The Top 10 NBA Players Who Will Never Win a Ring

Matt RavidaCorrespondent IAugust 1, 2010

The Top 10 NBA Players Who Will Never Win a Ring

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    With many of the great NBA players starting to come to the end of their careers, it is going to be sad to see them leave, especially what some of them have done for the game.

    Some of those players have been great scorers, passer, and rebounders.

    Some of those players also have won a championship ring or numerous championship rings in their career.

    But then there are those great NBA players who have never won rings, like Charles Barkley, Elgin Baylor, John Stockton, and Karl Malone.

    This list is meant to showcase the great players of today's NBA who may end their careers without a ring.

The Young Ones Who May Not Get The Chance At a Ring

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    1. Derrick Rose: PG, Chicago Bulls

    Rose is starting to become one of the great young point guards in the league. But unless the addition of Carlos Boozer can put them over the edge, Rose may not get a chance to win a ring, with the Eastern Conference improving very quickly.

    2. Kevin Durant: SG, Oklahoma City Thunder

    Durant is the reigning scoring champion for a reason! He can flat out score. But until the Kobe Bryant era is over, the Thunder and Durant will need to wait till that happens, before they have a chance.

    3. Carmelo Anthony: SF, Denver Nuggets

    Carmelo is another great scorer in this league. A peer scorer. But his problem is that he is on a team that is good, but not good enough to knock off the Lakers. But I do thing the Nuggets will be the surprise team come next season!

    4. Amar'e Stoudemire: PF, New York Knicks

    Amar'e best chance was to stay in Phoenix, unless the Knicks are able to bring in Chris Paul or another star player off the wing to score the ball, and help relieve the pressures off of Amar'e.

    5. Chris Paul: PG, New Orleans Hornets

    Chris Paul is the best point guard in the game, and if he does not leave the Hornets for the Knicks or a contender like the Magic, he will not be able to win a ring, unless the Hornets are able to get another player to score off the wing.

10. Michael Redd: SG, Milwaukee Bucks

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    Michael Redd, before his serious injuries over the course of a few seasons, was one of the best shooters the game had.

    But now with his injuries, and the Bucks bringing in John Salmons and Corey Maggettee, it is going to be tough for Redd to get minutes.

    But with that being said, you still have to give him credit for what he has done in his career.

    Now, about winning a ring, it is going to be near impossible for the Bucks, unless Brandon Jennings can average 25+ points a game. And until that happens, Redd will never win a ring.

9. Joe Johnson: SG, Atlanta Hawks

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    Joe Johnson's career has hit his prime over the past few seasons ever since signing with the Hawks back in 2005.

    Johnson has turned into one of the best pure scoring shooting guards in the game behind Kobe and Wade.

    Johnson has been with the Hawks for five years now and still has not been able to get past the second round.

    And now with this new massive extension, it will be hard for the Hawks to get another good player on their team that can allow the Hawks to battle with the other powerhouses in the Eastern Conference.

8. Antawn Jamison: PF, Cleveland Cavaliers

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    In Jamison's case it is a very tough situation for him.

    Jamison came over to Cleveland to be the sidekick to LeBron James. But now that LeBron has left for the Miami Heat, Jamison is stuck in the rebuilding Cavaliers, and he might now even start, because the Cavaliers are going to start J.J. Hickson at the power forward position.

    Though Jamison is one of the top scorers in the league today, he is going to suffer, and continue to be ringless, unless he is able to somehow swing a trade to a contender.

7. Gilbert Arenas: PG, Washington Wizards

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    Some may wonder, why is Gilbert even on this list?

    Well if you look his stats, and what he was able to accomplish prior to his injuries and off the court troubles, Arenas was a hell of a ball player.

    He was one of the top scorers in the game, battling with Kobe and LeBron for highest averages, and highest point totals in the season before getting injured back in 2007.

    So, I am looking beyond his injuries and off court troubles, and acknowledging the Arenas prior to all the antics.

    Now, with regards to winning a championship, the Wizards have a very good young team with the additions of Wall, Hinrich, Josh Howard and Yi, coupled with a good young nucleus.

    The Wizards could do some damage. But unless those young players produce at a high level early, Arenas will never win a ring.

6. Vince Carter: SG, Orlando Magic

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    Carter is one of the players this game loves and hates at the same time.

    They hate his attitude towards the game, and how he will not suck up his injuries and play through them sometimes (I am the biggest Vince Carter fan, and this is the first time I would ever admit this).

    They love Carter because of his amazing dunks, and his smooth style of play is really fun to watch.

    But he is now getting older, and with the Heat and Celtics getting better, the Magic are kind of staggering around the same time, it may be hard for them to pass those teams.

    But you never know.

    Then once you get past them to the Finals, you will have to play the Lakers, Thunder or Mavericks. All three are great teams, and have the edge over the Magic.

    It is sad for me to see one of the best scorers in the game not win a ring, but that day is slowly coming closer and closer, as Carter is now 33.

5. Dirk Nowitzki: PF, Dallas Mavericks

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    The Big German is one of the smoothest big men in the game with his inside and outside abilities.

    Nowitzki has played his whole career in a Dallas Mavericks uniform.

    And as long as he stays in Dallas, it is going to be very tough for him to win a ring when you have the Lakers and Thunder in your way to the Championship.

4. Tracy McGrady: SG, Detroit Pistons

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    Tracy McGrady has been a flat out scorer ever since he was drafted by the Toronto Raptors.

    But was never able to get his chance until he left as a free agent to the Orlando Magic, where he flourished.

    Bothered with back spams and other nagging injuries his whole career, he has never been able to put together one great full season.

    McGrady could be the piece to the puzzle for a team like the Bulls, but is he willing to take a reduced role to do so in order to win a ring?

    Unless he does, he will always be remembered as not being able to take his team past the first round of the playoffs.

3. Jason Kidd: PG, Dallas Mavericks

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    Jason Kidd is one of the best point guards to ever play the game, and even at his age now, he is one of the premier point guards the game has.

    Kidd and Nash are probably the two best pure point guards the game has to offer.

    Kidd has always been a pass first point guard. But when he thinks that he has to score to help his team, he will step back and hit a few threes.

    Jason Kidd left New Jersey to come to Dallas to be the side kick to Nowitzki.

    The Mavs have also brought in Caron Butler, Brendan Haywood, and Shawn Marion. If there is any team that could compete with the Lakers next season, it will be the Mavs.

    But I just do not see the Mavs beating out the Lakers, now with the additions of Blake, Barnes and Ratliff.

2. Steve Nash: PG, Phoenix Suns

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    Steve Nash is arguably the greatest pure point guard this game has ever seen since the John Stockton days.

    And like Stockton, Nash will most likely never win a ring.

    Nash makes all and any teammate he has played with that much better. Just ask Joe Johnson, Dirk Nowitzki, Quentin Richardson, and Amar'e Stoudemire to name a few who have made millions thanks to Nash.

    Nash went to Phoenix in order to win a ring, but with Amar'e gone from the Suns, it is going to be very tough to compete with the top teams in the West for a shot at a ring.

1. Allen Iverson: SG, Free Agent

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    Allen Iverson has been a great addition to the NBA ever since he was drafted first overall back in 1996.

    Iverson brought flashiness and heart to a whole other level.

    He could score, and he could score with the best of them.

    His ridiculous cross-over could beat anyone, just asked Michael Jordan.

    Sure he has had some attitude problems and what not, but you can not argue with what he was able to accomplish as a scorer.

    Iverson went to the Nuggets, thinking that playing alongside Carmelo Anthony would help bring them both to glory. After a few seasons of getting knocked out of the first round, Iverson was traded.

    Now he is a free agent.

    Unless he is able to take a reduced role on the Lakers, Heat, or even Bulls, Iverson will be the greatest player of this era not win an NBA title ring.