ESPN Radio's Mike Greenberg Says 49ers Make It To Super Bowl

Randy SavoieAnalyst IISeptember 10, 2010

San Francisco 49ers WR Michael Crabtree Says He's No Diva.
San Francisco 49ers WR Michael Crabtree Says He's No Diva.Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

It has been an eventful week for the New Orleans Saints next opponent the San Francisco 49ers and they have not even played their first game yet that comes this Sunday against Seattle.

On Thursday morning, ESPN's Mike Greenberg picked the Niners to make the Super Bowl- a definite surprise.

On Friday morning, 49er star receiver Michael Crabtree insisted to the national media that he's no diva, despite the fact that he admits owning more than 1,000 shoes and doesn't like to wear an outfit twice.

Crabtree told the San Francisco Chronicle, "What is a diva? Really, I have no idea."

Mike Singletary, Crabtree's head coach, may do a zany thing here and there, like drop his pants during a halftime speech in 2008 but nobody has ever accused Samurai Mike of being a diva. And Singletary says in spite of Crabtree's shoe fetish, he is no diva.

"He's really misconstrued, because when you look at him, you think he's a diva, as they were saying last year. He's the furthest thing from it. (Crabtree) likes to dress nice, he likes nice things, but you're not going to find him clubbing or things like that, that's just not him," said Singletary to the Chronicle.

Adds Crabtree, "I'm telling you that (being a diva) ain't me. Not when it comes to my teammates and guys that see me everyday. I'm just a regular guy like everyone else."

Appearances are deceiving folks. Just because Crabtree owns more shoes than Lady Gaga doesn't make him a diva.

As far as the Super Bowl prediction, Greenberg told listeners on Thursday, "The 49ers are going to win the (NFC) West. They're going to wrap it up in October. I love Mike Singletary. I loved him as a player.I think (quarterback) Alex Smith is going to be better. I think Patrick Willis is maybe the best defensive player in the National Football League. (Frank) Gore has got to stay healthy.

"They've got weapons on offense with (Vernon) Davis and Crabtree. I like San Francisco. I think this is goint to surprise a lot of people but I'm standing on this pick," said Greenberg.

Added his sidekick Mike Golic, "I don't think that's going to happen. I think (the 49ers) are going to win that division but I'm not sold on the quarterback Alex Smith just yet. If he proves me wrong, certainly they could be there (in the Super Bowl) because I do like their defense and running game and they have great weapons as well outside with Davis and Crabtree."

Davis and Crabtree? Is that a store in the mall where divas shop?

The New Orleans Saints and San Francisco 49ers meet next Monday night on the Bay.


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