Zlatan Ibrahimovic: How AC Milan Hustled FC Barcelona Yet Again

Adi-Oula Sebastian@JubeiKibagameCorrespondent IIAugust 28, 2010

AC Milan finally got their man...Adriano Galliani hustled FC Barcelona yet again. This time, they managed to con FC Barcelona for their most expensive signing in Zlatan Ibrahimovic for a mere 24,000,000€ payable next year.

Let's do the math again.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic to FC Barcelona

49,000,000€ (in a one-off payment)

20,000,000€ (the supposed value of Samuel Eto'o)


69,000,000€ Total Transfer Value

Amortisation over Ibrahimovic five year contract

69,000,000€ / 5 = 13,800,000€ per year

                       +10,000,000€ wages


23,800,000€ /season

Now let's break it down:

2009          2010           2011           2012          2013

Amortisation  13,800,000€ 13,800,000€ 13,800,000€ 13,800,000€ 13,800,000€

Wages          10,000,000€ 10,000,000€ 10,000,000€ 10,000,000€ 10,000,000€

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has already been paid for the 2009/2010 season, which means he set us back 23,800,000€ (after amortisation and including the value of Samuel Eto'o). He will be paid for 2010/2011 in full by AC Milan, who have the obligation to buy him next season for a fixed sum of 24,000,000€.

That still leaves us with a net loss of 13,800,000€ (the amortisation rate for 2010). AC Milan are only requested to pay his full wages.

FC Barcelona have paid 69,000,000€ for Zlatan Ibrahimovic services. After amortisation, his value should be set at 51,000,000€.

69,000,000€ 49,000,000€ (excluding Samuel Eto'o's value)

      - 13,800,000€         8,500,000€

      - 13,800,000€        8,500,000€

------------ -----------

41,400,000€       32,000,000€

In any case, FC Barcelona are set to make a loss. If the loan deal for Zlatan Ibrahimovic would include a fee, it would make some kind of sense, but since such a fee is not mentioned, I assume there isn't one.

Now let's analyze AC Milan's deal in where they are obligated to pay 24,000,000€. In 2011, AC Milan will make the loan deal for Zlatan Ibrahimovic permanent and offer him a four year contract. 24,000,000€ / 4 = 6,000,000€ (amortisation rate per year)

                                   2010/2011 2012 2013 2014            2015

transfer fee        x           6,000,000€   6,000,000€  6,000,000€   6,000,000€

wages 10,000,000€     10,000,000€ 10,000,000€ 10,000,000€ 10,000,000€

After their initial loan period, their amortisation rate + wages will only account for 16,000,000€, while FC Barcelona's is 23,800,000€.

AC Milan transfer fee for Ibrahimovic is essentially FC Barcelona's amortisation rate + wages in 2012. Which in reality means after Zlatan's transfer the Blaugrana will subsidize his move to AC Milan with 7,800,000€ for the 2012/2013; 2013/2014 seasons.


FC Barcelona amortisation rate: 13,800,000€

AC Milan amortisation rate:         6,000,000€

Regardless of what Sandro Rossell and his board are saying, this is by far the worst deal in FC Barcelona history.

Impeach the President!