My Countdown Of The Most Entertaining Matches at Hell In a Cell 2010

Alex RobinsonContributor IIOctober 5, 2010

My Countdown Of The Most Entertaining Matches at Hell In a Cell 2010

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    Hey there, I’ve been away this weekend so just managed to watch Hell in a Cell.

    I thought instead of making a full blown review of the PPV I’ll just make a slideshow instead considering the amount of reviews there’ll be by the time I get to putting this up.

    This is not a countdown of what the best matches should be, it’s a countdown of the matches that entertained me the most and just because I put a match near the beginning does not mean I hated it, just that I enjoyed the others more.

    Oh and I left out the Divas match because……well, it’s the Divas match.


5. Edge def. Jack Swagger

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    I placed this match last because I just couldn’t get into it. It seemed more to me like something you’d see as the penultimate match on Smackdown; it’s big, but it’s not main event. Although it wasted a few minutes, I must say at least it was a decent match. It’s just I don’t think it belonged on a PPV…..yet.

    I’m not sure why they used Del Rio to start with to get the two in the ring. But at least Edge was continuing on his tirade against stupidity in WWE. Even though he’s supposed to be heel, he’s probably going to do a Randy Orton and turn face without it happening officially because let’s face it, we all share the same emotions as Edge wanting stupid things out the WWE. Although the Chihuahua in the Rey Mysterio mask made me laugh, I cannot wait till next month for a spear by Edge on the gobbledy goober (how the hell are you supposed to spell that?)

    Also, Swagger came out complaining that he didn’t even have a match on the card, and yet he came out in full wrestling gear. Then the anonymous Raw general manager (where the hell did that thing come from?) made a match for him. Coincidence? I’m starting to have reason to think maybe this whole wrestling business might be scripted.

4. Kane def. The Undertaker

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    Yes this was the main event. Yes Kane beat the Undertaker. Yes Paul Bearer switched allegiances. To be honest, neither of these things came as a shock to me. I’d heard rumours of Paul Bearer betraying the Undertaker like he had before and I just thought why the hell not? Undertaker buried him in concrete. If I were him, I’d be pissed too.

    The match was ok. It was slow, but steady nonetheless. Kane seemed to bleed a surprising amount. First from his mouth, then the back of head. It worked though because it made the match look quite hardcore. The ending made it worth it. It was good to see Kane fighting a full health Undertaker and come out on top (even if he did have help). And it was a very cool effect having light come out of the urn. Also, epic lightning and sound effects for Undertaker doing his pose as Kane lies on the floor? How often do you see that! Kane’s had the world heavyweight title for four pay-per-views now (including Money in the Bank) and seeing as it’s very rare nowadays for someone to reach five, I’m banking on an Undertaker win at Bragging Rights.

    On a side note, earlier on in the night, Josh Matthews was wandering around the corridors with his microphone looking for someone to interview (bless him) and out of the darkness behind him came Paul Bearer. Dark corridor, guy on his own, fat bloke coming out of nowhere with a shifty look on his face. Would’ve scared the hell out of me if I was there. This was basically Paul Bearers first promo in 6 years, and isn’t it fantastic that the man’s promo skills are as brilliant and creepy as ever? Love that guy.

3. Randy Orton Def. Sheamus

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    This was a very solid, well worked match. Randy Orton did a good job of making himself look like a tough SOB and really helped put over Sheamus. Sheamus was on top form, he’s always been a really good performer, able to show his emotions any which way, and although he didn’t win, he still had a very good match. There were lots of near falls, lots of movement, and a lot of use of the materials around them, particularly with the steel steps.

    The only problem I had with this match which stopped it niggling its way into the top 2 was the seemingly gradual passing of the torch of the superman act from John Cena to Randy Orton.  I won’t go too far into because I’m planning on righting an article about this very subject. All I’ll say for now is that I don’t think it would have hurt Orton if Sheamus kicked out of a pin after an RKO. But more on that in a few days.

    Sheamus has a long and prosperous career ahead of him, he brings his all to every match and always gets the reaction he needs from the crowd. I reckon he’ll no doubt be a third time world champion next year. As for Orton, he worked hard in this match. He looks good, the crowd love him, the IWC love him, he works the mic well and can move well in the ring as well as take a few bumps. I see a long title reign ahead of him, probably ending at either Royal Rumble or Elimination Chamber.

2. Wade Barrett Def. John Cena

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    Wow. Just wow. It was very hard not to put this at no. 1 but it just started off a bit too slow considering the massive rush at the end. Other than that, this definitely has to win the Slammy for Shock of the Year. Cena loses and will have to join Nexus……wow.

    Now, everyone’s been talking about Cena turning heel for months. This isn’t a guarantee of him turning heel, we’ll have to see how WWE plan this one out. How many people didn’t go nuts in the last 30 seconds of this match? I know I did, just like that kid on youtube. It was a great way of confusing and shocking the crowd and even causing adults to take a step back and think “woah, was that supposed to happen?” When the guy in the blue shirt climbed into the ring, we all thought one great big collective LOL. This stuff is bound to happen, you’re right next to the ring, plus you’ll be on TV around the globe. And it looked like they had a genuine response to the problem, even John Cena, quit what he was doing. We all wait for it to calm down then BAM! Another fan hits Cena from out of nowhere, disappears and Barrett gets the pin.

    Now I’m going to give my honest opinion here and I don’t care how childish it sounds or if it makes me sound like an idiot, but I still don’t know if that was real or not. I mean, did some guy really hate Cena that much and attack him, and Cena just think “screw this, just pin me and get this over with” or did they actually plan it all out? Were the people who jumped into the ring Nexus agents? I’d’ve normally thought it was fake but the reaction from the referee and security was so convincing I’m genuinely confused.

    Oh well, the main point is Cena joins Nexus (hooray). God knows what would’ve happened if Cena had won and Nexus disbanded. That would’ve probably been the worse move Creative had made this year. And wasn’t the reaction from the crowd amazing?! The kids’ faces were priceless! Did anyone else love Matt Striker for bring up the point that all the kids and women shout let’s go Cena and all the men shout let’s go Barrett? King and Cole were basically stunned, realising anything they say to defend themselves would show how kiddified Cena (their poster boy) is.

    Oh, and did anyone think that Barrett was going to win seeing as on the logo for Bragging Rights, the N is the Nexus logo, and the fact that Nexus are in the promo for it?

1. Daniel Bryan Def. The Miz and John Morrison

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    The reason I picked this match was because I found it to be pure entertainment from start to finish. Sometimes it’s unappealing to have a triple threat match……..or a submission match. Triple threats usually have the same basic formula: Two heels and one face where the heels gang up on the face, then it ends up with the face going one on one with a heel, or two faces and one heel, where the faces gang up briefly before one is tossed out the ring till later, the heel fights a face one on one, then the two faces stare at each other for ages before having a brief one on one. But in this match, there’s the Miz (heel), John Morrison (face), and Daniel Bryan (doesn’t give a damn about the Rules of pro wrestling and will fight anybody).

    Each superstar showed skill, and it was good to see Miz could actually use some decent submissions. And that was a fantastic submission by Morrison on the Miz using the ropes. I have always been sceptical of John Morrison, wondering why everyone was calling for him to have a push but now I’m noticing his skill more and more each time he steps into the ring.

    One thing I’ll briefly say about Morrison, that jump off the cell wall on the stage onto Bryan and Miz, well done to you sir. After a performance like that, I’m with everyone else, start putting JoMo into the main event frame. People say he’s the next Shawn Michaels…… There will never be another Shawn Michaels. Morrison might be the next Showstopper, but he will never be the next HBK. Again, I’ll be doing an article on this subject later as well.

    All in all, this match had a lot of pace and a lot of action from skilled young superstars. They each showed ingenuity, for instance, when Miz and Bryan were locked up in the ring and trading blows with their boots. All three men showed why they have a future in WWE, they kept me entertained for a full quarter of an hour. How many matches can you say have done the same in the last year?