Stop Making Excuses! Three Reasons Fans Should Disregard Doc's Comments

Phil G@FuturePhilGCorrespondent IAugust 24, 2010

Stop Making Excuses! Three Reasons Fans Should Disregard Doc's Comments

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    I guess Doc Rivers hasn't forgotten about his Celtics falling to the Los Angeles Lakers in seven games during last season's NBA finals.

    According to Yahoo! Sports, Doc Rivers interviewed with ESPN 980's John Thompson about his Celtics playoff loss to the Los Angeles Lakers.

    "They still have not beaten our starting five. Our starting five against the Lakers starting five has a ring. Tell him don't forget that. We will be back strong and Perk will be there next year if there's a game seven," Doc told Thompson.

    Wow. Doc Rivers surprised me with these comments. Everyone knows the Celtic players have this sort of arrogance about them but I didn't think Rivers would say something like this.

    His comments pretty much meant that LA wouldn't have won the championship last season if Perkins was on the floor during Game Seven. I would have expected this from Paul Pierce or Rondo but not Rivers. It's not fair to the Lakers and their fans when Doc makes a comment like this 

    Here are three reasons fans should disregard Doc Rivers' comments. 

Bynum's Injury

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    Lakers Fans would tell you on and on that if Bynum was available during the Lakers' 2008 finals thrashing against the Celtics, the outcome would have been different. 

    The keyword is fans. I haven't heard Phil Jackson use Bynum's injury history as a major excuse. He might have mentioned little comments on how the actual team misses his presence, but he never went as far as saying that LA would have beaten Boston during the 2008 finals with Drew. 

    Lakers fans to this day believe that Bynum would have made a difference in 2008. Jackson could have used Bynum's injury as an excuse but didn't out of respect to the Celtics. Instead of making excuses, Jackson took action when trying to improve the Lakers for their next potential bout with Boston.

    Jackson made Kurt Rambis his defensive coordinator, something he hadn't done before in his coaching career. He also put an emphasis on defense and that is what helped the Lakers become back-to-back defending champions. 

    Rivers insists that the Celtics will come back strong—and they might—but he didn't have to say sly comments about how the Celtics would have won with Perkins. Bynum was playing on one foot throughout the series while Perk was relatively healthy and still held his own. 

What-If Game

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    The what if game is very dangerous to play. There are many teams who could play this game, but in the end there's no point. The Mavericks could say what if Melo was fouled during Game Three of the 2007 Western Conference Semifinals.

    Chicago could say what if they had acquired Kobe Bryant. The Blazers still say what if they had drafted Michael Jordan instead of Sam Bowie. You get the point. 

    The what if game might help Doc get over his defeat to LA in his mind but in reality, they have to move on. No one will ever know if Perkins' return in Game Seven would have guaranteed them a win (Wallace gave them a huge boost, would he have done that if he wasn't starting? Man, Now I'm playing the game). 

Two Undefeated Starting Fives?

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    Doc Rivers stated that Boston's starting five has never lost to the Lakers and that is true, but Lakers fans will remind you that their starting five has never lost a series either. While Bynum didn't play the Celtics in 2008, he did in 2010 and the result was a Laker win.

    I don't understand how Doc could even complain about his team's performance in Game Seven. They played about as well as they could whether Perk was in the game or not.

    The Celtics were leading for most of the game until LA made their run during the end of third quarter and all of the fourth. Boston had their chance to take the Lakers out the game but they didn't.

    Yes, Perkins could have helped with offensive rebound deficiencies, but I believe they lost towards the end of the game because they couldn't score. Perkins wouldn't have helped much in that aspect, and yet, despite his absence, the Celtics still fought with every ounce of energy they had. 

    With both teams' starting fives undefeated, this years finals was supposed to determine who the better team was. The winner happened to be the Lakers and Doc hasn't accepted that yet. Doc always preached team basketball in his huddles, but now he's saying how one player could have changed the series. He is contradicting himself and disrespecting the Lakers at the same time. 

    Move on Doc! A new season will start soon and you'll have much more than the Lakers on your plate. 


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