Top 20 Greatest Football Derbies In The World

Ivan SoldoCorrespondent IISeptember 17, 2010

Top 20 Greatest Football Derbies In The World

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    What is it about a derby game that captures the raw emotion & passion of football? They are much more than a normal game of football that’s for sure!


    Here are some of the reasons that play an important role in setting up the rivalry required for a classic derby contest.

    1) Location

    Location is one of the most common reasons to set a big rivalry.

    These games provide supporters with the opportunity to contest local bragging rights. As a result they are quite often the most important games on any supporter’s calendar.

    Example: Everton vs Liverpool

    2) Controversy

    A controversial event can create great animosity between clubs.

    One single event usually isn’t enough to create an enduring rivalry between clubs. However these events often fuel the flames between existing rivals.

    Example: Luis Figo became most hated man in Catalonia in 2000 when he moved to Real Madrid

    3) Religous

    Religious derbies are definitely one of the most passionate in the world.

    Example: The greatest example is "Old Firm" derby between Celtic (Catholic) and Rangers (Protestants)

    We can number a lot of reasons but those were probably the biggest ones.

    I hope you will enjoy reading this great slideshow!

Dinamo Zagreb Vs Hajduk Split

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    Country: Croatia

    League titles:       Dinamo 12

                                    Hajduk   6

    Eternal derby is a match between the two biggest and most popular Croatian clubs Dinamo Zagreb and Hajduk Split.

    This derbies are always full of hates between two clubs which makes sad a lot of people because they were fighting together in war against Serbian aggression.

    Interesting, Niko Kranjcar (Tottenham Hotspur) played for both teams. ( Dinamo 2001-2004, Hajduk 2004-2006).

    Head to Head

    Played: 183

    Dinamo Wins: 73

    Draws:       46

    Hajduk Wins: 64

Celtic Vs Rangers

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    Country: Scotland

    League Titles:  Rangers  53

                                 Celtic      42

    Old Firm is definitely one of the most popular derbies we ever heard about. 

    Derby between clubs Celtic and Rangers, both based in Glasgow.

    This derby can also be named religious derby as Celtic Catholics while Rangers are Protestants so this religous views bring more fire in this derby.

    Head to Head:

    Played:  295

    Rangers Wins: 155

    Draws:  93

    Celtic Wins: 140

Galatasaray Vs Fenerbahce

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    Country: Turkey

    League Titles:  Galatasaray  17

                                Fenerbahce  17

    Turkish football rivalry involves their two most successful clubs, Fenerbahce and Galatasaray.

    This match developed into an really intense match that attracts large attendance. 

    Head to Head:


    Fenerbahce Wins: 139

    Draws: 110

    Galatasaray Wins:  116

Borussia Dortmund Vs Schalke 04

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    Country: Germany

    League Titles:  Borussia Dortmund  6

                                Schalke 04                  7

    Revierderby is the most famous derby in German football.

    it's between Borussia Dortmund and Schalke 04.

    Head to Head:

    Played: 130

    Schalke 04 Wins: 54

    Draws: 33

    Borussia Dortmund Wins: 45

Real Madrid Vs Barcelona

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    Country: Spain

    League Titles: Real Madrid  31

                                Barcelona    20

    El Clasico is one of the greatest derbies played, maybe even the greatest.

    The rivalry comes about as Madrid and Barcelona are the two largest cities in Spain, and the two clubs are the most successful and influential football clubs in the country.

    Also this derbies are intensified with opposing political positions (Spanish and Catalan nationalism)

    Notable players to play for both teams:

    Robert Prosinecki

    Michael Laudrup

    Luis Enrique

    Luis Figo


    Head to Head:

    Played: 204

    Real Madrid Wins: 83

    Draws: 43

    Barcelona Wins: 78

Benfica Vs Porto

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    Country: Portugal

    League Titles:  Benfica  32

                                Porto      24

    O Classico is a match between the new power (FC Porto) in Portuguese football versus the traditional strong force (Benfica).

    Benfica and Porto are the most successful clubs in Portugal.

    Head to Head:

    Played: 216

    Porto Wins:82

    Draws: 53

    Benfica Wins:81

Liverpool Vs Everton

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    Country: England

    League Titles:  Liverpool 18

                                 Everton    9

    The popular Merseyside derby is the name of the match between Everton and Liverpool, the two most successful clubs from the city of Liverpool.

    It is the longest currently running top-flight derby in England.

    Head to Head:

    Played: 213

    Liverpool Wins: 85

    Draws: 63

    Everton Wins: 65

Boca Juniors Vs River Plate

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    Country: Argentina

    League Titles:  River Plate       33

                                Boca Juniors   23

    Superclásico is derby between Buenos Aries rivals, Boca Juniors and River Plate.

    The Superclásico is known worldwide as one of the fiercest and most important derbies.

    River and Boca are the most successful and the most popular clubs in Argentina.

    Head to Head:

    Played: 314

    Boca Wins: 117

    Draws: 98

    River Wins: 99

Olympiacos Vs Panathinaikos

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    Country: Greece

    League Titles:  Olympiakos  37

                                Panathinaikos 20

    The Derby of the eternal enemies is a football match, between two the most successful clubs in Greece, Olympiacos and Panathinaikos.

    This derby has always been a classic for the Greek capital, as well as the whole of Greece, and one of the most well-known rivalries around the world.

    Head to Head:

    Played: 160

    Olympiacos Wins: 55

    Draws: 51

    Panathinaikos Wins: 34

Flamengo Vs Fluminese

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    Country: Brazil

    League TItles:  Flamengo   6

                                Fluminese  1

    Fla-Flu is a football match between cross-town rivals Flamengo and Fluminese.  

    The world record football match attendance between clubs is a Fla 0-0 Flu with 194,603 in 1963.

    Head to Head:

    Played: 373

    Flamengo Wins: 135

    Draws: 121

    Fluminese Wins: 119

Roma Vs Lazio

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    Country: Italy

    League TItles:  Roma  3

                                Lazio   2

    The Derby della Capitale is the local football match between Lazio and Roma. 

    It is considered to be the fiercest derby in the country ahead of the other major local derbies.

    The derby has been historically marked by massive crowds, excitement, violence and – recently – racist banners in the crowd.

    Head to Head:

    Played: 161

    Roma Wins: 58

    Draws: 59

    Lazio Wins: 44

Arsenal Vs Tottenham

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    Country: England

    League TItles: Arsenal      13

                              Tottenham   2

    The North London derby is the name of the football local derby between Arsenal and Tottenham.

    Rivalry became even bigger when Sol Campbell moved to Arsenal from Tottenham. 

    Head to Head:

    Played: 166

    Arsenal Wins: 69

    Draws: 46

    Tottenham Wins: 51

Benfica Vs Sporting Lisbon

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    Country: Portugal

    League Titles:  Benfica   32

                                Sporting  18

    Derby de Lisboa is a football match between Benfica and Sporting Lisbon.

    Sporting fans usually represent the wealthier society from Lisbon, while Benfica fans represent the less favorable society.

    Head to Head:

    Played:: 282

    Benfica Wins: 120

    Draws: 104

    Sporting Wins: 58

Dinamo Bucharest Vs Steaua Buchurest

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    Country: Romania

    League Titles:  Steaua Buchurest    23

                                Dinamo Buchurest   18

    Romanian eternal derby is a football match between club from the capital city in Romania, Dinamo and Steaua.

    They are the biggest and the most popular clubs in Romania.

    Head to Head:

    Played: 145

    Steaua Wins: 48

    Draws:  45

    Dinamo Wins: 52

Liverpool Vs Manchester United

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    Country: England

    League TItles:  Manchester Untied    18

                                 Liverpool                     18

    Match between Liverpool and Manchester United is one of the most significant sporting rivalries in football, sometimes referred to as the North West derby.

    This two clubs are also the most successful in England.

    Players like Gerrard and Giggs that this match is probably  the most famous match in England football.

    Head to Head:

    Played: 179

    Manchester Utd Wins: 69


    Liverpool Wins: 60

PSG Vs Marseille

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    Country: France

    League Titles: Marseille 9

                                PSG        2

    Le Classique is a football match contested between Marseille and PSG.

    The rivalry comes about as Paris and Marseille are two largest cities in France.

    Head to Head:

    Played: 74

    Marseille Wins: 30

    Draws: 19

    PSG Wins: 25

Al Ahly Vs Zamalek

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    Country: Egypt

    League TItles: Al Ahly 35

                               Zamalek 11

    Cairo derby is a match between the two most successful clubs in Egypt, Al Ahly and Zamalek.

    Numerous fights, injuries and deaths used to be reported before matters became more controlled due to Egypt's authoritative regime.

    Head to Head:

    Played: 140

    El Ahly Wins:57

    Draws: 47

    Zamalek Wins: 36

Ajax Vs Feyenoord

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    Country: Netherlands

    League Titles: Ajax             29

                              Feyenoord  14

    De Klassieker is main rivalry in Netherlands. It's between Ajax and Feyenoord.

    A lot of violence have been occurred during this derby.

    Head to Head:

    Played: 163

    Ajax Wins: 72

    Draws: 38

    Feyenoord Wins: 53

Red Star Vs Partizan

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    Country: Serbia

    League Titles: Partizan 11

                               Red Star  6

    Serbian Eternal derby is a match between Partizan and Red Star.

    Derby games were always greatly anticipated and quite spectacular.

    Head to Head:

    Played: 138

    Red Star WIns: 57

    Draws: 43

    Partizan Wins: 38

Milan Vs Inter

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    Country: Italy

    League Titles: Inter  18

                              Milan 17

    Derby della Madonnina is local derby between Milan and Inter.

    It is one of the most followed derbies in football world.

    It is called "Derby della Madonnina" in honour of one of the main sights of the city of Milan, the statue of the Virgin Mary on the top of the Duomo, which is usually called "Madonnina".

    Notable players to play for both teams:

    Andrea Pirlo

    Clarence Seedorf

    Hernan Crespo

    Dario Simic


    Giueseppe Meazza

    Christian Panucci

    Head to Head:


    Milan Wins: 106

    Draws: 72

    Inter Wins: 96