UFC 121 Results: Brock Lesnar Defeated By Cain Velasquez

Spinalmanu the FirstCorrespondent IOctober 24, 2010

Brock Lesnar did not survive the first round of Saturday night's UFC Heavyweight championship bout against undefeated challenger Cain Velasquez. Despite a frightening opening charge by Lesnar which including flying knees, punches in bunches and 2 takedowns, referee Herb Dean had no choice but to stop the fight at 4:01 of round 1. A disoriented and severely bloodied Brock finished the fight on his back being fed several blows to the face. None of which were being thoughtfully blocked by the fallen viking.

After weathering Brock's initial 30 second explosion and slipping easily out of each take down, Cain began methodically chopping Lesnar with jabs and counters. Cain even took the champion wrestler down and nearly mounted him. Lesnar's fight plan appeared spent once Cain survived his knees and punches and proved too wily for Brock to keep on the mat. When the dust settled from the opening tussle, both men found themselves squaring off. Lesnar seemed gunshy during the feeling out stage and Cain's mobility and confidence grew instantly. The mexican American pursued Lesnar and gave precision arsenal to the champions head and jaw. Lesnar's counters were wild and unspecific. And ultimately fruitless. The turning point came when Cain had Lesnar against the cage and delivered a blow that was barely noticeable from the camera angle, but Brock immediately spun away from Cain and sprawled across the octagon with wobbly knees. Cain followed him and continued to chop away at the champions jaw and will. The flurry opened a significant cut under Brock's left eye and put the champ on his back. Referee Herb Dean hovered close by as a downed Brock began to seem more desperate than co-ordinated in his defense. The champion was in blind survival mode but there was still a minute and a half to go, so Cain had plenty of working time. Unlike Shane Carwin before him, Velasquez did not punch himself out simply because he had the champ downed and nearly out. He carefully picked his shots and Lesnar began rolling over and covering up. Herb stepped in and the world of mixed martial arts had officially crowned its first mexican heavyweight champ.

Cain proved humble in victory and answered Joe Rogan's questions with the matter of fact professionalism usually coming from the losing side. Lesnar admitted to having had a great training camp and that Cain had simply bettered him that night. The former champ's closing remarks held a dim remnant of his trademark cocky grin as he promised a run to recapture the heavyweight UFC belt.

After watching Lesnar's fury appear impotent and calmly deflected by Cain, and then seeing the methodical attack delivered by the mexican american challenger, it seems probable that Velasquez will be the Franky Edgar to Brock's B.J. Penn. The gap in their performance was simply too big to chalk up to the dumb luck of certain exchanges. Cain could be in the winner circle for some time.

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