WWE Bragging Rights 2010: Results and Revelations

Chris FreemanCorrespondent IOctober 25, 2010

WWE Bragging Rights 2010: Results and Revelations

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    Courtesy of WWE.com
    Courtesy of WWE.com

    Hello Bleachers!

    Well, Bragging Rights has come and gone and it has been quite an experience!

    We witnessed new champions, but unexpected ones. We witnessed two great inter-promotional matches. It had its ups and it had its downs. But at the end of the night, I feel that we definitely got our money's worth and the results are sure to echo across the upcoming PPVs.

    Well, let's get this analysis over with already.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Daniel Bryan: What's Next for These Two?

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    Daniel Bryan celebrating after his great match. Photo Courtesy of WWE.com
    Daniel Bryan celebrating after his great match. Photo Courtesy of WWE.com

    Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler was the first match of the night and what a match it was.

    Both men showed equal amounts of aggression during this awesome bout, and it seemed like both men would be victorious at many points in the match. However, it was Daniel Bryan who came out on top. While I hoped Ziggler would win, this is good news for the U.S. title. With a victory over the Intercontinental champion, Daniel Bryan has restored some prestige in his championship, which it needed very badly.

    Daniel Bryan has won every PPV he has been in and Bragging Rights is no exception. Bryan will most likely continue to be pushed, but will also most likely slow down once he starts reaching the main event waters. I don't think the WWE would push him too quickly, as they seem comfortable with him as the midcard champion on RAW.

    However, I have no doubt that Bryan will reach the main event at some point in his WWE career, but it won't be in 2010 or the first half of 2011. That's my opinion though and the WWE could shock me, which I wouldn't mind either.

    Dolph Ziggler, on the other hand, has been on a roller coaster of momentum. He has his ups and then falls back down when he starts getting a little too much momentum. I think that he will probably lose the IC title soon, probably to "Dashing" Cody Rhodes or Drew or maybe even MVP. Dolph will probably fade into the midcard void for a little while and then come back strong.

    One thing can be said: The future looks bright for both of these great competitors.

John Cena and David Otunga: New Tag Team Champions

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    Yep, this was the surprise of the night for me and probably a lot of you.

    I expected Drew and Cody to defend their titles randomly tonight, but I expected the Hart Dynasty to face them (again).

    To my surprise, the RAW GM chimed in and claimed that they had an opponent and the Nexus theme popped up. I hoped and expected Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater to come in and claim the tag team champions. To my chagrin, the "other two" Nexus members were the surprise tag team: John Cena and David Otunga. And considering how Wade Barrett threatened to fire Cena if he didn't win, I knew Drew and Cody were going to lose.

    Sure enough, Cena won the match and Otunga took all the credit, until Cena delivered a righteous Attitude Adjustment on David Otunga and walked out with both titles.

    I don't see Cena and Otunga being champions for long. I expect Barrett to demand that Cena hand the title over to another member of Nexus, possibly Gabriel.

    Also, who expected David Otunga to be the first Nexus member to win a title?

    Here's a hint: Nobody.

DiBiase Wins But Goldust Still Has the Million Dollar Title

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    The Bizarre One, Goldust. Courtesy of WWE.com
    The Bizarre One, Goldust. Courtesy of WWE.com

    This match was hinted at by Goldust via Twitter earlier and eventually confirmed by WWE.com.

    The match was a fairly decent one, but it seemed to focus on Maryse and Aksana a little too much. Maryse ended up attacking Aksana, due to her constant cheerleading for the Bizarre One, which caused Goldust to become distracted and granted DiBiase an opening to win the match with a DDT.

    I expected Goldust to win this competition, but DiBiase came out on top, which is understandable and fine by me. DiBiase is good in the ring but terrible on the mic.

    Anyway, Maryse grabbed the Million Dollar Title, but Aksana stole the title and fake kissed DiBiase, giving Goldust an opportunity to deliver a Final Cut and walk out with the title. It's nice to see Goldust involved in something, but I wish they would have him defend the Million Dollar Title, or at least a match in which DiBiase will get the title back if he wins, which is the same thing as defending the title.

    This feud will probably continue until the next elimination on NXT, which will have Aksana get eliminated and then "deported" after Maryse and DiBiase break up the "wedding."

LayCool Not Done Yet!

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    LayCool vs. Natalya went on without any interruption...kidding. McCool interfered and allowed Layla to win the match.

    Honestly, I didn't watch this match and just heard the results from my brothers. I expected it to be okay and I'm not really surprised at the results.

    LayCool obviously isn't done yet. They've been champions since May and will probably stay champions for a little while longer.

    I expect them to break up within the next few months though, as both of them can't be the Divas Champion, as Teddy Long stated a couple months back. This time, however, he will probably force them into a match which will cause the two to split and prove which member is better.

Undertaker Buried...But He'll Be Back

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    Photo Courtesy of WWE.com
    Photo Courtesy of WWE.com

    Undertaker vs. Kane was the most hyped match of the night, but surprisingly, I didn't really care about it.

    Undertaker and Kane had an alright match, but it was mostly strikes and chokeslams. I felt bored watching the match and was highly anxious to see the next couple of matches.

    Surprisingly, the Nexus came out and attacked Undertaker. At first, I thought this was for no good reason, but then I remembered Taker helping Orton defeat Kane on Friday and felt that this may have been their motive.

    Anyway, Kane capitalized and Undertaker was Buried Alive. I was happy with the result, but I was a little disappointed with the Nexus attacking. Though justified, I felt that it was unnecessary for them to come out. It's funny how Taker never tries to seek revenge on the Nexus. Maybe when he returns?

    Well, bottom line: Kane will face a new opponent at Survivor Series next month and I am curious as to who it will be. There are many deserving superstars on Smackdown.

    Undertaker, no surprise, is taking time off for surgery, so the ending of this match was spoiled before the show began.

Smackdown Defeats Raw and Where We Go from Here

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    Blurry Photo Courtesy of WWE.com
    Blurry Photo Courtesy of WWE.com

    The "Bragging Rights" match that helps advertise the release of Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 was a fairly decent showing. Some things were pretty obvious in the match:

    Alberto Del Rio betrayed Mysterio.

    Big Zeke dominated for a great length of time.

    Santino Marello was the first one eliminated.

    Well, I bet nobody expected the first one out on Team Smackdown to be Kofi Kingston. Seriously, I was shocked.

    I was highly anticipating Tyler Reks and Sheamus being in the ring together, but they didn't get to for long. CM Punk, Ezekiel Jackson and Sheamus helped dominate Smackdown, while Edge, Del Rio and Big Show were the dominant members of Smackdown. The ending saw Rey Mysterio assist in Edge spearing The Miz, which helped Smackdown pick up their second consecutive Bragging Rights victory.

    This will mostly lead to Edge getting a title shot, as a reward for winning the match for Smackdown.

    By the way, did anyone notice the lack of moves by Edge? All he did was finishers the entire match. I felt like I was watching Randy Orton in a tag match (no disrespect intended).

    As for Raw, I see Punk/Zeke/Sheamus getting some kind of push, which will take them to the main event at some point.

John Cena Betrays Barrett and Orton Retains!!!

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    Cena and Barrett, courtesy of WWE.com
    Cena and Barrett, courtesy of WWE.com

    I was most excited to see this match. Either way, something big was going to happen. John Cena was in the corner of Wade Barrett and before the match, Barrett claimed that if he didn't win, then Cena was fired.

    The match was pretty good and displayed talent on both sides. There were many close calls and the obvious interference from the Nexus, which saw quick thinking on John Cena's part when he attacked the three "lackies" because the ref was waking up and would have disqualified Barrett if he saw the beatdown taking place in the ring.

    During the last seconds of the match, John Cena ran into the ring and prevented Orton from hitting the RKO by delivering an Attitude Adjustment on Wade Barrett.

    Now, everyone will be expecting Cena to be fired tomorrow on RAW. And, well, I can see that happening.

    However, I believe Cena is in the clear. Barrett claimed that he would fire Cena if he didn't win. Well, he did win, via disqualification, but a win is a win and Barrett will have to deal with it.

    The CeNexus storyline is far from over and we'll probably see Orton and Barrett facing off in a rematch next month. I don't think the WWE is ready to have the CeNexus story taking a backseat to a Randy Orton story just yet. Actually, Orton seems to be involved in the story and it would help him by giving him someone to feud with.

The Future and Survivor Series

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    The Updated Survivor Series Poster, available to buy on WWEshop.com!
    The Updated Survivor Series Poster, available to buy on WWEshop.com!

    Bragging Rights has come and gone and the "bragging rights" belong to Smackdown, Daniel Bryan, Kane and the other winners. We should see the ramifications on this and next week's RAW and Smackdown!

    We have a month before Survivor Series, the last of the "Big Four" of 2010, so I expect big things.

    Until then B/R, leave your comments and LIKE.