Breaking News: Denver Nuggets J.R. Smith to Play College Football?

Rich Kurtzman@@RichKurtzman Senior Analyst IOctober 23, 2010

J.R. Smith juking college kids on Saturdays in the Miami orange and green? Stranger things have happened.
J.R. Smith juking college kids on Saturdays in the Miami orange and green? Stranger things have happened.Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

J.R. Smith (or is it Earl?) is an interesting character.

J.R. infamously told reporters before a midseason game last year that he wanted to be called by his given name, Earl. Then, a few hours later, Earl reversed his stance and wanted to go by J.R. once again.

Smith is a self-made celebrity who’s got more ink than the constitution, two of which are  “Young Money” tattoos and is reportedly signed (along with Chris Johnson) as the two athletes under contract for the entertainment label. Young Money’s music talents include superstars Lil Wayne and Drake, and Wayne has been spotted at the Pepsi Center supporting Smith on some nights.

J.R. was even in the “BedRock” video, Young Money’s second video with all the current members of the entertainment company included.

J.R. Smith is also big on twitter. He frequently uses it to connect with fans, discussing everyday topics and proclaiming to the world that he’s better than Kobe.

So, it should come as no surprise that Smith made another announcement on his twitter account Friday night.

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What exactly Smith said was unexpected.

“If we (NBA) lock out man I’m going to go and play football!” Smith broadcasted.

The NBA lockout is looming over the 2011-12 season, and unlike the NFL’s Brandon Marshall announcing he would go to the NBA if their league were to lock out, Smith—who was selected out of high school—said he would opt to play college football.

He continued, “Werd an play WR,” and finished with, “Go to the UofM can kill it!”

After reading the tweets, I inquired into his proclamation and he actually responded.

I asked, “@JR_Swish So you're gonna play WR for the University of Michigan if there's an NBA lockout next year?”

Smith responded, “@richkurt Miami”

Smith declined to answer any further questions about reasons why he would opt to play college football in his off time from the NBA, but one can only imagine the highly athletically gifted Smith running routes and skying to catch touchdowns over much shorter defensive backs.

Would is accepted by coaches and players? Could he adapt to the college mindset?

Would J.R. Smith be an All-American wide receiver for The U?

No one knows for sure.

But, what most likely spooked J.R. in this haunted month of October was NBA Commissioner David Stern publicly discussing possible contraction and the need to cut player salaries by $700-800 million.

Either way, if push really were to come to shove and the league locks out next year, there’s no telling for sure what the indecisive Young Money Millionaire would do.

All we can do is sit back, have fun and be entertained by one of the most charismatic, egocentric and unique young celebrities in America today—J.R. Smith.

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