Cooper Manning: "I'd have four rings by now"

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IAugust 10, 2008

Cooper Manning, the older brother of Peyton (above, right) and Eli Manning (above, left), made a rare public statement recently.

“I’d have four Super Bowl rings by now,” Cooper Manning said. “Maybe five. I mean, how hard can it be to win the Super Bowl?”

Cooper Manning was a standout high school receiver in New Orleans, only to have his career derailed by a spinal condition. Still, many believe he had more natural football talent than either of his brothers, who were both selected first overall.

“Man, the Super Bowls would have been fun to play in,” Cooper said. “I was drawing out some plays the other day on some napkins—some reverses and flea flickers and stuff. There is nothing that could stop me from being Super Bowl MVP. The Super Bowl is easy.”

Cooper’s self-assuredness has led him to become very frustrated with both of his brothers. When he became hurt, Cooper says he was counting on being able to live vicariously through his brothers.

“This is ridiculous,” Cooper said. “It took Peyton what, like ten years? And Eli is just getting around to going? Win some **** titles, little boys!”

As for Cooper’s prediction that he’d have a ring for each finger, father Archie Manning  says it may be accurate.

“Let’s face it,” Archie said. “Peyton and Eli got my ‘arm' gene. But Cooper, he got my ‘winner’ gene.”


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