The Assassination Of Gail Kim's Career By The Coward Vince McMahon

Ichigo StarfishCorrespondent IOctober 14, 2010

World Wrestling Entertainment has long been plagued by the presence of performers whose only virtue is the ratings and money they might draw.

No wrestling fan would willingly watch the Great Khali lumber through a match, but the WWE isn't solely focused on its loyal fanbase. People fascinated by the unusual (giants and dwarfs) and the lucrative market of India all have money, and Vince wants to take it.

The presence of every Hornswoggle is offset by the presence of every Kaval, and the WWE "Universe," if not forgiving Vince McMahon, at least resolves to punch him less hard if they ever get the chance. The company needs to grow, expand, and make money. We understand.

However, does Vince?

Not every member of the roster can be a wrestling god, but surely every wrestler on the roster should be used to their full potential? Why exactly does Vince leave certain individuals to rot and fester?

Gail Kim, arguably one of the best female wrestlers of her generation, has found herself on her back beneath a buxom blonde more often than Lindsay Lohan. Since returning to the WWE in March 2009, Kim has been little more than a mute valet, occasionally seen hanging out backstage or hanging on the arm of lower midcard male performers.

On WWE's women's roster, she appears to have slipped, not just behind LayCool and Maryse, but also Alicia Fox, the Bella Twins, the radar, and the entire landmass the radar is placed on. Just what has happened to the career of Gail Kim?

It all began, well, way back in June 2003, when Kim won the WWE Women's title in her debut match, eliminating, among others, Victoria, in a battle royal. With an athletic and attractive look and a Matrix-inspired image (and Matrix-inspired move later adopted by Trish Stratus), she seemed to have everything the WWE needed to improve an already impressive women's division.

After some high-profile matches with Stratus and Lita and suffering an unfortunately injured collarbone, the WWE decided to take the women's division in a new direction (more blonde, less talent), and Gail Kim was released in November 2004.

Vince's loss was Jeff Jarrett's gain, as Gail Kim went to TNA and spearheaded one of the best women's rosters ever assembled. 

The contrast between the fighting, feuding, and flying women of TNA, and the back elbow-botching bimbos of WWE was stunning to witness, and Kim, as TNA Knockout of the Year, seemed to be leading the charge toward a new era of women's wrestling.

It was around this time that Vince got his checkbook out, tripling Gail's salary to entice her back to the dominant Wrestling brand, presumably discreetly covering the bit in the contract that states Gail take more pins than the guy from Hellraiser.

Why did Vince sign Gail? It seems obvious now that his motivation was to hurt TNA more than help WWE. Fine. That's business. But having acquired an awesome wrestler who's been drawing crowds to your main competitor faster than crowds to the restrooms during a Bella Twins segment, here's a funny idea.

Use her.

Kim has all the traits necessary. She's attractive, and 14-year old boys would probably like to sleep with her. That seems the general rule for making it in the WWE women's division these last couple of years, and Gail Kim ticks those two boxes.

She also, as a little bonus, can move around a wrestling ring without stumbling over her own feet and generally appearing as balanced and controlled as Bambi on a waterbed.

I'm not even suggesting that Gail Kim ought to be Unified Diva's Champion, but simply that it would be sensible to have a great wrestler wrestle. If not for the loyal fans of WWE's product, who want to see great wrestlers perform, then at least to make far inferior performers such as Eve, Alicia Fox, and Michelle McCool look good in the ring.

To the coward Vince McMahon, I'd like to say: If loyalty means so much to you, how about a little loyalty to the WWE fans for a change, because the fact is, just like Monday Night RAW, we're getting kind of tired.

It seems Gail is going nowhere because Vince is stubborn and holds grudges. Gail went to TNA, and now she's paying the price by jobbing to Kelly Kelly. She isn't the first to suffer, she won't be the last, and she certainly isn't alone, because when real wrestlers don't get to wrestle, the real wrestling fans suffer, too.


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