The Ten Commandments: Keys to Winning an NBA Championship

Danny Dukker@DannyDukkerCorrespondent IIAugust 15, 2010

The Ten Commandments: Keys to Winning an NBA Championship

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    Winning an NBA Championship, like winning any other championship, asserts your dominance over the sport. You are the best. It's a long hard road and there are many casualties along the way, but there is no better feeling than seeing the clock expire and you are declared champion.

    You are a champion, a winner, a competitor. This article will try to break down the 10 most important keys to winning an NBA Championship.

10. Front Office Backing

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    Buttom line: You need money. You need money to win a championship. This can translate into many things, including, getting new players, paying money to the old players for them to stay.

    Also, the owner has to believe in his team and so does the GM. When a team has money they can get the players they need and keep the good ones they have and build a foundation for the run.

    However, that is all that the owner and co can do, the rest, well keep on reading.

9. Training Staff and Injury Management

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    Another very important key, is the training staff and the injury management of a team. I could have put this in with the front office, but I felt it deserved a slide of its own.

    When your team has many of the older players, it needs to make sure that those players can still compete. Maybe not on their highest level, but they should be able to get up and down the court without needing a break.

    A great example of this is Shaq. When he joined the Phoenix Suns, he said on many occasions that he felt young again and he played pretty well, the same could be said for Grant Hill, who still can be a solid player.

    Oh, and of course there is the never aging Steve Nash (BFF).

8. Experience

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    Here is another very important part of winning a championship, experience. You need that old guy who really is way past his prime (if he ever had a prime), but still comes through when you need him.

    One example is of course the man pictured. He seems to wake up time after time when there are about three minutes left in the game and before you know it, there are about a zillion threes going in.

    There are other examples that of course include the likes of: Jason Kidd, Brad Miller, Shaq, and possibly Allen Iverson if he finally swallows his huge ego.

7. Young Talent

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    You need young talent. Without young talent, the team becomes older, and older and older until you realize suddenly that this team can no longer compete for championships.

    This has led to the downfall of many teams as they seem to be set in their old ways, literally (hint: Spurs).

    This however can also lead to a team's downfall as they bring in so much young talent that it looks as though it is a high school pick up game instead of an NBA Game.

    One team that I feel is a perfect example of young talent coming together and forming a good team is of course the Thunder.

    They managed to bring together a very young nucleus that seems to work so well that they are guaranteed deep playoff runs in the future and maybe, just maybe, a championship.

6. Star Power/Ability

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    Talent is very important when it comes to winning a championship, but you can't win if you don't have good players.

    You need skilled players to win, but it isn't everything. You need the right blend of skills to work successfully and maybe not even need a superstar.

    You simply need a group of good players who seem to work great together and seem to complement each other's game perfectly.

    One example is the one pictured. Now, I am not saying that the Heat are a lock to win, I am simply saying that this team has a very good blend of talent that can make them very successful.

    You also have to be careful about what talent you bring in, because on the flip side, a team can have so many good players that don't fit together and they end up falling apart.

5. Fan Support

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    You can't do it without the fans.

    NBA Fans are a big key to teams winning and their support can help motivate players into playing better and put more pressure on them.

    Without us, the fans, those guys on the court would suck! Well, not exactly, but you get the point!

    We, play an important role in winning. It's no coincidence that the Lakers have sold out every home game since 2008. We made them win!

    Let's face it, we, the fans, are amazing...

4. Coaching

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    Again, this could have went under No. 10, but these guys deserve their own slide.

    We couldn't do it without the coaches. The floor generals of the NBA play very important roles in winning.

    Without them, good players would not have turned into great players and without them, the NBA Games would be so much less exciting.

    Don't tell me that you don't love seeing good ol' Stan Van Gundy scream at his team in words that you can't even understand.

    The play calls, the arguments, and the cigars, you gotta love the coaches...

3. Control the Ego

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    You can't be a big shot and think you are better than everyone and still expect to win. Well, you can, but you have to find a way to do it without having to estrange your teammates.

    This will actually tie in very closely with another slide, but it needs to be mentioned on its own.

    You have to learn to swallow your ego and play. The guys pictured, could not do that, the rest is history.

2. Desire and Drive

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    You have to want it bad enough, you have to fight and not give up until you get it, and when you get it, never let go.

    Very few, players had that mentality. The ones that did have that never say die attitude most likely have one or more rings in their collection.

    You have to say to yourself, that you will not give up and that you will fight through anything to win.

    I might be repeating myself, but there is not denying that you can't take winning an NBA Championship for nothing, you have to hit the obstacles straight on, and go right through them.

1. Chemistry

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    You need to be able to play together. You need to appreciate your teammates and help them and let them help you.

    You have to be like a family on the court and act like. It is very difficult to win if the team has a terrible chemistry and can't play together.

    A dynasty built on those foundations simply cannot exist, and I would challenge you to find me one.

    Mind you, it's OK to compete with your own teammates as long as you win in the end.

    Great chemistry is not the only piece, but it is key to a successful team. This is shown by the star studded 2004 Lakers and their great chemistry (sarcasm).

    However, this is no joke when I say that without great chemistry there can't be a great team....

    Thank you for reading, feel free to comment as I always enjoy a good debate.