NFL Week 3: Washington Redskins Butt Heads Against the St. Louis Rams and Lose

Brandon KeenerCorrespondent ISeptember 27, 2010

ST. LOUIS - SEPTEMBER 26: Na'Il Diggs #53 of the St. Louis Rams forces a fumble against Santana Moss #89 of the Washington Redskins at the Edward Jones Dome on September 26, 2010 in St. Louis, Missouri.  The Rams beat the Redskins 30-16.  (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)
Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Well, well, well. Here I go again. I am learning very quickly that it is a good thing I have not been putting money on my own predictions. Things that appear good on paper obviously are meaningless on a Sunday.

To put it as politically correct and nicely as I possibly can, the Redskins stunk up that game!

The Rams came out of nowhere to show that they can score even without Steven Jackson for most of the game. 

Josh Bidwell "tweaked" his right hip during pre-game warm ups and kicker Graham Gano stepped in to take over punting duties. His 24.0 yard average is less than fantastic but he did get one inside the 20.

Anyone can look up the score on NFL.com and see how the Redskins defense performed...or did not perform may be the best way to put things. Giving credit where credit is due is important to me so I will give one big cheer for the defensive line's push on the one yard line after the Mark Clayton "catch."

The replay was shown over and over again from about six different angles and after watching the replay I believe that call could have been overturned with a booth review, but none was called for.

Without further adieu I will now segway you into this weeks, Gameday Grades:

QB: B. Donovan McNabb and Sam Bradford both had almost equal stats. But McNabb's pitch to Santana Moss was nothing less than beautiful.

RB: B+. I cannot fault their low production because they were not called upon too much. When their number was called though, they produced with a couple of big gains.

WR: D+. Aside from Santana Moss, what happened?

TE: A. Chris Cooley and Fred Davis both contributed with catches. I noticed Fred Davis was blocking better this week for some reason.

O-Line: B. The Hogs allowed a lot of pressure to get to McNabb but they opened a few good holes for running. They appeared to have a tough time picking up blitzes.

D-Line: B. Did a decent job pushing the pocket thin, they cannot help that Bradford stood tall inside it. No sacks bothers me a bit though.

LB: A. London Fletcher led the team in tackles. Rocky McIntosh and Brian Orakpo both played very well. Orakpo picked up the defense's only sack.

CB: C. DeAngelo Hall got beat a few times real bad but play physical overall. The others...wait were there others?

S: B. LaRon Landry is consistently located at the top of the defensive leader boards.

K: A. Gano did all that you can ask from a kicker.

P. C. Graham Gano attempted for his first time to be a punter. He did get one inside the 20 though.

Special teams: C. Turnover's are that good. There for the Redskin's special teams are not good.

Coaching: D. You lost to the St. Louis Rams. Only reason you got a D instead of an F is because the Redskins did score. 

It appears again that my prediction was wrong so for those who put money on the game because of my prediction I apologize. I am not sure of any "expert" that did not pick the Redskins in this one though so I do not feel so bad. Plainly, with all the fumbling going on the Redskins just dropped the ball against the Rams and now they have an "L" to show for it.

Now looking to next week and getting a red hot Michael Vick and Eagles team is somewhat scary, hopefully the defense will be watching plenty of tape this week and gelling together better.

See you next week and Hail to the Redskins!


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