Squared Circle: WWE Survivor Series 2010 Thoughts and Predicitons

Al Constable@AlBleacherSenior Analyst INovember 18, 2010

Squared Circle: WWE Survivor Series 2010 Thoughts and Predicitons

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    So following Bragging Rights, the PPV that had a main event themed around an elimination tag team match between Smackdown and Raw comes Survivor Series, the original PPV based around elimination tags. This year's seems to seriously be centred around Nexus and their larger plan.

    All we can hope is that the plan is not as disappointing as it may turn out to be.

    Last years card was as follows: (s) denotes survivors in their match

    Team Miz (The Miz(s), Drew McIntyre(s), Sheamus(s), Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger) Def. Team Morrison (John Morrison, Matt Hardy, Evan Bourne, Shelton Benjamin and Finlay)

    Batista Def. Rey Mysterio

    Team Kingston (Kofi Kingston(s), MVP, Mark Henry, R-Truth and Christian) Def. Team Orton (Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase, CM Punk and William Regal)

    The Undertaker(c) Def. Big Show and Chris Jericho in a Triple Threat for the World Heavyweight Championship

    Team Mickie (Mickie James(s), Eve Torres, Kelly Kelly, Melina(s) and Gail Kim) Def. Team Michelle (Michelle McCool, Jillian, Beth Phoenix, Layla and Alicia Fox)

    John Cena(c) Def. Triple H and Shawn Michaels in a Triple Threat for the WWE Championship

John Morrison Vs. Sheamus

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    I think WWE was hoping Triple H would be back by now since this feud has seems like nothing but filler for Sheamus. I suppose it could be seen as a way of pushing Morrison but considering Morrison hasn't done much beyond attacking Sheamus I highly doubt it.

    He has been given almost no mic time and no matches over the past four weeks. Sheamus on the other hand had a couple of short matches against Santino Marella that have made him look foolish (got pinned in one and won by DQ in the other). Very little has been done to develop this rivalry as such, but enough to make a match.

    With very little to work with I am going to say Sheamus will be the victor on Sunday. He has come off worse most weeks and even though he managed to attack Morrison last Monday I am still going to go with him. Unfortunately for Morrison is going to be stuck in mid-card for a while longer.

    Winner: Sheamus

Traditional Survivor Series Match: Team Del Rio Vs. Team Mysterio

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    The only Survivor Series match of the night... maybe WWE should re-think how they structure this PPV. Considering that the whole thing started out in 1987 as a card purely made up of elimination tag matches its easy to see how WWE have forgotten what the night was dedicated to.

    Either way beggars can't be choosers and we at least got one this year. So Mysterio captains a side containing Kofi Kingston, MVP, Big Show and Chris Masters. He will lead this team against one led by Alberto Del Rio including Drew McIntyre, Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger and Tyler Reks.

    Mysterio's team has to be the favourite since they are the more experienced of the two sides. With two former world champions it would be hard to bet against them, yet I will. In the same way Team Miz of last year helped push Miz, McIntyre and Sheamus as credible wrestlers by having them dominate the match the same will go for Team Del Rio. I suspect that Del Rio and Reks will survive the match as WWE tries to build up some steam for these two.

    Winners: Team Del Rio

Diva's Championship: Laycool(c) Vs. Natalya (Handicap Match)

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    So Laycool (or as I like to call them AAAARGGGH!) have a third match against Natalya this time with both members defending the championship at the same time.

    Let's wrap this one up quickly before I lose it again. Natalya won't win. The time to have give her the belt was at any of the past two title fights but in a handicap I doubt she can withstand a numbers game. With Beth Phoenix getting ever so closer to her return putting the belt on Natalya will take away what is vital for Laycool to say relevent in WWE (and thus make their feud with The Glamazon worth anything).

    Winners and Still Champions: Laycool

Tag Team Championship: The Nexus(c) Vs. Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov

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    Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater are making their first TV defense of the titles this Sunday. Considering that was four weeks ago and that they were practically given the championship is doing their credibility as champions some harm. That's saying something considering the value of the championships they hold.

    On the plus side they have had some victories over the past few weeks although I would not say they were the most convincing of wins.

    The team of Koslov and Marella have been getting over with the crowd quite successfully since Marella began his mini-feud with Sheamus. The episode in Manchester, England showed that all-in-all they are a popular combination despite lacking true tag team chemistry.

    Unfortunately for Marella and Koslov they are essentially a comedy tag team. The mismatched pair are there for comic relief opposed to their skills. This is not to say they couldn't be tag team champions as both are pretty credible wrestlers when given the chance. But in the end they are facing The Nexus who are currently at their strongest.

    WWE need Nexus to have the titles so they can go on Smackdown whenever they wish. Also losing to a comedy duo will not do their credibility any favours. Maybe sometime in the future Marella and Koslov will gain some gold but for now the belts are staying with The Nexus.

    Winners and Still Champions: The Nexus

    P.S. Nexus should have really thought about using Freebird Rules.

United States Championship: Daniel Bryan(c) Vs. Ted DiBiase

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    Not 100% confirmed yet but has been advertised locally. I think we can all agree that this match is something of a plan B or C.

    It appeared at first we would have been seeing Bryan defend the title against CM Punk but due to his injury he couldn't take part in this match. Then it was suspected William Regal will take his place but with his impending retirement they maybe backed out of the plan. So now The American Dragon will defend the championship against the Son of the Million Dollar Man.

    I get a bad feeling that WWE is somewhat rushing this out as the DiBiase/Goldust rivalry ended rather suddenly. It didn't feel like a natural end to things. I feel that WWE could have held on another month and showcased this match at TLC and get some build up for the match going. This is one of eight matches on the card which means time will be tight.

    Either way I think Bryan will retain once again as WWE do realise he is probably their most popular mid-carder at the current time. DiBiase hasn't done enough to deserve the title yet either. He has recently been losing a lot of matches and a win would make Bryan look weak rather than making DiBiase look strong.

    Winner ans Still Champion: Daniel Bryan

Intercontinental Championship: Dolph Ziggler(c) Vs. Kaval

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    Wait, I've just realised something. Every championship in the WWE is being defended this Sunday. Essentially we have got a second Night of Champions PPV this year. Not that I'm too fussed. We need a reason to pay for this PPV and seeing the belts on the line is something of a novelty even on the monthly extravaganza that is paid entertainment.

    How bad must Kaval's self-confidence be that he is cashing in his championship opportunity on the Intercontinental Championship. Now don't get me wrong, it is the correct thing to do. I always thought it was stupid to give a rookie an opportunity at a World Championship but if we think of it in terms of the storyline, Wade Barrett used his for a WWE title shot. Even with the diminishing value of championships in WWE there is still a difference between the two belts.

    Kaval picked up a win over Dolph Ziggler on Smackdown so it is highly unlikely he will win the championship on Sunday. Much like in the US championship match the challenger hasn't had much of a winning streak and to win the championship will make Ziggler look weak who is currently one of Smackdown's most valuable mid-card heels. Yet Kaval also needs the win so I see Ziggler getting himself DQed or counted out when Kaval comes close to winning.

    Winner: Kaval

    Still Champion: Dolph Ziggler

World Heavyweight Championship: Kane(c) Vs. Edge

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    It seems like an eternity since the last time we saw Edge one-on-one for a world championship. The last time was at WrestleMania XXVI when he was a serious contender and not just fodder in an multi-man elimination match.

    He is up against Kane who is hot off a 3-0 winning streak over The Undertaker. Unfortunately for the Ultimate Opportunist, Kane can't really work out a good story with many wrestlers and Edge is not one of those exceptional few. This is why before winning the World Championship his PPV matches were the results of post-match attacks or beat-downs.

    They have tried to inject some drama into the match by having Edge kidnap Paul Bearer in order to get an advantage over The Big Red Machine. Kane on the other hand has been doing his usual growly voice in the search for his father.

    Edge is coming into this match with a larger amount of fans on his side. For whatever reason Edge's face turn this time around is doing a lot better than before. Still I don't think the championship will be placed on him just yet. I feel that WWE are still deciding if they want Undertaker vs. Kane one more time at Mania and will keep the belt with him until they have made that decision.

    Winner and Still Champion: Kane

WWE Championship: Randy Orton(c) Vs. Wade Barrett (With John Cena As Referee)

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    • No DQ
    • No Countouts
    • Nexus Is Barred From Ringside
    • If Barrett Wins Then Cena Is Free From The Nexus
    • If Orton Wins Then Cena Is Fired From WWE

    The main event of the evening has at least had some very good build up which has even got an embittered WWE fan such as myself interested. The only problem is that the entire match is not going to be focused on who will walk out as WWE Champion but if Cena will be fired. Orton and Barrett are fighting for a prize but in the end it has always been about the referee.

    Aside from Cena being bullied by Barrett and getting a lot of grief from Orton due to the likeliness of him being a bias ref the story has had some interesting wild cards thrown into the match making this a highly unpredictable event

    First is The Miz. He hasn't been given a match so far and logic dictates he will get involved somehow. If he does he could help either man win. After he cost Orton the ten-man tag match on Raw a couple of weeks he has shown he doesn't think much of The Viper. Costing him the title could setup The Miz with his first big feud in anticipation for a main event push. He could on the other hand cost Barrett the match to get Cena fired, getting rid a thorn in his side. If he does decide to cash in his contract on the champion I see him losing it. With Orton still as champ Cena will give him an AA and allow Orton to get the pin. If Barrett is champion Nexus will get involved and keep the belt on Barrett.

    The other man who could get involved is R-Truth. For weeks now he has been putting doubt of Cena's neutrality in Orton's mind. If he does get involved it will almost certainly be to help Orton retain the championship. Although WWE could pull a quick one on us and he could turn heel and help Barrett win the championship. Although he has been an ally to Orton over the last few weeks his attitude has hinted at heel tendencies.

    My preferred outcome of this match would be for Cena to turn heel at its conclusion. He needs to keep his character fresh and after five years of being a top card face he has begun to grow stagnant. The problem is that his target audience of children don't see it that way and thus it is highly unlikely.

    There is definitely going to be some controversy this Sunday but either way I think Cena will still have his job and will still be face. Most likely there will be run-ins and Cena will get distracted at some point allowing Barrett to capitalise.

    Winner and New Champion: Wade Barrett

With Coniseration To Last Year...

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    If we think back to lat years event the build up was horrendous. Admittedly this year is not great but at least we could see matches for and can trace back some of the rivalries.

    Last year when the triple threat between Cena and DX happened there was almost no buildup between the participants of the main event. Instead DX ponced around every week with a Leprechaun. I am serious when I say DX vs. Hornswoggle was the story that got the most air time in the build up to one of WWE's biggest PPVs (and WWE wonder why no one bought it).

    But regardless what happens lets hope its good and we can all enjoy it.