Ibrahimovic To A.C. Milan: Impeach the President

Adi-Oula Sebastian@JubeiKibagameCorrespondent IIAugust 24, 2010

As we approach the end of the summer transfer window ’10, so does the love affair between FC Barcelona and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

If reports are to be believed, Barca’s most expensive signing of all-ime has agreed personal terms with Serie A Giants A.C. Milan.

According to the Italian media, the Rossonieri will pay Ibrahimovic 6,000,000€ while the Blaugrana will cover the rest of his wages (around 4,000,000 €)

The Numbers Don’t Add Up

After Real Madrid (or more precise Florentino Perez) spent a mind-bending 250,000,000€ on new recruits (Inception, the movie helmed by Christopher Nolan with some really mind-bending effects cost 160,000,000€ to produce—just to give you an idea how much money this is) and subsequently made Cristiano Ronaldo the most expensive player of all time, the Blaugrana hierarchy felt compelled to respond in similar fashion—thus the expenditure for the volatile Swede.

The transfer fee for Zlatan Ibrahimovic—49,000,000€, plus the services of Samuel Eto’o (who was valued at 20,000,000€)

Inter Milan received the cash for Ibracadabra in a one-off-payment meaning that FC Barcelona in effect financed the Nerazzurris subsequent transfers of Wesley Sneijder, Thiago Motta, and Diego Milito.

Ibrahimovic was granted a five year contract with an annual salary believed to be in the neighborhood of 10,000,000€ (excluding bonuses).

Let’s factor in amortization (excluding Eto’o’s value)

49,000,000€ over a five year period equals 9.800.000 € per annum, adding Ibrahimovic wages of 10.000.000€ = 19,800,000€ a year.

                                   2009                          2010

Amortization rate     9.800.000€               9.800.000€

Annual salary          10.000.000€             10.000.000€

Therefore, if we factor in amortization, Zlatan Ibrahimovic will cost the Blaugrana 39,600,000€ for two seasons.

Let’s assume the A.C. Milan deal goes through and the Rossonieri pay 6,000,000€ of his wages—Ibrahimovic will still have cost FC Barcelona 33,600,000€ for one season!

And to makes things worse, Ibrahimovic will be 30 years old next year—his resell value will not be even half of the grand total FC Barcelona paid for him.

It is common knowledge that FC Barcelona currently suffer from financial woes ,so why would we let Ibrahimovic go out on loan? Sandro Rosell and his board should find a buyer who is willing to acquire Ibrahimovic and not let him go on a year-long loan deal which only benefits Silvio Berlusconi and A.C. Milan.

Fool me once—shame on you. Fool me twice—shame on me.

A.C. Milan will make FC Barcelona the laughingstock of Europe if they are able to land Ibrahimovic on a loan deal. In 2008, they paid 21,000,000€ for Ronaldinho, a 28 year old, two-time World Player of the Year and one time Ballon D’Or winner. Though he was clearly past his prime—A.C. Milan managed to prise him away for a mere 21,000,000€ —when Inter flop Quaresma cost 24,000,000€ in the same transfer period.

If Sandro Rosell sanctions this ridiculous deal, I am asking all Socios to propose the impeachment of Rosell as President of FC Barcelona.