The 50 Wildest Fanbases in College Football

Bailey Brautigan@BBrautiganFeatured ColumnistNovember 21, 2010

The 50 Wildest Fanbases in College Football

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    MADISON, WI - OCTOBER 16: Fans of the Wisconsin Badgers celebrate on the field following a win against the Ohio State Buckeyes at Camp Randall Stadium on October 16, 2010 in Madison, Wisconsin. Wisconsin defeated Ohio State 31-18. (Photo by Jonathan Danie
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    There is no better feeling than showing up for your favorite team's home game on a chilly Saturday in November.

    The stadium is packed with maize and blue or scarlet and gray, and you can't help but feel like you just became a part of something truly amazing.

    Good food.

    Timeless traditions.

    And thousands of screaming fans.

    This is the world of college football.

    Yes, we all love to come out and support our teams, but to some fans, college football is more than just a sport.

    It is a religion.

    The world of college football is home to some of the country's most passionate followers, and in many cases, these fans will stop at nothing to show the world their loyalty.

    Here are the 50 wildest fanbases in college football.

50. Baylor

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    Baylor may be known more for its basketball teams, but the Bears have some pretty rowdy football fans as well!

49. Utah

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    Opposing teams cringe on third down as Utes fans violently jump up and down to distract them from converting.

    The closer the Utes' opponents come to scoring, the crazier these fans become!

48. Iowa State

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    Iowa State fans are as brutal as they come...

    Especially when the Cyclones face the Iowa Hawkeyes!

47. Boston College

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    Eagles supporters are called "SuperFans."

    Enough said.

46. Cal

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    Don’t think the Golden Bears have crazy fans? You obviously haven’t seen them play UCLA.

45. Missouri

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    Mizzou fans are so crazy that they have been known to break down goal posts and carry them all the way to a local bar!

44. Iowa

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    Kinnick Stadium is one of the largest (and loudest) in college football, and the Hawkeyes have their diehard fans to thank for a serious home-field advantage.

43. Kansas State

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    The Wildcats have had to work their way up to relevance in college football through the years, but Kansas State fans have been nothing but loyal every step of the way!

42. Colorado

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    Buffaloes fans have been so rowdy in the past that the university actually had to write up new policies to keep these people in check.

41. Georgia Tech

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    The Yellow Jackets' "SWARM" is one of the craziest spirit groups in college football, and the student sections at Georgia Tech games have been performing some awesome flash-card displays since the 1950s.

40. Arizona

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    Recent history has seen the Arizona Wildcats fanbase change from relatively tame to absolutely rowdy.

    In fact, during the Wildcats' game against Cal this season, Wildcats fans became so out of control that athletic director Greg Byrne actually had to personally walk through the stands to calm them down.

39. Illinois

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    Illini fans have been some of the rowdiest fans in the Big Ten throughout history, but recently they have fallen off the radar.

    Come on, guys!

    You're still in the top 50, but you're better than that!

38. Arizona State

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    Not only do the Sun Devils have one of the hottest college football fanbases, but they also have one of the wildest.

37. Clemson

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    Clemson fans have experienced the “most exciting 25 seconds in college football” over 300 times, cheering on their team as they run down “The Hill” toward Howard’s Rock.

    Only diehard fans can turn something so simple into something extraordinary.

36. Purdue

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    Purdue's student body may be full of engineers and other smarty-pants, but Boilermakers fans never have a problem taking a study break to support their boys in gold and black!

35. BYU

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    You want diehard? You got it at BYU.

    Hey, what else is there to do in Utah?

34. Syracuse

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    Orange fans get so rowdy that sometimes even professors from the university refuse to attend games.

    Lighten up, Prof!

33. Arkansas

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    Hogs fans are usually respectful of visiting teams, but they turn into a whole different breed when they host out-of-conference rival Texas.

    This rivalry has been around for over a century and, even though these two teams no longer share a conference, they still share some very bad blood.

32. Mississippi State

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    The SEC may have tried to ban “artificial noisemakers” for 30 years, but that never stopped Bulldogs fans from bringing their cowbells!

31. Michigan State

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    Rain or shine, it’s always a beautiful day for football when it comes to Spartans fans.

30. Boise State

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    “Noisy Boise” fans made a statement at the beginning of the season by color coordinating for the Broncos’ game against Oregon State.

    We’ve all heard of “black outs” and “white outs,” but Boise State fans took it a step further by alternating three different colors throughout the entire stadium.

    These fans are tired of being ignored and they don't hesitate to defend their Broncos' BCS potential.

29. Army

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    With the United States Military Academy having such historical prominence, it's no wonder that the Army Black Knights continue to draw record crowds.

28. Fresno State

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    If you're looking for crazy fans with nothing to lose, look no further than Fresno State!

27. Oregon State

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    The Beavers may have lived in the shadow of the Oregon Ducks all season, but Oregon State fans are as loyal and fiery as they come!

26. Texas Tech

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    How rowdy are Red Raiders fans? So rowdy that they just can’t shut up!

    Tech fans are known for their…um…colorful language. When student leaders proposed a “silent treatment” during the Raiders’ game against Texas, these fans did exactly the opposite.

    Tech fans are almost as terrifying as Oakland Raiders fans!

25. Miami (FL)

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    I think this video pretty much sums it up…

24. Air Force

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    At the beginning of every Air Force home game, all of the academy's cadets line up in a tunnel under the stadium and support their Falcons as they accompany the team onto the field.

    Air Force Academy cadets are required to purchase tickets to every game, and it is their duty to rally the rest of the crowd as they cheer on the dominant Falcons.

23. Navy

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    The Navy Midshipmen may not be as dominant in national college football as they used to be, but Navy fans are still going strong.

    Navy games are reserved for a special kind of football fan: the fan that knows each victory or loss won't have much big-picture significance but shows up just for the love of the game.

22. Notre Dame

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    You can call Irish fans “arrogant.” You can say they’re stuck in the past. But don’t you dare question their loyalty!

21. Florida State

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    Seminoles fans are used to excellence, and they would be higher on this list...

    But many of them have seemed to disappear in recent years.

    Come on, Florida State fans!

    You can't be in the top 10 every year!

20. Mississippi

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    If you’re looking for the perfect way to tailgate, just ask an Ole Miss fan.

    “The Grove” hosts as many as 25,000 fans before any given home game, and Rebels fans have mastered the art of tailgating.

19. Washington

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    The Washington Huskies may not have had the most terrific season this year, but these fans have made their stadium the loudest in the country.

18. Texas A&M

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    The Aggies may seem like an unlikely team to have a crazy college football fanbase, but Texas A&M fans call themselves “The 12th Man.”

    Every Aggies fan is always ready to take the field just in case his team needs him.

    Talk about dedication!

17. Virginia Tech

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    Hokies fans may not have the largest venue with Lane Stadium, but that doesn’t stop them from selling out every game.

16. Oklahoma

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    If you need proof that Sooners fans are crazy, look no further than the Oklahoma supporters all over Bleacher Report.

    These fans can get downright nasty when they defend their beloved football team.

15. Auburn

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    As far as Auburn fans go, they can remain cool, calm and collected…but don’t you dare bring up the Alabama Crimson Tide!

    A great tradition for Auburn fans?

    The “Tiger Walk.” Before every home game, thousands of fans line the route from the athletic dorm to Jordan-Hare Stadium. At times, the crowd has been as large as 20,000 people…and that’s before the game!

14. Alabama

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    Crimson Tide fans are a perfect example of why football is king in the South, as 101,600-plus fans pack Bryant-Denny Stadium for every home game. 

    They come together in the world's loudest rendition of Sweet Home Alabama.

13. USC

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    The University of Southern California has a rich history of champions and a tradition of excellence, and this starts with Trojans fans.

    Plus, any school that can claim Will Ferrell as a super-fan has to have a pretty crazy fanbase.

12. Penn State

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    “Happy Valley” is one of the best places to watch a college football game, and we have Nittany Lions fans to thank for that.

    The Penn State student section sells out almost instantly, and even on the coldest of Pennsylvania days, you will still see fans like these baring it all.

11. Florida

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    Gators fans have been selling out the Swamp since the late '70s and, as you can see, they have some pretty crazy fans.

    And remember: Only Gators get out alive!

10. Michigan

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    Even this Ohio State Buckeyes fan has to give the Wolverines fans some credit.

    You’re loud. You’re annoying.

    And even when your team stinks, you still manage to sell out the Big House.

9. Tennessee

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    The Volunteers may not be having the best of seasons, but that doesn’t mean the fans in Knoxville have given up.

    Speaking from experience, if you haven’t been to a game at Neyland Stadium, do yourself a favor and buy some Volunteers tickets.

8. Wisconsin

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    Madison is one of those cities without a major sports team that really doesn’t need one.

    One thing that a true college football fan must do at least once in his life: Jump Around at Camp Randall.

7. Nebraska

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    The Huskers have the longest sell-out streak in college football, and they have been said to have “the greatest fans in college football.”

    Husker fans might be known for being courteous to their visitors, but that doesn’t mean they keep quiet.

    These fans just know how to be crazy without being inconsiderate.

6. LSU

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    How could a stadium nicknamed “Death Valley” not house some pretty crazy fans?

    The Tigers like to host mostly night games, and you know what that means? “Night Time at Death Valley.” And plenty of partying.

5. Oregon

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    Now, I’ve never been to Autzen Stadium, but I can imagine it gets pretty wild in Eugene.

    The Ducks may not have the largest stadium in college ball, but they certainly have one of the loudest.

4. Georgia

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    Why is Georgia ranked so high on this list?

    Well, out of all the fans I have encountered as a featured columnist here on Bleacher Report, the UGA fans are definitely the most outspoken.

3. Texas

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    The Longhorns may be having an off year, but that hasn’t stopped their fans.

    Austin, Texas, may not be home to any professional teams, but Longhorns fans don’t need an NFL team to sell out a stadium time and time again.

2. West Virginia

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    Mountaineers fans have been known to throw rocks at opposing teams’ buses and participate in the occasional couch-torching after a big win.

    What do you expect from a university that claims the “Mountaineer Maniacs” as its largest student organization?

1. Ohio State

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    Ohio State: For diehard Buckeyes fans, it’s called “The Ohio State University,” and they won’t let you forget it.

    The Horseshoe is one of the most intimidating venues in college football and, as for us Buckeyes fans, in a word, we’re “scary.”