WWE King of the Ring 2010: Who Should Win?

Antelope SpartanContributor IOctober 28, 2010

WWE King of the Ring 2010: Who Should Win?

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    Reports are stating that WWE is bringing back the much-loved King of the Ring tournament during the three-hour Raw on Nov. 29. This is just eight days after the Survivor Series PPV.

    The last time the tournament was held back in 2008 William Regal went on to be crowned the winner, only to subsequently violate the Wellness Policy.

    Personally, I am delighted that they are bringing back the King of the Ring. My only disappointment is that it is on a three-hour Raw episode rather than PPV.

    My concern is that the night itself will not be 100 percent devoted to the tournament, meaning that some of the matches will be very short. The main-event stars should not be in the tournament and time will be given to them during Raw.

    Previously, the King of the Ring was actually considered the fifth-most important PPV of the year behind the big four: Wrestlemania, Summerslam, Royal Rumble and Survivor Series.

    I have made my feelings known about the current WWE PPV scheduling in a previous article (http://bleacherreport.com/articles/498783-wwe-does-iwc-spoil-viewing-need-for-off-season-ppv-shake-up)

    I would imagine that they will start the competition at the Quarter-Final stage on the night itself, giving 8 WWE superstars the opportunity to become the 2010 King of the Ring.

    This would mean seven matches in total during the three hours devoted to the tournament. Though I would expect at least one double count-out to occur giving one superstar a bye through to the final.

    Given the depth of the current roster they should definitely feature 4 qualifying matches each on Raw & Smackdown the week before to properly promote this event.

    I’d personally have the qualifying matches start a fortnight before the event itself, but know that the WWE like to rush these qualifiers through in one evening.

    Added to the fact that there is only week between the Survivor Series and King of the Ring, it makes sense that we'll only get one week of qualifiers.

King Of The Ring History

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    Previous winners have gone on to become WWE Champion and establish themselves in the main event, such as Bret “The Hitman” Hart, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Edge, Kurt Angle and Booker T. Others have notoriously flopped, King Mabel anyone?

    I think this year is an extremely important competition, as there are an awful lot of superstars who really are on the cusp on the main event scene.

    Becoming King of the Ring is going to give one superstar a real opportunity to break the glass ceiling and hopefully face off against the WWE/World Champion at the Tables, Ladders and Chairs PPV on Dec. 19.

    Done properly, this could be the springboard to mega-stardom that currently only the Money in the Bank offers. I really hope that they do not include the main event superstars, it should be about promoting the next man in line.

    There are four superstars who I feel should be considered as serious contenders to become 2010 King of the Ring.

Notable Mentions/Expected Competitors

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    Noteworthy mentions/Likely competitors

    Jack Swagger

    He won Money in the Bank at this year’s Wrestlemania and appeared to be destined for a big future. However, his title run was handled poorly and it seemed he was getting beaten every week.

    I didn’t love the feud with the Big Show and Swagger was unfortunately victim of the Kane-Undertaker storyline. Jack needs to be competing on a regular basis with other performers who can put on good matches.

    His character would definitely benefit from becoming King Swagger and I’d like to see him at the head of a stable. The more I think about it, the more likely I see him being triumphant.

    The Big Show

    I would feel rather cheated if Show won this. Show is an attraction performer in my eyes, not a serious contender for a title that should mean something.

    King of the Ring should be about promoting someone from the mid-card to the main event. Show doesn’t need this. I would much prefer to see him in the tag-team division trying to save it.

    Daniel Bryan & Dolph Ziggler

    If this tournament was about crowning the best wrestling in the WWE then I would have no qualms about these two contesting the final.

    I have really enjoyed their recent encounters and hope to see more of the same. I would be happy to see them face off in the quarter-finals, which would end in a double count-out.

    The reason I have put these two together is because they are the respective US and Intercontinental Champions.

    There is no need to give them the King of the Ring tag, as I would hope that both are going to have extremely long title runs, which would culminate in both challenging to become a main event star in their own right.

    Saying this, I’d be delighted if I was wrong and either man won the tournament.


    Although he can be considered a bona fide main event superstar, I can see him being involved in this tournament as the fancied winner. Think he would be well used to promote a Kofi Kingston or a John Morrison as winner in the final.

    Tyler Reks and Ezekiel Jackson

    The two wildcards from Bragging Rights should both be included in the Qualifying stage. They will need big monster like individuals included in proceedings. Both need the exposure and it is another opportunity to prove they can be used prominently in the future.

    I’d like to think that they can be ruled out as potential winners, but I do have to remind myself that this is the WWE and they do love a monster.

    “Dashing” Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre

    Cody continues to grow on me, despite those awful grooming tips. I strongly believe that he will one day be a headliner in the WWE. Not sure how much impact he will have on this tournament, though.

    After the pointless tag-team title run, neither of these two seem on the verge of a major push so will continue in their mid-card positions. May even struggle to feature in the Quarter-Finals.


    Would be a popular choice to win the tournament and really show what he is made of. However, I would eat my hat if he became King of the Ring. WWE appears to be looking to make him the next big underdog.

    But to do that, they need to show him being defeated and beaten up as much as possible, before giving him one feud to really turn the tide. Kaval will more than likely be defeated in the Qualifying stage. If there is a 2011 King of the Ring, then we could well see Kaval winning.

    The Nexus

    You have to feel that they will feature at some point, even if they are just scheduled to take out the competitors of a match. Personally, I don’t want to see any members of the Nexus involved in the actual competition, as chances are they’d win it due to power in numbers.

    If Wade Barrett is entered, then he’ll win. I don’t want Wade Barrett to win this. He doesn't need this, neither do Nexus.

The Miz

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    The Miz

    Recently, people have been speculating that The Miz will cash in Money in the Bank at Survivor Series. I won’t rule this out, but I would much rather see a full heel turn by John Cena to end the Randy Orton Vs Wade Barrett WWE Championship match.

    Personally, I'd have The Miz cash it in at the Elimination Chamber PPV. He could be involved as one of the 6 competitors, but be eliminated.

    Then after the match has ended, he could return into the Chamber and become WWE Champion. This would mean that he’d be headlining Wrestlemania, which has to be unlikely even for The Miz.

    I would be surprised if the WWE had two competitors running around with a briefcase, so I do expect him to cash it in before Wrestlemania.

    Although it would be interesting to see the interactions between the two, waiting for the other to cash it in. The best bet has to be the Royal Rumble, with world title matches notoriously being predicable.

    Back to the King of the Ring, does The Miz need it? No, he doesn’t at this moment in time. This won’t stop him entering the fray, as it is on Raw and he is Mr. Money in the Bank. Point is, he already has his ticket to the top and doesn’t need this additional accolade.

    Unfortunately, this doesn't necessarily stop the WWE from giving the win to The Miz. Perhaps he does try to cash the Money in the Bank in at Survivor Series. Miz will no doubt be expecting Cena to help Barrett become WWE Champion and then take out all his frustrations.

    This would be the opportune moment for Miz to cash in the Money in the Bank. Only Cena prevents Miz winning the title and turns heel in the process by celebrating with Barrett.   I could then see Miz entering the King of the Ring and going on to win it.

    Someone has to fail to cash in the Money in the Bank one day. I don't think it would necessarily hurt The Miz's rise to the top for him to be the one. As long as he became WWE Champion at his next attempt.

Alberto Del Rio

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    Alberto Del Rio

    I am an Alberto Del Rio fan. He has really won me over since his debut. I wasn’t particularly keen on the vignettes that aired before his arrival, but I did appreciate the effort by WWE to slowly introduce someone who they obviously believe in.

    He has so much going for him, even the small things seem to be working. Every time I hear his music, I get excited and look forward seeing the performance. The added touch of having a unique ring announcer (Ricardo Rodriguez) is welcomed.

    Okay, so everyone is calling him the Mexican JBL, but I have no problem with that at all. I'm liking what I see.

    His ring work is good enough to maintain a slot in the upper echelons of WWE for years to come. I really don’t think we’ve seen the best of his ring work yet, he has a very interesting style.

    Like Kaval and Daniel Bryan, I just hope WWE give them the opportunity to show us all what they are truly made of.

    Since entering WWE, they’ve portrayed Del Rio as something akin to royalty, a cut above the rest. It would be fitting for him to win the King of the Ring tournament and it would fit his character best out of all the potential winners.

    You can just imagine him wearing the gown and crown, with that smile and raised arms.

    One day in the near future I expect to see a face turn for Del Rio and he will be extremely successful. There is no stopping his rise to the top, so all hail King Alberto Del Rio!

John Morrison

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    John Morrison

    Morrison is a massive favourite amongst the WWE Universe due to his fantastic athleticism. It currently appears that he is about to enter into a rivalry with Sheamus, which can only be a good thing for Morrison.

    On this week's Raw, he was seen coming to the help of Santino Marella who upset the Celtic Warrior. This will lead to Sheamus destroying Santino with JoMo coming to his aid.

    If Morrison can get the better of Sheamus, then the next logical step is to be crowned the King of the Ring. Ideally, we’d see a heel turn in the process, as I do think that a heel King Morrison persona would work for him.

    However, that appears unlikely as WWE is top heavy with heels and will need Morrison to step up as one of the top faces.

    There is much scope for Morrison in the main event scene currently. There are a lot of feuds he could enter into and would be a refreshing WWE Champion. He is just so exciting in the ring and continues to produce performances that are often considered to be the best on the card.

    If Morrison does face Sheamus at Survivor Series, then I’d expect them to have a re-match in the Quarter-Finals at King of the Ring. This could prove to the deciding factor in whether Morrison reigns supreme.

    Either Sheamus would be out for retribution and end up destroying Morrison. Or Morrison would be looking to succeed where he failed at Survivor Series and overcome Sheamus on his way to the crown.

    I would play it that Morrison won at Survivor Series and then in the Quarter-Final. Sheamus could then beat him down afterwards.

    Luckily the semi-final turns out to be a bye for Morrison due to another match being a double count-out, before he beats Alberto Del Rio in the final. That’s just me in fantasy world though!

    John Morrison has to be considered as one of the favourites to become King of the Ring. There is a need on Raw to launch another major babyface behind Randy Orton and there is no better candidate than John Morrison. This tournament could be just the stepping stone that Morrison requires.

    This being said, my final selection is the wrestler who I truly hope comes out on top.

Kofi Kingston

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    Kofi Kingston

    If the question was, “Who should be the next established main event superstar?”

    I think that Kofi Kingston would be the first name on many people’s lips. The defining feud of his career appeared to be against Randy Orton, memorable for so many different reasons. Yet it wasn’t to be.

    Kofi has a lot in his favour for this type of tournament. He is able to adapt his style against a number of opponents. The fans will no doubt be behind him all the way. He can play the underdog role against bigger opponents along the way. Most importantly of all, everyone wants him to step up.

    If Kofi doesn’t win this competition, then he has to win Money in the Bank at Wrestlemania.

    Another factor to bear in mind is that the King of the Ring winner will likely face off against the champion at TLC, Kofi would be an ideal competitor in match of this calibre.

    I would personally like to see Kofi Kingston as the next Heavyweight Champion after Kane. If the WWE are looking for a way to elevate Kofi over the next month or so, then this is it.

    This event is occurring relatively close to Bragging Rights, it is unlikely that the Raw superstars would want a Smackdown member winning this tournament on their show. Alternatively, it could be argued that Smackdown should be given the upper hand due to the fact they won Bragging Rights.

    It will be interesting to see if they continue the Bragging Rights rivalry at King of the Ring, it would make sense to.

    Thought it was a shame that Kofi was eliminated so early on at Bragging Rights, as there was an opportunity to have him win the match on Smackdown's behalf.

    This leads me to believe that the WWE are in no rush to push him again to the main event. I seriously hope I am proved wrong and they do give him the opportunity of becoming the 2010 King of the Ring.

    Kofi would be my choice and I believe it would be the start of something extremely special. He has to win the King of the Ring, Royal Rumble or Money in the Bank soon.