2010 WWE SummerSlam Results: Massive Failure and the Return of the Deadman

Josh Brewer@AlwaysBrewingCorrespondent IAugust 16, 2010

The Biggest Event of the Summer surely didn't disappoint.

Or did it?

After week's of buzz, SummerSlam brought us the possible end of one of the biggest angles in recent memory, the return of a Hall of Famer, and much more.

Let's take a look, match by match, at how and why SummerSlam played out the way it did.

WWE Intercontinental Title: Dolph Ziggler (c) v. Kofi Kingston ends in a No Contest

For the first time in the three months of the Nexus angle, SmackDown! superstars were the victims of a Nexus attack. It will be interesting to see if there is any reaction from the Friday night crew.

Will the NXT Season 2 rookies, likely headed for SmackDown!, form a face stable to combat The Nexus, a la nWo Black and White v. nWo Wolf-Pac?

Regardless of The Nexus' involvement, it was surprising to see this budding rivalry thrown away to further the night's big angle.

It does, however, provide an innocuous way to further the feud, which is the biggest thing to take away from the No Contest decision. Kingston's character has been hot lately, and the No Contest keeps his momentum going while, at the same time, allowing Ziggler to keep his IC Title win momentum.

WWE Divas Title: Melina d. Alicia Fox (c)

Not surprisingly, Melina is our new WWE Divas Champion. Few expected Fox to retain the title, but the strap switch allows this feud to carry the Divas division going forward.

What was interesting was the involvement of LayCool. The SmackDown! divas dominated Melina, brutalizing her with a vicious kick to the head by Michelle McCool.

Maybe a cross-brand Divas feud is exactly what the division needs right now.

Big Show d. Straight Edge Society

We're looking at one of two scenarios for the future of the Straight Edge Society.

First, we're looking at the beginning of the end of the SES. Punk continually derides Luke Gallows and Joey Mercury. Soon enough, Punk's "disciples" will turn on him, leading to the end of the Straight Edge Society.

Secondly, this could be the addition of a new member to the stable. Punk's frustrations as of late could build to the addition of his "ideal" SES member, who could be a repackaged Shad Gaspard. Internet reports from earlier in the summer pegged Gaspard as a potential addition to the SES upon returning from FCW.

The future of the Straight Edge Society will be changing in the near future. It remains to be seen, however, what exactly that change will be.

WWE Title: Randy Orton d. Sheamus (c) via DQ - Sheamus retains WWE Title

To the surprise of nobody, Sheamus retained thanks to a sketchy decision. Did anyone really expect this match to end cleanly?

The important thing is that this feud continues. It keeps Randy Orton in the WWE Title picture, all the while establishing Sheamus as a legitimate main eventer. Orton is the face of Raw, and any work Orton can do to help Sheamus reach his potential is invaluable.

Night of Champions will likely see a rematch, with another shady ending in the works for a build to Orton's seventh title reign beginning at either Hell in a Cell or Survivor Series.

World Heavyweight Championship: Kane (c) d. Rey Mysterio

With many members of the WWE Universe looking more intently at the end of this match, and not at the match itself, it comes as little surprise that Kane retained his World Heavyweight Championship.

As expected, The Undertaker returned to the WWE Universe, revealing his brother, Kane, as the man who put The Undertaker in a vegetative state. The brothers faced off, with Kane getting the upper hand, eventually hitting The Undertaker with a Tombstone.

For the first time in recent memory, The Undertaker enters a feud as the weaker opponent. He clearly sold the ill effects of the "vegetative state" he was put in over Memorial Day weekend, giving Kane the power heading into their WHC feud that will headline SmackDown! this fall.

Team WWE d. The Nexus

In one of the single most idiotic moves WWE has ever managed to pull, WWE.com spoiled the return of Daniel Bryan by posting a brief article on his return minutes before it happened live. Great work, guys.

Darren Young and Michael Tarver made quick exits in this match, putting up little fight before being eliminated. Don't expect their careers outside of Nexus to last very long either.

The final three men remaining in this match for Nexus—Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, and Heath Slater—were of little surprise. Of the Nexus Seven, those three men were the ones who appear best suited for a strong singles career in the WWE.

After it was 3 on 2 (Bryan/John Cena v. Barrett/Gabriel/Slater) the same, tired song and dance of WWE creative kicked in.

Bryan made Slater tap. Thanks to outside interference, Bryan was eliminated by Barrett. Then, Superman arrived.

After getting dropped on his head outside the ring, Cena managed to evade Gabriel's 450, eliminate Gabriel, then force Barrett to tap via STF to secure the victory for Team WWE.

John Cena didn't turn heel. Triple H, who was in attendance and was a strong possibility to return at SummerSlam, remained in the back.

And, worst of all, Team WWE won.

WWE creative effectively killed any and all momentum The Nexus gained over the past three months. Instead of being a force to be reckoned with, The Nexus has been reduced to a band of thugs who can't win an even fight. Even more, yet another pay-per-view ended with SuperCena overcoming the odds and standing tall.

The Nexus invasion was one of the best storylines WWE has had in recent years. Thanks to the underwhelming outcome of the match, and the fact that WWE.com spoiled the return of Daniel Bryan, the proverbial was clearly dropped by creative.


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