Tampa Bay Buccaneers Slaughtered: The Postmortem

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer ISeptember 27, 2010

Reports of a massive slaughed surfaced Sunday at Raymond James Stadium.
Reports of a massive slaughed surfaced Sunday at Raymond James Stadium.

They may as well have lined off the playing field there at Raymond James with crime scene tape.

They may as well have filmed a new episode of "CSI: Tampa Bay."

It was that bad.

There was no sign of forced entry at the crime scene. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers knew the suspects and apparently let them in the front door.

Around 4 p.m. Sunday afternoon, 45 bodies were discovered, covered over by black Pittsburgh Steeler jerseys and thousands of gold "Terrible Towels."

There was no shortage of witnesses. Apparently more than 60,000 saw what happened.

There are an abundance of "persons of interest, " mainly an older guy named Charlie Batch, a scary-looking running back named Rashard Mendenhall, a very large, imposing man named Brett Keisel, a very hyper-active, large fellow named James Harrison and the man suspected of being the evil mastermind of the slaughter -- Mike Tomlin -- who reports say is a good friend of the victims' coach -- Raheem Morris.

Isn't that the way it happens so very often with a crime of this proportion? The victims knew the attacker. The attacker was willingly let in the front door.

Today, in the aftermath of the 38-13 beatdown that claimed all the members of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Morris tells us that his team was not "dominated." Yes, perhaps he's right. Dominated isn't the right word. Flat out "squashed" is.

And now that the Buccaneers have fallen from the ranks of the NFL's undefeated, the following information was gleaned from the "crime scene."

1.   The Bucs still have to be concerned with their lack of a running game.

2.   The Bucs still have to be concerned about the lack of help the wide receivers are giving quarterback Josh Freeman.

3.   The Bucs still have to be concerned about their secondary, now that Tanard Jackson is gone and you've got rookie Cody Grimm back there. Grimm needs to remember to turn around next time when the football is approaching his man.

4.   The Bucs still have to be concerned about stopping the run when they face a quality offensive line. Rashard Mendenhall put up how many?  One hundred forty-three.

There are as many concerns as ever for this young, inexperienced team that was blown out by the Steelers, a playoff contender. The Steelers made the Bucs look young and experienced and in turn, the Bucs made Batch look like a Pro Bowl quarterback and provided the cure for what had ailed a Pittsburgh offense that was pretty unproductive against Tennessee.

Good news is that this game was blacked out and everyone should send the Glazers a thank-you note for taking care of that. You didn't want to see this one, you really didn't, unless you enjoy attending a good autopsy now and then.

More good news for the Buccaneers is that they don't have to play anyone next Sunday.

Raheem has two weeks to spin this one and tell everyone that it wasn't as bad as it looked.

Fact is, Raheem, it might have been worse than it looked.

Good thing that Mike Tomlin is a good friend of yours, Raheem.

We can't begin to imagine what that crime scene might have looked like if he really disliked you.


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