keion Bell, Pepperdine

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    Keion Bell has created quite a buzz around him the last couple of years at Pepperdine. Two years ago, he dunked over three people at Midnight Madness, and during the season he dunked over DeMar DeRozan when he played at USC and Robert Sacre of Gonzaga.

3. Chris Wright, Dayton

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    This Flyer has quite an impressive résumé when it comes to dunking. He's now a senior at Dayton, and he's the leader of the team.

    He's been dunking his entire career, but some of his stick out more than others. The most memorable are his dunk against Xavier and in the Jordan game in high school.

2. Randy Culpepper, UTEP

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    Culpepper may be able to jump higher than any other player on this list. At a mere 5'11", Randy flies with the best of them, putting up crazy highlight reels against everyone he plays.

    I wouldn't be surprised to find out he grew up in the circus because he puts up dunks that are just absurd to watch.

    Here's another one from warmups.

1. Travis Leslie, Georgia

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    Travis Leslie must have received some kind of tutelage from Dominique Wilkins because there hasn't been a dunker like this in the Southeast since 'Nique was in Athens 30 years ago.

    Leslie constantly puts up highlight reel dunks and became an Internet sensation after he absolutely destroyed DeMarcus Cousins last season. He's sensational on the break, and he can take on almost opponent when he's driving to the basket.

    Just expect to see some more out of Leslie this season.


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