WWE Bragging Rights Results: John Cena Snaps, Randy Orton and Kane Retain

Andre Harrison@@Harrison101HDCorrespondent IOctober 25, 2010

Hello everyone, Andre Harrison here with my review of WWE Bragging Rights 2010, featuring a WWE Championship Match between Wade Barrett and Randy Orton, and Buried Alive Match between The Undertaker and Kane for the World Heavyweight Championship. Harrison's Analysis time, for WWE Bragging Rights!

Daniel Bryan vs Dolph Ziggler (Champion vs Champion Match)

Result: Daniel Bryan wins with a LeBell Lock (16:14)

Harrison's Analysis: What a fantastic opener. For the third straight WWE Pay-Per-View, Daniel Bryan has stolen the show. The innovation and some of the wrestling here was off the charts levels of awesome.

Watch this match if you get a chance, Dolph Ziggler's best to date, and Daniel Bryan is the best in the world right now. Period.

Harrison Match Rating: **** Stars

Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre vs John Cena and David Otunga (WWE Tag Team Championship Match)

Result: John Cena wins the Tag Team Titles, making Cody Rhodes submit. (6:26)

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Harrison's Analysis: An interesting bit of fantastic booking here. No one saw this coming, and I can't wait to see what they do with this one. Action was solid for a six-minute match too.

Harrison Match Rating: ** 1/4 Stars

Ted DiBiase vs Goldust

Result: Ted DiBiase wins with a DDT. (7:37)

Harrison's Analysis: For a man who hasn't been on PPV in a singles match in 7 Years, man, what an awesome performance from Goldust here. The most underrated man in wrestling.

He delivered, probably the best performance out of Ted in a good while as well. Just a real shame the crummy ending with Aksana and Maryse had to be a part of it. Next!

Harrison Match Rating: ** 3/4 Stars

Layla vs Natalya (Divas Championship Match)

Result: Layla retains after McCool Superkicks Natalya (4:51)

Harrison's Analysis: Natayla was awesome. F' the WWE Divas Division and their booking. So infuriating to see them intentionally hold them back, especially Nattie, who is a remarkable talent.

LayCool retain yet again in a dirty manor. NEXT!

Harrison Match Rating: ** Stars

Kane vs The Undertaker (Buried Alive Match for the World Heavyweight Championship)

Result: Kane retains by burying The Undertaker, with help from...NEXUS?! (16:48)

Harrison's Analysis: Wow...This match was just getting good...Even if it was the same deal with these two as usual...A big smegging brawl.

But besides that, the Nexus interference THIS time was a real head-scratcher.

Interesting to see why it happened, but the fact it cut the match short is a bit annoying. Nowhere near as good as it could be.

Harrison Match Rating: ** 1/2 Stars

7-On-7 Raw vs Smackdown Bragging Rights Elimination Tag Team Match

Result: Team Smackdown wins 2-0 to be Double Bragging Rights Champions. (27:54)

Eliminations: Santino Marella (RAW - 2:36), Kofi Kingston (Smackdown - 6:50), Jack Swagger (Smackdown - 13:06), Tyler Reks (Smackdown - 14:29), Big Show and Sheamus (Countout, 15:59), R-Truth (RAW - 16:28), John Morrison (RAW - 16:48), Alberio Del Rio (Smackdown - 18:19), CM Punk (RAW - 24:07), Ezekiel Jackson (RAW - 26:18), The Miz (RAW - 27:54)

Harrison's Analysis: A very fun match, with nice storytelling elements now and going from Rey, Del Rio and Edge having to make the comeback, who looked great tonight as well, with THREE Eliminations.

There was some sloppiness from Jackson and Rey near the end, but it was still a strong match.

Harrison Match Rating: *** 1/2 Stars

Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett (w/ John Cena) for the WWE Championship

Result: Wade Barrett wins by DQ, after interference from John Cena. (14:32)

Harrison's Analysis: This is what happens when the WWE book themselves into a corner here, this was really the only logical way way to end this, but who on earth wants to see a PPV end on a DQ? Not good.

And Orton definitely didn't work as good a match with Barrett as Cena did three weeks ago. Still good, but that finish will leave a bitter taste in people's mouths. Trust me.

(PS if anyone said Option 2 on my Preview Column, congrats, you won! Have a cookie!)

Harrison Match Rating: *** Stars

Harrison's Overall Thoughts and The Harrison Hitlist

Oh dear...The action here was solid, in areas, to lame or mediocre in other places, but I think the really frustrating thing here was the booking. It was all over the place and weird.

RAW will be really interesting tomorrow as they try to tie up all the loose ends but I was scratching my head on this PPV here.

At least the crowd was great. Let me know what you all thought if Bragging Rights below. I've been Andre Harrison, thank you very much for reading, and Sayonara!

Pros: Ziggler/Bryan, Team Raw vs Team Smackdown, Great Crowd, Goldust

Cons: That horrible Barrett/Orton finish, Laycool can't win clean, Taker/Kane with The Nexus Interference.

Harrison's WWE Bragging Rights 2010 Rating: 6.5 out of 10 - Decent