NBA Trade Rumors: Two More Dark Horse Destinations for Carmelo Anthony

Evan MasseyCorrespondent IAugust 20, 2010

After writing up my first two-team article about Melo, I thought I would put up another one. The first article covered the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Philadelphia 76ers. In this read, you will see another two teams that could make very interesting offers for Anthony.

Don't take this article as me saying these two teams will make offers, but these are two teams I could definitely see making an offer that the Nuggets would have to think about.

1. Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks are a talented overall team, with some young pieces, as well as some older pieces. Heading into the off-season, they had one main goal, and that was to lock up Joe Johnson long-term. They were able to do that, and now they need to turn around and make some more moves to improve this team that will take them to the next level.

They have quite a few young pieces that very well could net them Melo. First, let me talk about a base deal involving Josh Smith for Carmelo Anthony. The Nuggets would definitely have interest in that considering they would get back another star small forward to replace him. Smith would be more likely to re-sign in Denver than Melo is, and it would also improve their defense a lot as well.

They could also throw Al Horford out on the table and gauge the interest there. Josh Smith could easily move to power forward, but the main issue would be that Atlanta would have no one to place center, so that might wipe Horford off the table.

The Hawks could also throw in a couple picks as well, but Josh Smith and one first-round pick probably could do the trick. It all comes down to whether or not the Nuggets could get a commitment from Smith to sign a long-term deal with them soon after the trade.

2. Houston Rockets

There have been some rumors out there that the Rockets might have a shot at acquiring Carmelo Anthony, and after reading them, I agree 100%. They have some very talented young pieces, and good picks to offer as well.

Chase Budinger and Jordan Hill are the two players that would likely be dealt to Denver for Melo, along with Houston's 2011 pick (which comes with the right to flip with New York) and the Knicks 2012 pick.

Denver would get back a small forward in Budinger, who showed in limited starts and minutes last season that he is very capable of becoming an NBA starter. Jordan Hill on the other hand was drafted high by the Knicks, and never has lived up to his potential, but is still very young and has loads of potential. The Nuggets will have a need for a new power forward with Nene and Kenyon Martin both aging.

The picks are very enticing as they are from the Knicks. Even though the Knicks did get Amare, they probably will still be a lottery team. Assuming they send Melo to a place that he's interested in signing with long-term (and Houston has reportedly been one of those teams), then they might not have to worry about the Knicks getting Melo and that 2012 first rounder being worthless.

Once again, the Nuggets may not like the deal of only two young players, and a couple picks, but you have to admit that it would be a very intriguing deal for them.



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