Michael Jordan Says He Could Score 100 in Today's NBA,Would You Bet Against Him?

Ryan VirginCorrespondent IOctober 16, 2010

Courtesy Of Getty Images
Courtesy Of Getty Images

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I'm going to tell you right off the get-go that you would be crazy to bet against Michael Jordan.

Crazy. Insane. Ludicrous.

Because Michael Jordan and great athletes like him, will stop at nothing to achieve success. They don't take no for an answer, they don't stop at good enough, they don't make excuses, they set their eyes on a goal and they go and achieve it.

and that is why you don't bet against Michael Jordan scoring 100 points in today's NBA.

How has the game changed from your playing days?

"It's less physical and the rules have changed, obviously. Based on these rules, if I had to play with my style of play, I'm pretty sure I would have fouled out or I would have been at the free throw line pretty often and I could have scored 100 points."  - Michael Jordan in an interview with USA Today

Because the second someone tells him he can't do something, is the second he would lace them up and set out to prove them wrong.

That is just how Jordan works.

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So yeah, Michael Jordan in his loafers and bathrobe, smoking a cigar and enjoying a scotch probably couldn't do anything but stand on the three point line and toss a few threes. But in his prime, playing in today's NBA, there is little reason to say that Jordan wouldn't be as dominant as he was in the 90's, if not even more dominant.

Why? Well, the way the NBA has structured the rules in favor of quicker guards in this modern age of American basketball,it would only make things easier on Jordan in terms of getting to the rack and throwing it down.

In his prime, Jordan was the most effective player in the league at getting into the painted area and either getting an easy bucket or getting a chance at two points on the line.

and with an 83% career average from the free throw line, he wouldn't be wasting too many opportunities once he got there.

Not only was he the best at getting easy buckets, but he was the best mid range jump shooter this league has ever seen.

We could do this all day, but in reality there was not a weak spot in Jordan's game.

Driving to the rim.

Pulling up for a jumper.

Shooting the three.




Name a spot in Jordan's game where he wasn't above average for his position.

The guy was an all around great player, making one disadvantage to playing in the modern NBA on a minor slight against his game.


In the 1990's, they really didn't have the kind of scouting that they do in today's NBA. There was scouting, but the filming equipment cost a lot more and it just wasn't as common as it is today.

Now, every single game is televised, each team has the ability to send scouts to watch each player play in person, each team has a group of film scouts that can cut the game film down to a fraction of the time but still get the gist of what the coaching staff want to show their players, something that is much more efficient than it was back in Jordan's playing days. (i.e.- Scouting LeBron James)

But still, what would an NBA scout gain from watching Jordan play or watching film? Or better yet, what would a coach be able to tell his players after watching said film?

Would you double him?

Triple him?


Man to man?

I mean, what would you show your players in the film that would better their ability to guard or attack him?

He is the best all around player to ever grace the game, if you attack one area of his game, he will just choose a different weapon to attack you with.

Sure, your best bet would be to slow him down, but is that really something new? There is nothing you can throw at Jordan that he hasn't already seen.

Pair that with weaker defenses and fundamentally inept players across the league, and you have history waiting to happen.

The odds wouldn't be in Jordan's favor and there is doubt in my mind that Jordan would be able to score 100 points in a single game.

But it's dangerous to bet against a player who has no weaknesses. 

I mean, it's no easy feat, but in reality Wilt never really scored 100 points.

He technically did, but it was likely the biggest farce that ever occurred in this league. The Philadelphia 76ers tried their hardest to give Wilt the chance to score 100, they fouled the Warriors on every possession in the fourth quarter to give the 76ers more time with the ball. They extended a blowout victory in the final minutes to add to Wilt's point total.

It was a total joke, but I credit him with being the only player close enough to 100 points to be able to swing the game in their favor.

It was essentially the perfect storm for Wilt on that day against the Golden State Warriors.

Playing against the backup 6' 10" center, playing against a weaker Warriors team, extending the blowout to inch yourself towards 100 points, and being able to physically out muscle each person that guarded you.

For Wilt, it really was a once in a lifetime game and it should be remembered as that, but it wasn't a legitimate 100 point performance.

Michael Jordan is the best the game has ever seen and after watching him dominate in a defensively oriented 1990's NBA, would you really bet against him scoring 100 points in today's NBA?

Jordan didn't stop at second best and I doubt he would give up until he was the record holder for the best single game performance in NBA history.

His Airness has proven us wrong almost every time we bet against him, so what makes you think that this time would end up being any different?

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