Philadelphia Phillies Feet Not Helping them to Three-Peat

JohnContributor IIIAugust 28, 2010

Philadelphia Phillies Feet Not Helping them to Three-Peat

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    Although it may seem strange, this year the Phillies feet have played a big role in their season.  Whether it be injuries, or balks, or just plain mess-ups, the Phillies have had some eventful things happen to them that involved feet.  Here is a list of some of the main feet-related events:

April 28, 2010: Ryan Madson Hurts His Toe By Kicking a Chair

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    On April 28th, Ryan Madson added to the Phillies injuries.  According to the Philadelphia Inquirer:

    The lanky reliever, who served as the Phillies' closer in Brad Lidge's absence, broke his right big toe when he angrily kicked a chair after a blown save in San Francisco on Wednesday..."I went downstairs to cool off and I slipped on the way down and that just set me off," Madson said. "There was a chair at the end of the stairs and I tried to kick it over and I caught my toe underneath the chair instead of on top."

June 29, 2010: Chase Utley Breaks His Thumb Sliding into Second Base

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    You may be thinking, "What does this have to do with feet?"  Because this time, the event doesn't have to do with what someone did with their feet.  It has to do with what they didn't do with their feet.  The reason that Utley's injury had to do with feet is because if he had slid in feet first instead of head first he wouldn't have hurt his thumb, and that could have changed the outcome of the Phillies' season.

July 26, 2010: Jimmy Rollins Fouls a Ball off his Foot

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    On July 26th, two things happened that had to do with feet.  One was with Jimmy Rollins.   He fouled a ball off of his foot, putting him on the day-to-day DL.

July 26, 2010: J.C. Romero Loses His Shoe Covering First Base

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    In the same game that Rollins fouled a ball off his foot, J.C. Romero lost his shoe while covering first base on a ground ball.  The ball hit off of Ryan Howard's glove, and then Wilson Valdez made a great bare-handed play to get the runner out at first.  

    As Romero stepped off the bag, his shoe stayed there(it probably got caught on the base as he stepped of), leaving him hopping around the infield(he didn't want to get his sock dirty).

August 1, 2010: Ryan Howard Sprains his Ankle

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    On the first day of August, Ryan Howard had a bad ankle sprain.  He was on first base when the batter singled.  He started to round second, but then, realizing he wasn't going to make it, headed back to the bag.  As he went back to second, his foot got caught on the side of the base, twisting his ankle around and spraining it very badly.

August 26, 2010: J.C Romero Loses his Shoe Again

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    Exactly a month after losing his shoe the first time, J.C. Romero lost his shoe again.

    After the batter hit a ground ball to the right of the mound, Romero dove to get it.  The ball glanced off the edge of his glove and bounced away.  He jumped up and ran to get the ball, but somehow in the process his shoe flew off again, once again making him have to hop back to get it.

August 27, 2010: Brad Lidge Balks in the Tying Run in the Ninth

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    This game was just last night, and what and eventful game it was.  After hitting the batter on and 0-2, Lidge found himself in a bases loaded situation with two outs. 

    Then he promptly balked in the tying run.

    According to The Associated Press :

    Lidge called his balk "a bizarre thing."...He said he was moving the ball into his glove to get his grip when the ball hit his glove and started coming out. He looked down while his momentum was taking him forward... Basically I had to step off or I would have fallen on my face," he said. "It's kind of hard to explain. It happened pretty quick. Suffice it say I wasn't thrilled about that, and probably in a million more windups, something like that wouldn't happen. Fortunately, we won the game."

    Luckily, the Phillies ended up winning the game in extras.


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