Horacio Cervantes Scores a Last-Minute Goal for Cruz Azul against San Luis

Roberto Alvarez-Galloso@AlvarezGallosoChief Writer INovember 14, 2010

Cruz Azul
Cruz AzulGeorge Frey/Getty Images

Horacio Cervantes scored a last-minute goal for Cruz Azul against San Luis. It occurred within 89 minutes of the game.

He accomplished this by receiving the ball and kicking it directly into the right angle of the goal net surprising Cesar Lozano (the goalie for San Luis).

The goal was assisted by Rogelio Chavez Martinez who (in collaboration with Javier Aquino Carmona) was able to deflect the ball from a distant area.

The response of Estadio Azul was an outstanding ovation for their home team after anxiety over the lack of a goal.

Cruz Azul dominated the game from the beginning with their consistency during the game. It was marked with rapid-fire moves as well as an even distribution of the ball between the team members.

The attempts to score were blocked by Cesar Lozano who was attempting to deflect the ball with some success. It appears that Cruz Azul wanted to weaken the goalie so that there could be a goal.

Cruz Azul at one point underestimated the San Luis Gladiadores and almost conceded a goal. San Luis took advantage of the weakness in order to attempt numerous goals and place Jesus Corona (Cruz Azul goalie) on the defensive.

Jesus Corona was able to resist the pressure on San Luis and apply a form of reverse psychology on San Luis by passing the ball to Cruz Azul. The team regained the initiative and continued playing until San Luis felt fatigued.

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The end result is that Cruz Azul is currently in first place in the Mexican League and Group Three with 39 points. The San Luis Gladiadores are in second place in the Group Two Mexican League with 26 points.

Jorge Gasso Flores was the referee who awarded (with justification) yellow cards to Cervantes (Cruz Azul) as well as Anibal Matellan and Ignacio Torres (San Luis) for misconduct.

The most valued player of the game was Horacio Cervantes for his last-minute goal.

Cruz Azul 1-0 San Luis

Estadio Azul, Mexico