Pro Wrestling Overload: Are We Being Hit With Too Much Wreslting?

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIAugust 25, 2010

Many pro wrestling fans have their own opinions on why they see the decline in entertainment in the world of sports entertainment:

“There are no good, entertaining wrestlers left…no one has that spark!”

“Pro wrestling is for kids, it is way too corny!”

“It’s just boring point, blank, period there is no other way to say it.”

“The wrestling websites killed the world of pro wrestling!”

All those aspects are great opinions heard from fans around the world. There are many other reasons why or aspects of what are the decline to the pro wrestling world.

Many fans that have been around for years have stopped watching, as they don’t feel the same vibe they once use to.

Everyone has their own reason to like or dislike something or someone. Everyone has their own opinion on why wrestling is no longer the way it used to be…which excitement, energy, are the goose bumps that you once felt after an epic match

The biggest thing- topic that a lot of fans agree on that is killing the pro wrestling world or at least killing interest is pro wrestling websites.

Because if you talk to a hardcore fan or listen to them reminisce a lot of them talk about the excitement the shock value.

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A lot of wrestling fans love the in-ring aspect but a lot of them miss the surprise factor to it.

This shock/surprise aspect of pro wrestling is no more; pro wrestling sites report all of that within seconds.

Yeah fans don’t have to go on a site and look it up but yet there still is that interest to do so. Fans want that aspect back, the only thing that could do so is to bring in some new freshening ideas. But it is not that simple and even if that were to happen would that resolve anything?


There are so many things that need to be done. But one of the big problems that many fans don’t look at and could see as a killer to the interest factor is… the amount of pro wrestling being pushed out weekly.

Are we being hit with too much wrestling?

We have WWE with how many shows per week (4) plus PPV you have TNA Wrestling and then even ROH and other indie promotions.

So the aspect of fresh new and excitement is not there anymore as we are being hit hard every week with wrestling. Not only that we have the websites spewing out info more and more every day.

It has been highly talked about a lot lately that PPV for pro wrestling are in decline. Many want to blame that on the UFC but no. Yes they are having a effect but I doubt that is the main reason.

It probably has to do with the interest value and how many pay per views is being pushed out every month.

WWE does not want to face that fact as they put out a new format for each PPV by adding gimmicks to add more interest. It was a good shot but is not enough.

If you look at the matches that are on every card for each event you have already seen this match so many times; so when it comes to the grand finale or the big meet up fans look and say, “I’ll pass!”

It’s the same match ups….same results…nothing really special added to the match except for a gimmick which is not even great.

It is said that Eric Bishoff is the one to thank for the current format for the way pay per views are displayed each month. Well maybe it’s time to cut back down!

This would add/bring back that important feeling to each event.

Let’s face it times have changed people don’t want to pay for a pro wrestling event any more worth 30-40 dollars. Especially in this economy!

The money value should be considered to be brought down too. Yes WWE wants to dominate events again but they need to worry about ways to get interest back first. Then TNA needs to um yeah do a lot, I mean a lot…maybe hit up Paul E. Heyman and let him do what he has to do!

WWE is taking a great step in adding more talent as they have been pushing a lot of young talent. When these guys are ready it will add more exiting match ups and shake things up. This will also help the draft; the draft had become stale as the same wrestlers are being shifted back and forth every year…with either one or two small shake ups.

Now with TNA they need to do a lot before they really work on things. They need to work on their identity.

They had one when they first came into the game but lost it as they felt they had to copy to have success. But they forgot what got them to where they are right now.

Now back to WWE I think they should really switch up how the shows should be received as well. Smackdown needs its own identity as well as Raw.

Smackdown has that young feeling to it that more excitement feeling to it. With Raw they want it to be the “A” show but with the pg era it has taken a little affect to interest to fans. With WWE Superstars that should just be stars that need to work on certain areas of their game and for them to build up more skills.

But whatever they do we will just have to sit back and watch or simply tune out!



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