Tim Tebow Looking for a Stellar Showing In His Hometown NFL Debut

Omar BrownCorrespondent ISeptember 12, 2010

DENVER - AUGUST 29: Quarterback Tim Tebow #15 of the Denver Broncos makes a pass against the Pittsburgh Steelers at INVESCO Field at Mile High on August 29, 2010 in Denver, Colorado.  (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)
Justin Edmonds /Getty Images

Well it is a gorgeous summer morning here in Jacksonvile, Fla.

Heat index readings is expected to be 100 to 104. Current humidity level is @ 88%, chance of rain today 50%.

May I suggest praying for rain during the game to cool things down.

Two players I am expecting big things from today are Joe Mays and Stanley Daniels.

I expect to see the Broncos offense pounding the rock on the Jaguars with Knowshon Moreno, Correll Buckhalter and Andre Brown. I will not be surprised to see the Broncos rushing attack having more reps than the passing attack today, while McDaniels keeps opponents guessing as to what the true identity of this offense is heading into the season.

Contrary to popular belief, at the moment I believe the rushing game is the stregnth of this offense.

Today I expect to see McDaniels flexing this stregnth against one of the most formidable rushing units in the league in order to take their heralded glory from them, as he keeps the critics scratching their heads as to the brilliance of the head coach.

McDaniels defense will look to prove that the third-ranked passing defense may not be the actual stregnth of the defense this season, considering what Josh is bringing to the table in the form of the stregnth his new rushing defense possess.

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The aquisition of what Kevin Vickerson brings to the table, is like cherry on the cake of this defense.

Why Vickerson was cut after the all the draft picks given for him and Lendale White this offseason to the Titans has Seahawks fan at a loss, considering the outstanding preseason Vickerson had.

The pieces are finally in place for McDaniels to start the season with a bigger bang than the 6-0 route he started off with during his rookie season.

With the depth added to this team during the offseason, Broncos are well on their way to emerging as a dominant force to contend with this season.

The trash talking Jaguars may find themselves clinging to a tiger by its tail, with a death grip as if they were clinging to a live 220 volt powerline.

The season may well indeed end long before it begins for the Jags, with talks of Jack Del Rio being fired prior to the season ending.

David Garrard, as a result could find himself riding the pine in place of the quarterback that was sent packing as a result of having been beat out by Byron Leftwich himself.

The irony hear gets even more ironic when you consider that the quarterback compared to Leftwich, the hometown phenom that was passed up in the draft by his hometown team emerges in his NFL debut with a magnificent showing.

If so, Tebows showing will dispells the socalled experts takes on to being nothing more than the fringe looney rhetoric of a bunch of IDIOTS.