WWE This Generation's WCW: Is History Repeating Itself?

ReDevilContributor IIIOctober 29, 2010

The winds of changes are blowing but not in favor of WWE. History seems to be slowly repeating itself in the world of professional wrestling. The only difference is that instead of pro-wrestling vs. pro-wrestling, its pro-wrestling vs. mixed martial arts.

There is absolutely no doubt that we are living some of the darkest days of wrestling compared to the '80s, '90s and the early 2000s. WWE is starting to become the Titanic and it's soon going to clash with the iceberg.

Also I couldn't help but notice the many similarities between the current WWE and the dying WCW. The things that these two companies share are amazing, well, at least to me.

Lets start with the obvious:

1. Poor Use of Talent 

I won't go into detail about WCW because that would be way to long, but they just kept on focusing too much on the big main-eventers and the mid-carders got lost. Most of the guys who were in the mid-card, who had paid their dues, felt like they weren't going anywhere above a certain level so they left the company.

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And guess what's happening in the WWE right now?

Benjamin, Matt, Carlito, Hass—they all were amazing talent and they all left. MVP, who should've been world champion by now, is unhappy with the company. And Christian seems like he's not going to get a world title around him anytime soon (not because of his injury but just because of the way WWE has been treating him so far)—and who knows, he might head back to TNA.

2. The Nexus and the New Blood

There's a difference here with Nexus being rookies and the New Blood was guys who had paid their dues. But the concept was the same. Get younger talent over quickly as possible and the way WWE is doing it now is somewhat the same WCW did it.

They are having a rivalry between the young generation and an established, but controversial guy, John Cena for WWE and Kevin Nash for WCW.

3. Low Backstage Morale

I won't go deep into this topic because I don't want to judge anything, but I'm sure everyone has heard about the low backstage morale in the WWE.

4. A Valuable Person Leaving Because of Wrestling Being PG

I'm sure people know this, but if some of you don't know, Eric Bischoff had a big argument and basically lost his power after he argued with the board about WCW going family-friendly. Eric Bischoff was a crucial part of WCW and losing him as the authority figure was a big blow to WCW.

In WWE's case, we have "The Animal," Dave Batista. He left because he didn't like the direction the company was heading towards and you can argue about Batista being a bad wrestler and a bad worker, but let's face the facts, he was one of the biggest stars in the history of the WWE and losing him has been a big blow because the WWE lost their biggest potential heel.

5. The Resurrection of the Company's Edgiest and Biggest Faction

This might not make sense, but the nWo reunion was the start of the demise of WCW and it was plain and simple horrible. A year or so ago we had the resurrection of DX, which was also horrible. DX and Hornswoggle—are you kidding me? And what the hell was with the Little People's Court?

6. Match Quality

In WCW's case, I'll just say this: Viagra on a pole match. Now fast-forwarding 10 years, we have the most brutal structure ever created for a match that is said to change every man who is involved in it: Hell In A Cell. We've had five HIAC matches in just two years and I've seen standard cage matches more deadly that those matches.

7. There's A New Show In Town 

Attitude was destroying the fan base of WCW.


It gave what the audience wanted, a testosterone and adrenaline-pumping show. And what provides that now? I've got three words for you: Ultimate Fighting Championship.

I have to say, when UFC was getting big with Brock Lesnar becoming champion and all that, I didn't watch one bit of it, but now I'm really really starting to love UFC. And UFC has just merged with World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC). (Rearrange the words and you get ECW.) So UFC is definitely the next big thing, and with this merger only good things can happen.

I grew up with WWE, so I really want it to stay, but Vince needs to make some major changes if he wants to keep his loyal fan base because Dana White is going to give Vince McMahon the reason to stay up all night worrying about his company's future pretty soon.

Your feedback is very welcome and also please tell me if you Bleachers also see the comparison between the present day WWE and the sinking WCW. 

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